Tuesday, July 18, 2017

All Occasions Stamp-a-Stack This Sunday!

Happy Tuesday!

Live in the Edmonton, Alberta area?  Free this Sunday?  I still have 4 spots left for my All Occasions Stamp-a-Stack.

Here's the dealeo ....


  • Sunday, July 23rd 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • Make 3, 4 or 5 of each of 5 designs 
  • $37.50, $47.50 or $57.50
  • You bring adhesive, dimensionals, glue dots - everything else provided
  • Only room for 4 more stampers.  RSVP NOW!

Get in touch if you can join us! ... and have a stampy day!


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Get the "You've Got Nothing To Lose" Kit!

Happy Sunday!

So I've been awake half the night and up since 5:00 am so I thought I'd get a jump on the day, turn "lousy-sleep-lemons" into "productive lemonade" *lol*.  I can always nap later, right??

I'm sure very many of you have been following the amazing 28 Canadian Demonstrators on their adventures in Thailand this week.  Yes, Thailand was the "Incentive" Trip they all earned.  NOT an easy task for SURE!  I have been following my friends over the years and MAN that trip looked like the best one yet!  During their adventures and Stampin' Up! events Stampin' Up! revealed the 2017/2018 Incentive Trip.  It's a Greek Isle Cruise, sailing in summer of 2019.

Let me tell you this right now.  I.  Am.  Getting.  On.  That.  Boat!


It's GOING to happen!

I have set my sights on it an nothing is going to stop me from achieving my goal.

Rest assured I will be planning classes, workshops, Stamp-a-Stacks, Charity Events and more to ensure I do what needs to be done to get me there.

I won't be able to do it alone.  I'll need help.  I need:

  • Customers:  friends to buy Stampin' Up! Products
  • Attendees:  friends to come to my classes (Gift Classes, Technique Classes, Stamp-a-Stacks)
  • Hostesses:  friends to host Stamping or Bingo parties with THEIR friends 
  • Club Members:  friends to join my stamping club to save money, budget spending and earn free product
  • VIP Customers:   friends to buy the Starter Kit and place their own orders to get discounts on their crafting products
  • Business Builders:  friends to buy the Starter kit and, with my help, run a profitable business doing what they love
No, a demonstrator can't earn trips alone.  Yes, I need your help.  Yes, whether you're in my city of Edmonton, Alberta or across the country, anyone in Canada can help (well ... except the "attend my classes" part *lol*).  You can place on-line orders through my store, you can have online parties, you can join my club, you can be part of my team.

My focus this summer is building my team.  I currently have 15 ladies that I am coaching and helping to stay "active" WITHOUT digging into their own pockets every month and WITHOUT being pushy or annoying to their family and friends!

To be on my team you don't need to want to run a million dollar business.  To be on my team you just need to buy the Starter Kit and get a great deal.  I don't even like to call it a Starter Kit.  That, to me, implies you want to start a business.  I think it should be called a "Try It" Kit ... or  "Super Great Deal Kit".  You CAN just grab the deal and run ... but why would you want to?  If you like a great deal then why wouldn't you want to stay "active" and continue to get at least 20% off all your future purchases?  Especially if it cost you nothing to STAY active?  Maybe we should call it the "You've Got Nothing To Lose Kit".  You really do have nothing to lose.  Buy the kit and get a great deal.  If you don't want to stay active don't.  You still have great products at a scookum great price.  You walk away.  It's all good.  You have nothing to lose.

Right now there is a Christmas In July promotion on.

On TOP of the $165 in product that YOU pick (but only pay a FLAT $135) you get:
  • a past Paper Pumpkin Kit ($26.95 value)
  • Two "D" Blocks - value $22.50
  • Snail Adhesive - value $9.00
  • Grid Paper - value $14.75
  • Paper Snips - value $13.50
  • Bone Folder - value $9.00
  • CAROLS OR CHRISTMAS STAMP SET - not yet released and a $26 value

Ive done the math.  If you were to order $165 in product plus all of the above FREE items it would cost you $328.32.

Buy the "You've Got Nothing To Lose" Kit and you get it all for $135 ... and you'll be helping me get one step closer to my goal of getting on that boat!

To get your kit simply click here then click "Join The Fun", then "Join Now" (the green bar half way down the page).  The rest is fairly straight forward.

If you have any questions about becoming "demonstrator" please get in touch.  I would LOVE to have you on my team!

