Sunday, December 31, 2017

Perennial Birthday Project Kit by Stampin' Up!

Happy Sunday!

... and Happy New Year's Eve!  Wow.  Was it REALLY Christmas Eve a whole week ago?  It's been a blur of cleaning, sorting, organizing and purging this week!  The -30 degree temperatures have been an GREAT excuse to live in leggings and get at those "one day" jobs.  Truth be told, I LOVE "one day" job days (weeks?!) . Every year, usually starting on Dec 26 or Dec 27, I start my organizing frenzy.  This year was MUCH more thorough than usual as I got Craig involved and we sorted through the storage room and about 80% of everything in it.  The 20% we didn't touch were buckets that had our photo albums, records, cassette tapes and memorabilia in them that I just couldn't get through.  I don't have THAT much time! *lol* . I DID, however, hit the games/kits cupboard, the pantry (MAN I had a lot of crackers, rice and baking supplies that were off!), tupperware, front hall closet, medicine cabinet and more.  The front haul is overflowing with boxes and bags that are going to a local charity that takes everything but the kitchen sink.  I'm THRILLED as it means just ONE stop to drop it off, rather than 5 or 6 as I find which charities take what.  I love purging almost as much as I love Christmas.  It feels SO good to "get it gone"!

I'm just ITCHING to share with you two cards I created this week using new products from the 2018 Occasions Catalogue that goes live January 3rd. Alas, the cards are being used for SWAPS.  What's a swap?  A number of card makers (in this case my fellow demonstrators) agree to design a card (or two ... or three) and then they swap (trade) them with each other.  So I designed a card, I made 15 of them and I will trade one with 15 other demonstrators.  In the end I will have 15 different designs (mine plus 14 more) to share with my customers and to CASE myself!  Now I CAN share my projects with you however I will wait until everyone has their swap (we mail them).  It's just good etiquette.  Everyone is SO excited to get their happy mail and they don't want that excitement spoiled by seeing the card on-line ahead of time.  So wait we must!  Don't worry - I'll be sharing as soon as I can.  They're worth the wait!

Meanwhile ... scroll down 2 posts ago - December 27th.  I shared the cards I made from the upcoming Perennial Birthday Project Kit.  I seriously LOVE this kit now that I've had a chance to play with it.  This video from Stampin' Up! does a much better job at showing it off.

Check it out and, starting January 3rd, you can order one for yourself!

Now I'm off to find my 2018 fridge calendar and start filling it out with all my appointments and stamping classes.  SLOWLY getting back to the reality of back-to-work!

Whatever you get up to today I hope it's a stampy day.  Happy New Year and ALL THE BEST in 2018.

xoxoxo . Tam

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