Sunday, August 12, 2018

Animal Outing Fun

Happy Sunday!

Well ... truth be told I'm a little sad today.  It's Sunday ... and it's cold ... and it's raining ... and that is my FAVOURITE kind of weather!  I LIVE for cold, rainy Sundays!  The only thing better than cold rainy Sunday's are cold SNOWY Sundays!  "So why are you sad?", I hear you cry! ... well ... cold, rainy Sundays are only my favourite when I get to stay HOME for them ... not when I have a booth at an all-day outdoor trade fair!  Yup, it's been sunny and smokin' hot here for EVER and the one day we have 13 degrees and rain is the day I'm sitting in a field selling animal-themed cards.  Hmmmm ... I wonder if mosquitos have money .... *lol*.

Oh well - it's as fun as you make it, right? ... and I'll have my mini-me in the booth beside me, trying to sell her hand-made dog leashes to those who come by.  Fingers crossed.  I actually want it to be nice more for HER than for me!  This whole "let's start a business" gig has been a great life/business lesson for her and I'd like her to succeed (... and it would be nice if she could at least break even so she could pay her mother back for the cost of the stock! *lol*)

Whatever happens happens.  I'm still going to have a smile on my face.  I DID have a LOT of fun this week making up my cards.  It has been a VERY long time since I created just for fun, without having to thing "do I have enough of this for a class" or "this would be too time consuming to do in a class" or "this set is retired I shouldn't use it in a class".  I just had fun!  Here is my latest batch ...

I LOVE the last two!!  They are all made using the Animal Outing stamp set.  The first one uses Tropical Chic designer paper, the next three used the coordinating Animal Expedition designer paper.  What's SO great about the Animal Expedition DSP is that you can use the coordinating Framelits to cut out some of the animals, as I did here.  SO cute!!

For the last two cards I used leftover pieces from the February Paper Pumpkin kit.  I just LOVE the big, bold letters.  Such clean, simple cards.  Sometimes less IS more!

Well ... it's 7:15 and we have to leave in just over an hour so I'm going to dig out my jeans (ugh) and flannel shirt (double ugh) and start loading up the car.  I hope you have weather to YOUR liking ... and that you have a stampy Sunday!