Right.  I think it's time for a coffee!  Whatever you get up to I hoe you have a stampy day!


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Watercolor Words - 3rd Time is The Charm!

Happy Saturday!

NOW I'm starting to relax and get in to my summer relaxation mode!  The house is getting more organized by the day (thanks to my super-clean-freak-yet-loveable-husband!) and things are slowly moving from the "to do" pile to the "done" pile.  I've spent some time in my cave too.  I have a Stamp-a-Stack next weekend that I need to design for but have spent MOST of my time trying to find the top of my desk.  It's a never ending struggle!

I DID manage to clear a 5" x 5" space to make this card the other day ...
I really like the black base ... but thought I'd try it with a white base too ...
I quite liked it but, when designing cards (or decorating houses) the rule if three should apply ... three colors.  This one was definitely lacking ... and although black DOES count as a color I didn't think the white should count.  I grabbed some Melon Mambo washi tape and Wa-Low!  Third time's the charm.  this one I like best ...
I like it!  Quick, easy and cute!  I can't take credit for it, though.  It's another CASE from the catalogue.  Seriously - I'm pulling that bad boy out more often!  SO many great ideas and layouts!  Here is the catalogue card ...
Love it!  I believe it is on a notecard in the catty so I just supersized it to a standard card.  I used whatever washi tape I had in my stash (and there is a LOT of it!).   The stamp set is called Watercolor Words ($26 photopolymer set).  I haven't pulled that one out a lot lately.  Time to change that!  It's a great set!

That's it for today.  I'm off to start my weekend.  It's going to be a BEAUTIFUL, stampy day.  Enjoy!


Friday, July 14, 2017

Awesomely Artistic Meets You've Got This

Happy Friday!!

Can't chat - gotta walk Doodle Dog before it gets too hot, then I'm off to visit a friend and see her AMAZING home ... and craft cave!

This week I've been struggling to get my mojo going.  Happens every time I take my foot off the gas pedal.  When that happens I turn to our trust catalogue.  I start off CASEing a card ... but it usually morphs into something completely different.  This card is a CASE-in point (hee hee .... see what I did there?? )

Here is the catalogue card ...
Looks like a little 3" x 3" card ... maybe 4" x 4" ... but I prefer standard cards so ....
I used the Fresh Florals DSP, Awesomely Artistic and You've Got This stamp sets, the Layering Circles framelits and the Blossom Builder punch (with a Perfect White Accent in the middle).  Quick, crisp, clean and pretty.  Anyone else in love with the Berry Bliss In Colour??  I MUST be ... mu laptop cover just *may* be Berry Bliss *lol*
That's it for today ... off I go to have a stampy day!


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Big on Birthdays ... especially mine!

Happy Thursday!

So much to share!  I just can't keep up with it all!

I've had a VERY busy week!  Before I start rambling, though, I'll show you a "re-do" of a notecard I shared with you a little while back.  These are the notecards ...
... and these are the standard size cards ...
I just LOVE how the Big on Birthday sentiment lets you create a great card in mere minutes!  I seriously cracked off 20 of these little cuties in record time!!  You can check out my original post on the notecards here

Now!  A few fun photos from what I got up to this weekend.

Saturday was my birthday.  Yup.  It was a big one.  The big 5-0.  Yup ... it was an AWESOME day all around.  It could NOT have started off any better, either.  The family and I had a lot planned for the day so I was up and walking Koda early.  About 5 minutes into our stroll we came upon Mamma duck and her two babies.
Mama was VERY upset and I immediately know why.  We had seen her the day before ... but she had SEVEN babies with her yesterday.  She was quacking up a STROM ... whilst circling the storm drain.  Yup . FIVE of the wee ones had fallen through the slats of the cover, they are that tiny!

Koda was having a FIT!  Three things will have him turning himself inside out.  Rabbits.  Squirrels.  Ducks.  He was DYING to chase Mamma ... but she wasn't having any of THAT!  She was gunna protect those two babies of hers and she started attacking my 65 pound dog!  *lol*.  She won!  We backed away.

Long story short ... we had to summon the fire department ...
... It was hard to stick around and watch them work to rescue the little fur balls but SOMEBODY had to do it!
My phone battery was low (typical!) so I don't have many pics but I did get this one of "Harold", as I named him ...
... and then a lovely commemorative and obligatory pic for the Birthday Girl ...
Hmmm ... reminded me of a calendar picture I've seen before ...
Hee hee!

