Sunday, November 26, 2017


The finish line is in sight!!!  Just ... keep ... swimming ....

Today I have a table at our local Community Hall Christmas Bazaar, Thursday I have my kids "Gift for Mom" class and then I'm pretty much home free! Whoot!!  I will still have a December Card Class, my monthly Team Meeting Class and likely one more Craft Night but for the most part the "big, crazy stuff" will be done.

December?  You better believe I'll be sitting down and taking a long hard look at my schedule, my business and how/when I do things so I don't get this crazy ever again.  Bit off a bit much this fall, I MUST say!


Well!  Anyway - just a quick post today as I need to start packing up for my Bazaar but I wanted to make sure I got the word out that TOMORROW THERE IS FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!!!!

Tomorrow only (Monday) there is FREE SHIPPING! on all orders placed through my online store.  Whoot!

Want just one or two items?  Save the minimum $9.95 shipping fee!
Want LOTS of items?  Save the 10% shipping fee!

Your order will be delivered directly to your door and it should arrive 7 business days later (barring backorders).

Tomorrow morning you need to hop over to my 24/7 online store and get what you want under your Christmas Tree for less!

ORDER here

As always, orders OVER $200 will get 10% back in free hostess spending.

As always, orders UNDER $200 who use the above hostess code at the checkout will receive a free gift from me (you must make sure you have given Stampin' Up! permission for them to give me your email address so I know who to send the gift TO!  When you set up your account make sure you check the permission box!)

If you have any questions drop me a line.  Have a stampy day!


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Stampin' Up! Online Extravaganza starts tomorrow!

Happy Sunday!




8 days.

Starts tomorrow.

One Day only Deals - 20% off select sets.

*** To make sure you scoop these "while supplies last" deals you need to shop through my online store here

*** If your order is under $200 enter the hostess code 3YFBVUDY at the checkout and I will mail you a free gift!!

Check out what's on sale here

Have a great night!


Friday, November 17, 2017

Trim Your Stocking Thinlits by Stampin' Up!

Happy Friday!

OK - if you haven't found my business Facebook page, "Tamara's Paper Trail", or my Instagram account @tamaraspapertrail you need to!  As you can see, I have totally SUCKED at blogging lately and I can't see it getting better in the next few weeks!  I DO apologize.  I just don't have enough hours in the day lately!  Between the family CONSTANTLY being sick, running to doctors, picking up meds, walking Doodles, planning classes and on and on and on and on it just always seems to fall to the bottom of the "to-do" pile.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not whining about the crazy that is my life - I do love the fast pace of it but I really am just holding on by my fingertips lately and dealing with whatever fresh crazy each day presents on a "this needs attention NOW" basis!  (like the "low tire pressure warning light that just HAD to pop on my dash when I had all day back-to-back appointments yesterday!)

Seriously.  Crazy busy!  No having said that, I DO seem to manage quick posts on Instagram and Facebook so you NEED to be on my pages to keep in the loop!

Did you hear (likely from OTHER demos!) about the new Stamparatus tool SU is releasing??  Ya.  You didn't hear it from me (at least not in details - not time to send out the email!!).  I THINK I posted a quick FB post about it ... but that was a few days ago and that is a bit of a blur in the rearview mirror!  IF you read about it somewhere you may have ALSO heard that they sold out of reservations in about 15 minutes!  SO!  If you want to be on top of everything jump on FB, jump on instagram and find me there!

No time to chat - it's noon and I'm just about ready to start my day.  Kids are both home sick, I've walked Koda, already take kid #2 to the doctor, picked up meds, making soup for kid #1 and have a party to prep for.  No rest for THIS mamma!

Here is a great video to watch on the Trim Your Stocking Thinlits.  I LOVE these things ... but you'd know that if you follow me on Facebook ( ... see what I did there?  *lol*)

Hope YOUR clan is healthier than mine ... and that you have a stampy day!


Monday, November 6, 2017

My Stampin' Blends Promotion!

Happy Monday!

Sorry I didn't post my Blends Promotion yesterday.  I kinda THOUGHT I was being a little too ambitious when I said I'd post it yesterday, given that I would be up late dining and dancing at the Banff Springs Hotel!  Oh SURE I'd be up "working" after we gained an hour of extra sleep instead of lying in bed staring at the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  Duh, Tam.  A LITTLE ambitious?  *lol*

So hey!  (Brief tangent here ...).  Guess who was the winner of an AMAZING prize at the Dinner/Dance last night???  Yes!  Little Ol' ME!  Long story short - all of the employees and spouses of Spartan were entered in an Elimination Draw for some GREAT prizes (about 1,400 people in total, I understand).  The last 10 names NOT drawn would win a prize.  I was in the last 10 ... then the last 5 ... THEN the last TWO!  Actually, my name was the VERY LAST NAME left in the draw ... but we had decided that the name that was drawn out of the last two would be the winner ... and my name WASN'T drawn, so I came in second.  SECOND ... out of 1,400 people!!!  I was on stage (in front of, oh, about 700 people!) and my adrenalin was through the ROOF!  Hand were shaking, whole 9 yards *lol*.  What did I win?  TWO nights at the Banff Springs Hotel plus $100 Excursion Gift Certificate plus a $200 dinner gift certificate!  Whoot!!  The #1 prize was a $3,000 West Jet Voucher plus two flights anywhere in Canada plus 4 VIP Lounge passes!  Now, whilst that would be an AMAZING prize to win I think I'm happier with what I got!  I have won an airfare trip once before and although that was GREAT, I still ended up spending a LOT on hotel, food and so on.  The beauty of the prize I won is it's very "doable" for Craig and I to run away for a weekend, not have to pay thousands for the kids to come along and a portion of the cost of food and entertainment is included - we just have to drive there!

