Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Double Take Two-Step Stamping

Happy Wednesday!

Wow.  What a Gong Show it has been around here since Friday.  Seriously!  All was going well.  I had spent all week getting ready for my Team Meeting Saturday morning (which totally ROCKED, btw and you should totally buy the kit so you can be part of the awesomeness that is Tamara's Trail Blazers .. just sayin …. but I digress ….)

Yes, I worked until 9:45pm getting everything in order.  Watched a little Coronation Street … ok … a LOT of Coronation Street (I *may* have had 48 episodes taped! … yes, I'm an addict … digressing again …).  Stayed up until 12:00 am.  Turned off the light.  Five minutes later it happened.  I heard a sniffle.  The sniffle of a child.  The sniffle you know means trouble.  I quietly asked into the darkness "Are you ok?" hoping no one would answer or that the reply would be "yup, just fine, thanks Mom!".  But I knew better.  The reply was my youngest, Alicia.  It was "I'm not feeling very good" … and then the sprint to the bathroom.  Let's just say the next 22 hours were filled with a lot of back rubbing and hair holding!  As soon as my team left I was in bed with my little poppet doing what moms do best, comforting.

The fun continued when we got a visitor.  We agreed to dog-sit my SIL's little Havanese one-year old pup.  Cute little fella … but HOLY pain in the straka!  WAY too high energy for this family.  He's EVERYwhere!  Aside from the fact that Koda is TOTALLY jealous and the cat is VERY perturbed he's REALLY interrupting the quiet flow of the household!  We have to put the cat and dog food on the counter so he doesn't eat it (they usually just free-eat), the sleeping arrangements are all messed up, he tries to hump my leg when I'm working out and steps on my nipple at 3:00 am!!!!  Could strangle the little fur-face!

Every seen the movie Malefecent?  Yes.  like she calls Sleeping Beauty, I call our wee guest "Beastie".  I have a real love/hate relationship with him!  I get cross but really, who could stay mad at this face?
So - needless to say, crafting has been out the window lately.  That will change soon, though, as I find I'm REALLY cranky this week and I NEED some creative therapy so stay tuned for that!  I just got the "Double Take" set last week so I want to play with that.  Check out the video on it ...

Fun, yes?  Right.  Off to walk Koda and "Beastie" … sigh … and the fun continues *lol*.

Have yourself a stampy day!


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