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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Feels Like Frost Obsession

Happy Sunday!

I can't believe how fast the days are flying by this month!  This slower pace must be agreeing with me!  Having said that, I DO crave a bit more routine and that will only come Sept 4th, when the girls are back to school.  Oh don't get me wrong, I don't relish HAVING to get up or HAVING to to make sure there are packable-lunch-foods in the the house every day but I really do get more done when it's just me and the critters!

So last week I made the most STUNNING card using the new Feels Like Frost designer paper that is available for purchase Sept 4th (unless you buy the Starter Kit NOW!  THEN you can scoop yourself two packs of it ... which you should totally do because I believe this one will sell out before the snow flies! ... but I digress *lol*)
I just LOVE THIS CARD!  The paper does 90% of the work ... the glitter the other 10%!  (See my last post for more details).

I went down to the cave Thursday to actually CLEAN UP (for once) ... but what ended happening instead was this ....

Hee hee - as usual, distracted my shiny things!  I just couldn't stop ... so I didn't ... and not only did I actually USE DSP (I usually wait until it retires before I ever CUT it! lol) but I ended up with a fabulous set of cards that I am now offering in a "Product Included" class so my stampers can have a pack of this paper for their very own!  If you are in the Edmonton, Alberta area check out my business Facebook Page "Tamara's Paper Trail" for more details on that in the next few days!

If you like quick, beautiful cards you want to get your hands on the Feels Like Frost DSP ($20 CDN), some Stampin' Ice Glitter ($8.75) and a Fine Tip Glue Pen ($9.50).  This paper matches beautifully with SO many of our card stock colours - the options are many!  The products are available Sept 4th, as I mentioned.  If you are in Canada and are interested in becoming a demonstrator so you can order them NOW please drop me a line.  I'd LOVE to have you in my group!

That's it for today.  Thanks for popping in and have a stampy Sunday!


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Feels Like Frost Simplicity!

Happy Thursday!

Wait!  THURSDAY?  Not Sunday?  What the heck? lol

Ya, Sunday got away from me last week.  TBH I was very busy taking it easy.  I overdid it a bit on Saturday.  I'm not sure how .. maybe sneezing (I sneeze with GREAT force!) ... or, more likely, just by moving around too much.  I wasn't doing any one thing for LONG ... and that was the problem.  Just getting up from the chair or couch was a bit much for my incisions, so I really did just relax a little more (HUGE for me, as anyone who knows me knows!)

So why am I posting on a Thursday?  If you checked out my "Check it Out Tuesday" live Facebook video you saw my creative process and helped me come up with my end-result card.  Well!  That card was SOOOOO well liked (as in over 300 "likes") that I just HAD to do a post about it.  I haven't yet done a video that can be posted to YouTube, but you can check out my FB Live video here

Make sure you "like", "follow", and "get notifications" on my business page "Tamara's Paper Trail" to stay in the loop of all things Stampin' Up! ... and to catch my videos each Tuesday night at 7:00 pm Mountain Standard Time.

So, without further adieu, I give you Feels Like Frost Fabulousness *lol*
Isn't it pretty???  Now I seriously feel guilty about all the rave reviews I've had on this card.  I can take VERY little credit.  The PAPER is the star of the show and just makes me look like a creative genius!  All I did was cut it, place it on a Night of Navy layer, stamp a sentiment in Night of Navy and apply some Ice Stampin' Glitter to it with a Fine Tip Glue pen!  That's it!  That's all!  Nothing more!

So what is this magical paper I speak of??  Ahhhh, that's the kicker.  It's called Feels Like Frost Designer Paper.  It is a STUNNING pack of 6" x 6" paper, showcased on pages 40-42 of the UPCOMING 2019 Holiday Catalogue ... and is $20 for 48 sheets.  Do I expect this paper to run out of stock before the end of January.  I absolutely do!  The images in this paper make are DIVINE and make a beautiful card SOOO quick and easy!  You seriously just need to stamp a sentiment on it and you're done!  You CAN jazz it up more but the paper stands alone.  You don't WANT to cover it up and it doesn't NEED anything more!  As I mentioned, I DID add some new Ice Stampin' Glitter to the card - $10.25 for a 20 g pot (also on page 41 of the new catalogue) for some extra interest, texture, dimension and glitz.  This glitter is chunkier than the Dazzling Diamonds, but not as chunky as some of our past glitters, that really felt rather sharp.  This stuff is soft and OH so pretty!

Customers can't order the paper OR the glitter until the catalogue goes live, September 4th ... but demonstrators can!  That's one of the great many perks of BEING a demonstrator - you get to order products a month before customers!  Hello no backorders! (well ... backorders do still happen occasionally, even on a pre-order but chances are a lot lower than once the catalogue goes live!).

