Monday, August 28, 2017

Help Me Support a Sister!

Happy Monday!

Couldn't sleep.

I'm too emotional.

I went to bed overwhelmed with love and gratitude.

I have the most supportive, loving, generous friends.  They mean the world to me ... and when one of them is hurting, I hurt ... and I have to help.

Let me explain in this video I posted on my Facebook page yesterday afternoon ..

(Sorry!  The video is too long for me to add - copy and paste the above into your browser!)

OK!  Now I'm all choked up again!  Gulp.

I meant what I said.  Jennifer is the most amazing woman.  What she has been through over the last year and a half hurts my heart.  Can you even IMAGINE what it would be like to lose everything?  EVERYthing!  Every photograph, every sentimental Christmas ornament, every keep sake, every EVERYthing!

Jennifer got out of Fort McMurray with everything that is TRULY important in this world - her husband, her mother and her dogs.  Yes - everything else is just "stuff".  No, "stuff" does not matter ... but SOME "stuff" ... some stuff DOES matter.  That Christmas ornament your dad carved and painted.  That wedding ring your Great Grandmother left you.  That photograph of you holding your first born.  Some stuff DOES matter because those things stir happy memories and evoke strong emotions.

All that stuff.  Gone.

Jennifer lost all of that "stuff" and has been very raw and genuine in sharing her struggles, pain and tears with her friends as she fights to rebuild her life and move on.  Fingers crossed she gets the keys to her newly built home in the next few weeks so she can get some closure and stop living in limbo.

I offered to do a fundraiser for her last year.  She honours me by allowing me to help her.

As I said in the video - I want to help give Jennifer her "happy place".  As crafters, I know you know what that means.  That special "just for YOU" place where you can escape for a little while.  It's your safe, quiet, creative space where everything just "goes away" as your mind leaves all the stresses of your day and gets to run around like a little child, playing, laughing and enjoying.  THAT'S what I want to give her.  A safe, quiet, HAPPY place that will help her heal through creativity and calm.

The number of "Likes", "Shares", "Views" and "I'll take a pack" messages I have received from this video is truly overwhelming me.  I am SO excited to be able to bring so many of my friends together for a common purpose - to Support a Sister,

I look forward to many of my very best friends coming over and mass producing cards as we band together to raise up another woman.  Love and Friendship.  That's all that matters in this world.  Truly.  Love and Friendship ...

If you live in Canada and can help me help Jennifer I would be very grateful.  My friends and I will happily make you a set of these notecards and envelopes - 20 in all - 5 each of these 4 designs ...
I hope to have them all created by the end of October, at which point I will mail them to you.  I'm asking $35.  You can find me on Facebook at Tamara's Paper Trail.  Message me.

Thanks for listening, helping if you can, supporting me and helping Jennifer get her Happy Place back.  xoxoxo


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