Monday, April 24, 2017

Life is getting in the way!

Happy Monday!

Seriously!  Almost 2 WEEKS since I posted??!!  If I had time I would tell you all about what's been going on around here lately … but I obviously DON'T have time or I would have been posting! *lol*.

I'll just hit a few hi-lights …

  • Craig loves his new car … and my Mom loves her new (our old) car
  • Calgary was great and I'm ITCHING to order all the sets in the new catalogue … but first have to purge all my old sets :(
  • No matter how old the kids are they still love decorating eggs … and Scavenger Hunts ...
  • I'm finding some great treasures cleaning out Dad's basement
  • Both girls inherited their mother's eyesight (or lack thereof)
  • West Edmonton Mall (2nd largest mall in the world) with (8) 14 years olds on a Saturday should never be attempted.  Ever.  EVER!
  • Koda is back from the doggie hospital and good-as-new
  • 210 cards are completed, just need to be packaged
Those are just the hi-lights!  Throw in the usual day-to-day stuff like laundry, groceries and feeding my people … science projects, volunteering, hockey games and … well … you get the picture!

I'll share a few pics … but no time for details!  For the up-to-the-minute projects (and shenanigans!) I'm up to you want to follow my business Facebook Page "Tamara's Paper Trail".  I post there much more frequently (as it's quick, easy and I can do it from my phone).  

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks to peak your interest.

Until I have time for a details post, have a stampy night!


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