Sunday, January 28, 2018

It's Not About Making Cards!

Happy Sunday!

Wow.  I cannot BELIEVE a week has passed.  I just don't know where the hours GO!  It was a great week and it must be true - time flies when you're having fun!  My week was filled with volunteering, the childrens' activities, coffee dates, work successes ... soooo many fun and fulfilling things!  The week was capped off by one EPIC Ladie's Night.  So.  Much.  Fun!!! ... and it just REALLY drove home to me that "Making Cards is NOT about Making Cards".  It is just so much more ...

Let me explain.

Friday Night I held a "Games Night" with some of my friends.  All but one or two of these fabulous women started out as my Stampin' Up customers.  Over time they have become my very dear friends.  Stamping with them over the months and years has brought us together and strengthened our friendships.  Stamping together has had us spend time together every month or so, sharing stories of our past, sharing stories of our kids, sharing opinions on "everything", sharing laughs and even sharing some tears.  Stamping has simply brought us together.  Stamping is the excuse TO come together.  Oh sure, stamping and creating is FUN .... but it is so much more.

If you stamp alone it is an escape from the pressures of life.  You can sit in a room, let your mind and your creativity wander.  You can express yourself without saying a word.

If you stamp with others it is an escape from the pressures of life.  You can sit in a room, share your thought and feelings with others or just listen and enjoy good company.

Friday Night.  One evening, 8 women, a bunch of appetizers, a White Board and a board game.  We came together on the one day we had the biggest snow fall of the year and driving was terrible.  We came together anyway.  We had THE best night we've had in AGES!!  We were silly, funny, TOTALLY inappropriate and completely relaxed.  We were having fun.

My friends got out of the house for a few hours, we all forgot about work, kids, chores, the "to-do" list, bills... that all went away for a few hours as we laughed, ate, drank ... and stamped.  Yes, we DID make a few cards but really .... it was not about making the cards.  It was about coming together, having fun, bonding and making memories.

Nope.  Making cards is not about making cards.  It is just so much more that that.

Phone a friend.  Get together and stamp.


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