After all THAT excitement the four of us went bowling.  My Mom and Dad came too - Mom bowled, Dad watched.  It was seriously a good laugh as the alley owner wouldn't put the bumpers up for us because we were all over 10 years old!  By the 4th frame I think the highest score from all of us was 26.  It was pathetic!  Nonetheless we had a great time and the Birthday Girl actually won both games!  Must have been down to my lucky socks!) 
I had a surprise for my mom too ...
OK ... flowers WITHOUT the rubber boot.  I DIDN'T HAVE A VASE, OK??  *lol*.  It was quite funny.  Mom got to the bowling alley and we all said our hellos and then she asked where I got the flowers.  I handed them to her and  I said "Happy Birthing me day".  She said "I already SAID happy birthday - I asked who you got the flowers from".  I said "You - happy BIRTHING ME day".  Hee hee.  Mom isn't a flower kind of lady but she was really touched when I explained I thought SHE should get some recognition today too.  Yes, it's MY 50th birthday but it's a bit day for her too.  50 years ago she gave birth to her baby.  I'm her youngest.  50 years.  It's a bit of a big deal.

I highly recommend that when YOU turn 21, 30, 40, 50 ... any big birthday, if you are lucky enough to still have your mom this side of Heaven, that you send her flowers.  Trust me on this one. 

After bowling we went to visit some very dear family friends ... then off to the movies to see Despicable Me 3.  Ya ... I MAY have laughed so hard (and long) at one scene that Craig was shushing me and looking for a new seat to move to!  hee hee.  Of course a little photo fun was in order afterwards ...
We headed home after the movie for a few hours then it was off for dinner at my favorite restaurant.

I finished the day by watching about seven episodes of Coronation Street (I had 55 episodes I still needed to watch!!!!  I think I'm down to 29 now ....)

Yes, it was a perfect day filled with family and friends.  NO better way to celebrate the big milestone.
Pop in again soon - I have a few more projects to share.  Until then - have a stampy evening!


Friday, July 7, 2017

2017-2018 Annual Catalog Designer Series Paper Stacks

Happy Friday!

Time for another quick video to kick the day off.  Gunna be a hot one today ... and all weekend.  Enjoy!


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Stampin' Up Promotions - July 1, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

OK!  4 days later than it should be but better late than never, right??

I sent this email out to my customers today.  Have a look.  I would LOVE to have new members on my team (anyone in Canada can join me!)  Buy the Starter Kit (or the "Try It" Kit, as I like to call it as there is nothing to lose by just trying it!)

Hope you have an awesome day!

Happy Wednesday!

Yes, I’m still around … just MIA lately as the end of school year had me running HARD the last few weeks of June.  since then I’ve been busy with my annual “sort/purge the kids’ rooms” as we go through every item of school work, clothing, book, trinket and “things” and deal with it!  Two rooms down, rest of the house to go!

I think I mentioned in an earlier email that I will be taking the summer off from classes.  Mostly.  Maybe.  Hee hee - I’m going to TRY but no promises!  I DO have a Stamp-a-Stack planned … but everything else is on hold for the summer months as I TRY to relax (again, no promises!) and set up my business schedule for the fall.

Now - having said that I DO need to let you know about a few promotions that started July 1 and run through to July 31.  They are pretty stinking good ones.  Read on!


Bonus Days are back! For every $60 CAD you or you spend July 1–31 (before shipping and tax), you’ll get a $6 CAD Bonus Days coupon that you can use August 1–31.  Spending in July will save you money in August.  Sa-WEET!

My next order is being placed July 14th so message me before then to earn your coupons!


Question:  Have you looked at the new 2017 Catalogue yet?  If not shame on you!  click on the picture of the catalogue over on the right hand side to see the online version!

Now … if you HAVE seen it is it safe to say you have found a few things you would like to order?  Would those items add up to $117 or more?  If so then I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of the Christmas in July promotion.  Why?  Because if you were to order $117 in product through ME it would cost you $135.14 with the shipping and GST.  If you take advantage of the promotion you will get to KEEP SHOPPING (for another $48 in product!), PAY LESS (pay $135 FLAT) AAAAAAAAAAND you will get:

  • TWO “D” Blocks
  • Grid Paper
  • Snail Adhesive
  • Bone Folder

… for FREE!  When I do the math … if you were to order all the product through me it would cost you $300.02.  If you buy the Starter Kit you will pay $135.  Flat.  Period.  No obligations.  No strings.  No kidding.  You have nothing to lose and free product to gain.

