Saturday, December 15, 2018

Mini Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder / Treat Holder

Happy Saturday!

How's THAT for a nice, long title?

I don't have time to chat for long ... I have my team Christmas Stampin' Social in less than an hour and should probably finish setting up! *lol* (no, I'll never change!)

I wanted to post the video I made showing you how to make these ADORABLE little coffee cup gift card/treat holders (and the links to buy the cups and lids).

They are REALLY easy to make and pack a real "WOW" factor!

Here is the video (I had to laugh when I watched the replay as I mentioned you could fill the cups with cinnamon hearts ... for THANKSGIVING! lol .. ya, kinda meant Valentine's Day!)
Here are the links for the coffee cups and lids ...

Cups:  here
Lids:  here

Right!  I better fly.  That coffee isn't going to brew itself!

Have a FABULOUS, stampy day!


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