Friday, August 10, 2018

Calligraphy Essentials

Happy Friday!!!

I dunno what the weather is like in your part of the world but over here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada it's face crackin' HOT!  "They're" calling for 32 degrees.  GREAT excuse to stay indoors and craft in the cool of the basement!

So I'm still working on figuring out how to send out my newsletter via the Mailchimp system.  (Just as an aside I am tickled PINK at all the requests I've had from people all over the world!  Honolulu?  Australia?  Wow!! ... ok ... back to our regularly scheduled blog post ...)   Now if you know me at ALL you know that I generally put "first things last", meaning I am the queen of procrastination and almost ALWAYS do the least important thing on my to do list first!  I learned Step 1 of the Mailchimp system this week while I was procrastinating on making cards for my Humane Society trade fair this Sunday.  Well, now that I want to master Step 2 of the system (the actual SENDING of the newsletter) I now HAVE to procrastinate on that as the "making of the cards" has moved significantly up the urgency scale *lol*.  Sometimes I really do think I should be a social experiment for some student writing a thesis paper on abnormal behaviour!

Now that I've admitted the "making of the cards" is getting quite urgent I realize I'm blogging ... and not making .. so the cycle continues *lol*.

Wanna see a few cards I DID make?  OK!

Cute, yes?  I made three of these 4-card-sets in about half an hour.  While on vacation last month I had put together the "Calligraphy Essentials" kit ($51 for the kit and coordinating stamp set) and had the cards lying on my desk (taking up valuable real estate!)

I thought they'd make super quick and cute cards for my trade fair if I just added an animal to them.  I was right! (since the trade fair is for the Animal Shelter all goods sold have to have an animal theme).

I used the Hedgehugs ($26) , This Little Piggy ($27) , Bird Banter (retired) and We Must Celebrate (retired) for my critters.  No, I didn't fussy cut them all out!  I treated myself to a Brother Scan n Cut machine for my birthday and that cut the job down from hours to minutes.  I used my Blends markers to color ($6 each) then and in no time had 12 cute cards ready for the show.

So I highly suggest the next time you're in a hurry to make cards grab one of your stampin' kits - cuts the crafting time down but still gives you a great hand-made card.

I guess I should get at it - those cards aren't going to make themselves!

Stay cool and have a stampy day!


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