If you would like to continue getting a minimum 20% discount on future orders and more free stuff then great!  I will show you how.  I have a team of 14 women who are learning how and we’d love to have you join us.

All you have to do is …

  • go to www.tamarabertram.stampinup.net
  • click on Join the Fun
  • click on Join Now
  • follow the prompts to order your basic kit
  • add in the item numbers of all the items you would like (keep shopping until you hit $165 in catalogue prices)
  • pay $135 and when you get your box of goodies it WILL be like Christmas because you get all the above items for FREE!  Oh … did I mention you ALSO get a free Paper Pumpkin kit thrown in?  Yup.  Those are $26.95 in value.  True story.

It’s a GREAT time to get the kit.  You can SAVE money for your Christmas crafting (that, really, most will be starting in the next month or two!)  OR you can MAKE money by actively running a home based business.  You decide.  Either way it’s a GREAT deal!  


  • Sunday, July 23rd 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
  • Come make 15, 20 or 25 cards (3, 4 or 5 each of 5 different designs)
  • You bring tape, dimensionals, glue dots - I provide everything else!
  • $37.50, $47.50 or $57.50
  • Nope - don’t have ‘em designed yet but I’ll share as soon as I do.
  • ONLY 4 SPOTS REMAINING!  RSVP NOW if you would like to join us!

That’s it for today - I hope you’re enjoying the first few weeks of summer so far and that you have lots of adventures planned for the months ahead.  I hope to see you in the fall!

Tamara Bertram
Instagram - #tamaraspapertrail
Like, follow and get notifications on my business Facebook group “Tamara’s Paper Trail”

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wood Textures Suite

Happy Tuesday!

Video time!  (yes, I know I SHOULD be posting about the awesome promotions going on right now but let's face it ... you've probably already heard all about them on other sites already so I'll just carry on and get to the promotions once I've finished my other "stuff" *lol*)

Have a stampy day!


Monday, July 3, 2017

Country Living CASE

Happy Monday!

Long weekend up here in the Great White North since Canada Day fell on the weekend.  Yay for Craig not having to go to work!  (which also means another day of me not having to cook dinner!)

As promised, today I'm sharing a second sympathy card that my friend needed.  I had shown her a few ideas when she said "do you happen to have anything with cowboys boots or hats".  Off to the internet I went and found a lovely card made by fellow demonstrator Jackie Beers over at jackiebeers.com ...
An hour later this is what I had ...
My friend loved it!  ... but also had one more request.  "Do you have a stamp that says Wild and Free?  We just left the funeral and they kept referring to *her* as being wild and free".  I DIDN'T ... but I just HAD to give her the perfect card for such a sad occasion.  Off to my computer I went and 3 minutes later this is what I had ...
NAILED it!  I freaking LOVE this card!

It's obviously a CASE from Jackie's card but Jackie's is a 4" x 4" and it just didn't look big enough for a sympathy card.  I made it a standard size and followed Jackie's colors for the shading of the boots.  You can see her instructions HERE.  I added a Sahara Sand layer of 4 3/4" x 3 1/2" that I stamped in Crumb Cake with the Hardwood stamp.  My boots were on a Very Vanilla square measuring 3" wide x 3 1/2" long.  I used a thicker, non-stamping up twine.  I like the heavier look.  The banner is a 1/2" wide vanilla strip that I flag ended with my paper snips.  A Soft Suede Candy dot finished it off.


That's it for today.  Pop in again soon ... and have a stampy day!


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Berry Burst Butterfly

Happy Sunday!

Up and at 'em early today so I can beat the heat and walk Doodles earlier this morning.  Yesterday we were an hour late heading out and had to cut our route in half as he was melting (yay for his spa day next week!!).  I couldn't wait to share this card with you today.  LOVE how it turned out .
Isn't it pretty???  Does it look at all familiar?  It should.  I started off as this card ...
Quite literally!  A friend contacted me last week in need of two sympathy cards.  Ack!  Time was VERY short with the last week of school, teacher gifts, Farewell ceremony etc etc etc.  I COULDN'T say "no" but had to work smart.  To my stash I went!  I love the butterfly card but my friend had wanted something a little more uplifting and colorful.  Mission accomplished!  I took the butterfly off the card, traced it onto vellum card stock, cut it out ("old school" with a pair of paper snips!) and used my fine tip glue pen to glue the two together.  I then grabbed my Berry Burst marker and colored the back of the butterfly (vellum).  The color shows through like a stained glass window - colorful but muted and soft.  My friend had suggested a Berry Burst banner instead of the silver and BAM!  We had a winner.  LOVE it!

