Thursday, December 21, 2017

Beautiful Bouquet Bundle by Stampin' Up!

Happy Thursday!

I feel like I've made it to the finish line!  The kids finished school today ... well, they're kinda playing hookie tomorrow 'cause they would rather sleep in than go to school for a dance and/or games.  Works for me!  Mama gets to enjoy her coffee in peace a quiet a little longer tomorrow - whoot!

Still not *quite* done my Christmas crafting.  I went downstairs last night to work on my annual ornament and/or the kids' wish list books but I had a *squirrel* moment ...

I spotted the box of unfinished projects on my dest and ... well ... I didn't HAVE to craft anything in particular so I grabbed my box and crafted just for fun!  I finished off the Be Merry Kit of ornaments ...

They aren't the ornaments I PLANNED to make for this year but they may just be the ones I go with.  I'm just ITCHING to play with my new toys so might just have to kill two birds with one stone!

I MAY finish the Wish List Books tonight - we'll see.  I'm either sick as a dog or having an allery attach from WAY too much sugar this week - I'm thinking the latter but regardless, I want to rip my nose off my face (which feels swollen twice it's normal size) and can't stop sneezing ... so we'll see what happens in an hour or two.

Meanwhile ... did I ever share this video with you?  I don't think so ...

It shows off the Beautiful Boutique Bundle and I learned a few things by watching this.  Maybe now I'll use it a little more.  Check it out ... and have a stampy night!


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