Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Operation Mr. Dan

Happy Tuesday!

OK!  I'm finally getting around to making a post - wa hoo!  It's not for lack of WANTING to post … I've just been busy with life!  Nothing exciting.  You know how it goes.  One day one kid is sick.  Next day you take the dog to the groomers.  Next day is "Costco" run.  Next day is "WTH do I do with this much broccoli" day.  Next day is "hurry up and wait for the freezer-repair-man" day … and on and on and on.  Y'all know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  You're running all day long, no time to brush your teeth in the day but come bed time, she your husband asks what you did all day you have no reply!

So here I sit, drinking my tea … not knowing what to do with myself now that I have an hour to relax!  Lord knows I can't do THAT … so I'll blog about how I have no time to relax!  Makes sense, right?  Hee hee.  Ya … I *may* have a bit of cabin fever today and *may* be cracking up … stay tuned on that!

Now!  Today's post just makes my heart smile to bursting!!  It is all about one of my favourite subjects. Mr. Dan.

Ahhhh Mr. Dan.  The man I love whom I have never met.  Mr. Dan.

Are you familiar with his story?  No?  Maybe you are but you don't remember.  His story went viral at the end of 2016.  He was the topic of MANY "feel good stories of 2016".  His story has been carried by news stations and newspapers around the world.  Ring any bells?  No?  Check.  It.  Out.

Tissue anyone??

OMG - gets me every.  single.  time.

This smile … this face … this friendship.
What a beautiful story.  I'm in love with Mr. Dan, Miss Norah and her mom, Tara.  Three people who sent a ripple of love out into the universe and it has touched SO many hearts … mine included.

So.  I saw their story in the fall.  I instantly started following Tara (mom) on Facebook.  I couldn't get enough of their story or their pictures.  Shortly after I started following her, Tara said Mr. Dan loved getting mail and posted a picture of his PO box.  If anyone wanted to send a card or letter they could.  WELL!  NATURALLY I sent one out the next day.  I sent him a Christmas card a few months later.  Fast forward to December 23rd.  I was walking Doodles and stopped to check the mail.  I found a letter  that I thought was from Craig's elderly aunt.  I turned the card over to see who it was from ...

I.  Freaked.  Out!  You would think I had received a letter from The Queen Herself!  OMG!  Yes, it was a Christmas card from Mr. Dan thanking my for MY Christmas card.  Hand written.  Hand addressed.  My heart swelled.

A few weeks later I was at the mailbox again and found ANOTHER note from Mr. Dan.  AGAIN I could have been knocked down with a feather.  I felt SO honoured to have received not one but TWO hand written notes from this man I had never met.  What an amazing soul.  Well.  Need I say more?  This man and his BFF have my heart and they make me want to be a better person.  Every week Tara posts pictures of the friends and it makes me all warm and fuzzy for days.  That got me thinking.  What can I do to keep this ripple going?  What can I do for someone to make them smile?  Then it hit me.  If Mr. Dan has sent ME a note both times I sent one to him then man must be sung a LOT of stationary and/or cards … what do I do?  I make cards!  So!  Wouldn't it be lovely to send him a package of LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of blank card that he can then send to people who write to him?  … or to his friends who have a birthday … or when he needs a sympathy card … and on and on and on?

There it is.  The birth of "Operation Mr. Dan"!  I put out the call to my amazing and generous friends.  Six of them are coming over this Saturday and everyone is chipping in to purchase and send at least 70  notecards and envelopes.  Here are the designs I came up with.  Quick, easy and "man mail-able" (i.e. not too foofy or flowery for an 82 year old gentleman to send).

All of these cards are simply notecards - no layers, no fuss.  Super quick and easy!

The Thinking of You is from the hostess set "Time of Year" and the Hashtag in the background is from  "You've Got This".  They are stamped in Sahara Sand and Early Espresso … or maybe it's Chocolate Chip … but I don't think so … and now I forget *lol* … anyway - it's brown ...

This one is my fave.  So simple and so perfect for him to send!  The ballon is punched out of Basic Black using the Up and Thinlit dies ($40) 
- the sentiment is from the coordinating stamp set Lift Me Up ($26 clear; $36 wood)

Of course you save 10% when you buy both the thinlits and the stamp set bundled together for $59.25 clear; $68.25 wood

This little cutie is made using the Birthday Bright set $26 with Memento Black and Real Red Inks

The thank is made using the So Very Much free SAB set (free with a $60 order but only for another 2 weeks!  Promo ends March 31st!)  This one is stamped in Dapper Denim ink.
Last but not least the Cool Treats card ($33.00).  This one is more work and we may change it but it's a fun one.  I used Watermelon Wonder, Pool Party, Crumb Cake and Peekaboo Peach for the ice creams … Early Espresso for the sentiment.

Notecards.  $8.00.  You get 20 of them.  You can get them in Whisper White or Crumb Cake.  Best.  Deal.  Ever.
So for $60, seven friends will get together to keep the ripple of love going … making cards for a man we have never met but who has touched our hearts.

Life is good.

Pass it on.

Have a happy night My Friends.



  1. Tam ~ I'm a little speechless...so much my heart would like to say...I had seen this video some time ago and I was touched to my core, like you. But your post just keep getting sweeter and sweeter...the fact that you reached out to Dan...WOW!....the fact that he reached back to you...DOUBLE WOW!!! ...and then...there's more...how thoughtful of you and your friends to send him cards he can share with others...it's all a beautiful circle of love started by one 4 year old 'angel' and an old person. God is so Good! I think I'll get a card off in the mail to Mr. Dan this week too! Thank you for the inspiration and for your giving heart!

    1. PS....I think I will add a book of postage stamps in my card to go along with your gift of cards!

    2. Oh RaeDeen! Way to choke a gal up at 6:58 in the morning! I'm glad my post reflected how HIM sending ME a note made my heart swell. I started off trying to give HIM the gift and ... well .. it just boomeranged right back and nailed me between the eyes! Yes, God IS good and, like Mr. Dan said in his note "isn't it wonderful what the love of a child can do?". I LOVE the idea of sending him stamps as well. I'm sure his pension doesn't go a long way if he's sending out as many notes as I THINK he is. Keep the love flowing. Send him a card. Random acts of kindness. We get SO much more back than what we give ... and we could all use more of that in the world these days. Have a stampy day and thanks so much for commenting :) <3