Whilst I'm sad I needed a sympathy card I was thrilled to come up with something so pretty and so fitting very quickly!  Pop in again tomorrow when I show you a second card I came up with (she needed/wanted two).

Off I got for my lovely morning stroll.  Have a stampy Sunday!


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Grade 6 Farewell

Happy Canada Day!!
Now that the skies have opened and it's pouring rain I thought I'd take the opportunity to catch up on a few posts from the chaos and fun from this week.

My 11 year old, Alicia, had her Grade 6 Farewell Wednesday morning.  NATURALLY I decided at 8:40 pm Tuesday NIGHT to make 60 farewell treats for the "graduating" class.  Lucky for me it took less then an hour to crack off all 60.  Quick and easy was the name of the game for THIS treat ...
Here's my Baby Girl all ready for the ceremony ...
I needed a card!  I had PLANNED to make her one from scratch ... but ... well ... ummm ... ya.  At 6:00 pm Wednesday night I went to my card stash and pulled out this one instead.  It really was a FABULOUS card ... with colors she loves .. and a sentiment that totally worked.  Why reinvent the wheel, right?
I HAD been hanging on to that card for a very special person and a very special occasion/reason.  It really was perfect for Alicia.  Think I might have to make a few more - kinda love it!   I posted about it in October 2014 (!!!).  Check out my original post HERE

I also needed some teacher gifts!  I pulled these two out of my stash for her teachers ...
... and I had my friend Darlene make me the personalized clip boards using her silhouette machine.  I have had her make me these for the last 3 years.  The teachers LOVE them!
Next up ... teacher treats from ALICIA and her friend, Danica.  These two LOVE to bake and decorate cakes.  They had a plan to make a 3-tiered cake -one tier for each of their 3 teachers.  Look what they did ...
Isn't that FANTASTIC???  Alicia NAILED the frosting on the edges.  Danica nailed the grass on top ... and that watermelon!  That is actually a real watermelon rind filled with jello!  they cut the top off a watermelon, scooped it out and put "finger jello" inside to set.  Finger jello is just regular jello packets but with about 1/3-1/2 the amount of water called for ... and only boiling water (no cold water).  It set beautifully and then, two days later, they just sliced it like a regular watermelon!  The teacher (and kids) loved it.  Pretty proud of the girls and their efforts.  I see a cake decorating class at Michaels in their futures!

Last up is my favorite gift for My Girl.  Rebecca has one as well ...

For those of you who haven't stumbled across this idea on Pinterest already, it's the Dr Seuss book that has been signed by all of the teachers, coaches, leaders, instructors that Alicia has had during her school life.  All of them (well ... think I forgot her Brownie Leader 3 years ago ... but other than that! ...)

I saw this idea back when Rebecca was in Grade one .. so 7 years ago.  I LOVED it!  A dad had done this for his daughter and gave it to her at her Grade 12 graduation.  Now I just didn't have it in me to carry this on for another 6 years so I only did it up until Grade 6 and now the girls can carry it on moving forward.  Both girls LOVE their books!  Every June Rebecca takes it to school to be signed and she reads and re-reads all of the messages.  It makes her smile and really does give her a shot of self confidence.  She has said to me "you are my mom - you HAVE to say I'm smart, kind, pretty ... all that stuff ... but the teachers didn't have to say it ... but they did".  It means so much more coming from others.  When Alicia got hers she got all teary eyed and read it over and over before bed.  It is the best memory / keepsake EVER!  I know a few other moms at school are doing the same thing but they are planning to carry on until Grade 12.  Wow. That's a huge commitment!  I'm happy to pass the torch on this one.

So that's just SOME of what has been going on this week.  Pop in again soon to see a few other projects I needed to whip up in a hurry.

It has stopped raining so hopefully the fireworks will still be a go tonight.  Whatever you get up to, have a stampy night!