It was a FABULOUS weekend getaway and I'm looking SO forward to going back and doing it again in the New Year.  I'm thinking in April, for our Anniversary.

So!  That's my "brief" tangent hee hee.  Back to my Promotion ...
Blends.  Did you watch the videos I posted Saturday??  Trust me.  You want these in your stash.  They are Ah-MAZING!  Having said that, I recognize that getting all 12 duos, PLUS the Ivory and Bronze Blends PLUS the Color Lifter adds up to quite a large investment.

12 (2-packs) of Blends @ $12 per pack = $144
Ivory Marker = $6
Bronze Marker = $6
Color Marker = $6

Total = $162 ... plus s/h/gst = $187.11.

On top of THAT you are going to want the Color Me Happy Stamp Set and Card Kit, which is another $52 ($60.06 for the clear set bundle).  Grand total = $247.17

Sooooooo ... how about I reduce that cost for you?

What if you could get all the Blends for just $166.32 (saving you $24.79) AND you will have a ONE IN FIVE chance of getting the $60 Color Me Happy Stamp Set and Card Kit for FREE??

I only need FIVE savvy Canadian crafters to make this promotion work.

"Well HECK, Tamara!  That would be an AMAZING deal.  I will save $25 and have a chance to win an awesome $60 prize??!! I'm IN!  What do I have to do??", I hear you cry.

Well!  All you have to do is:

Between today and midnight, Friday, November 17th ...

  • message me, text me or reply to this post that you are "in"
  • either order the 12 Blends through my online store *** HERE *** and enter the Hostess code CEJXYSWA at the checkout (and they will be shipped directly to your door) or I will order them for you (and they will be delivered to my house)
  • I will order you the Ivory, Bronze and Color Lifter AND
  • your name will be entered into my draw for the Color Me Happy Stamp Set and Card Kit!
If you are in the Edmonton Area the extra pens (and set/kit, if you are the winner) will be delivered to my house and I will make arrangements to get them to you.  If you are elsewhere in Canada I will have them sent to you separately).

Good deal, no?  

Trust me.  Once you try these blendable markers out you WILL want them all.  This is a chance to GET them all, save yourself $25 AND get in on a great draw (with very good odds ... 1 in 5!)

*** DON'T DELAY *** Message me TODAY to let me know "I'm in!"

Have a stampy Monday, Everyone!


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Blends Are Back!

Happy Saturday!

I'm coming to you today from the stunningly beautiful Banff Springs Hotel in Banff.  Yes ... I'm away AGAIN!  Sheesh!  I can't even believe it myself!  Fall is ALWAYS my busiest season with life AND with work.  In past years I hit the ground running Sept 3 (first day of school) and CRAWL to the finish line around Dec 1 when all the school and work chaos die down ... I take a day or two to catch my breath and then sprint to December 24th, when I collapse in a heap of smudged makeup and slept-in clothes *lol*  Apparently I didn't think that was enough this year, and felt the need to throw in four mini holidays just to make things more interesting!

*lol*  Ok, it didn't REALLY go down that way and I couldn't/WOULDN'T change these get aways even if I could/wanted to!

Reliving old memories and making new ones with my Dad in Chaffey's Lock in September.

Making memories and strengthening my Mother/Daughter bond with my Baby Girl, Alicia.

A Stamping Party with my dear friend Kris and her friends in Calgary.

A weekend in beautiful Banff with the love of my life and THE best husband a girl could ever hope to have (seriously.  How many husbands ENCOURAGE you to go into the jewellery store at the Banff Springs Hotel and tells you to buy something??!!)

Now although I'm away I'm still working *sort of*.  Sitting in the Rundle Lounge with some **special coffee** and listening to the live music ... enjoying myself completely and blogging (yes, it's TECHNICALLY working ... but I love what I do so that makes it fun, right?  Hee hee.)

Anyway - I took a loooong time working on a promotion for you with the new "Stampin' Blends".  (I MAY have taken a long time just so I could have an extra special coffee *lol*.

I think I'll save the promotion for tomorrow (Craig's meetings are just wrapping up and I have to go get all fancy for dinner!)

Today I'll share all the Stampin' Up! promotional videos so you can get familiar with the Blends - their features, benefits and how to use them.  They are alcohol based blending markers (are you familiar with Copic markers?).  These are a less expensive, non-refillable blending marker in exclusive Stampin' Up! colors.

Why not check out the videos while having a "special coffee" yourself!

Now ... click HERE to see the promotional brochure with all the specifics on colors and costs and the exclusive kit and stamp set you can get to USE the markers with.  Of course MANY of our current (and retired) stamp sets are PERFECT to use with the new tools.

 So I'll leave it there for now.

Pop in again tomorrow to read all about the promotion that I am offering that will help you get these markers into your Craft Cave, save you money AND get you in the draw for some free "stuff"!

Until then, have a stampy day!