Would you like to get this paper and glitter early AND at a major discount?  Then you want to order them NOW, in a "Starter Kit".  Yes, you will technically me called a demonstrator.  No, that doesn't mean you have to demonstrate ... or "do the business" in any way.  You CAN order more products, at a discount, but you absolutely do NOT have to.  You don't have to place orders for yourself or anyone else;  You don't have to ever log into the website.  You CAN just buy the kit for the MAJOR discount and free product and run away!  If you're in Canada, here's the deal ...

Pick out ANY product adding up to $205.
Pay $135.
No shipping.
No taxes (in most provinces)
No obligations.
No strings.

You get the $205 in product you pick out PLUS they throw in a $30 Paper Pumpkin kit PLUS a $14 coupon to use in Sept of Oct IF YOU WANT TO PLUS business supplies, should you want to hand out catalogues to your friends and earn some extra cash for the upcoming holiday season.

If you have any questions about this deal PLEASE do not hesitate to get in touch with me.  I am more than happy to explain all the fine print to you so you are comfortable believing there are NO strings.  I won't pressure you to get the kit, I'll just explain how everything works.  If you decide against it no hard feelings!  I'm truly just trying to save you a bag full of money!  If you were to order $205 of product and a Paper Pumpkin through me you would make more than DOUBLE the starter kit price of $135.  True story.  You are saving over $136.  Interested?  Get in touch or click on my link to order your kit TODAY!  The deal is only on until the end of August.  Do it!  Click here to get starter.

Right!  Must dash.  Full day of eye appointments and other riveting mom-duties!  Thanks for popping in.  Have a SUPER stampy day! 


Sunday, August 4, 2019

Paper Pumpkin for the win!

Happy Sunday!

Right!  If you popped in LAST Sunday you would have read that I hadn't been doing any stamping.  Not much has changed THIS week!  The house-purge continues!  This weekend we tackled the storage room.  MAN does a family of four ever accumulate a lot of stuff in a short span of time!  Funnily enough, according to my Facebook Memories that keep popping up this week the August long weekend seems to be THE weekend of purging!  There have been several years where I'm posting "quality used stuff" for sale or for free, just to "get it gone!"

While the rest of the house is looking pretty good my Craft Cave is getting worse by the day!  Aside from all NEW stamping toys arriving every few days, items from the storage room and other hiding spots are descending into my zone!  I don't know WHAT it is about containers but I LOVE them!  I guess I love the idea of being organized ... pretty, matching containers (labelled with my label maker, of course) all lined up on the shelves .... Ya.  That's the dream.  Instead they are piled high, tipping to one side just begging to be filled with all my "stuff"!

That's a project for another week, I fear.  Gallbladder surgery is Tuesday and I have a lot of other loose ends to finish up while I can still lift, bend and carry!

Last night I DID spend an hour in my cave.  I just needed to play for FUN!  I just don't do that enough, and the project that I start pile up.  I had five left over "Sentimental Rose" Paper Pumpkin kits hanging around.  They were 70% done, I just needed to assemble them ... so I did.  It felt great!  ... not just to craft, but to get one little pile of half-done-projects off my desk.  These little boxes of cards are SO cute and now I have a small stash ready to give away.
Paper Pumpkin kits are GREAT to have on hand.  If you're like me, an avid stamper, SOMEtimes you want to craft but just don't have the brain power to sit down, stare at a blank piece of paper and create something fabulous.  For those times you can just grab a kit, open it up and you can make the entire box of cards in about an hour.  Even if you don't love the design of the projects you can switch them up and make them your own!  There are LOTS of demonstrators, Facebook groups and youtube videos offering "Alternate Paper Pumpkin" designs.  It really is creativity in a box.

These kits are also perfect for beginner stampers.  There are instructions in the box and there are youtube videos you can watch, if you are more of a visual learner.  Kids and teens love these kits as they can do them without any additional materials and without mom's help.  They are GREAT to have on hand for rainy summer days when the kids are bored and my camping friends say they are a MUST to have in the camper for those same rainy days!

They really are a great value.  These kits are a subscription craft kit that arrives at your door every month.  They cost CDN $29.95 each month (plus gst, so $31.50).  For that you get everything you need (except scissors) to create the projects in the box; the cards, envelopes, embellishments, STAMP SET, INK SPOT, instructions ... it's all there!  The beauty of that is everything is together, stores in a tiny box and you don't need to have any other craft supplies on hand.  It's a small investment for (usually) nine cards.  At that price the cards work out to just $3.50 per card - a FAR cry from the $7-$12 per card you pay at the store! ... and you have a stamp set and ink you can use over and over on other projects.  I love them.  Can you tell?

Here are the kits I got so far this year ...

 Aren't they great??

If you are in Canada and would like to subscribe to get YOUR kit in the mail you can do so here.  You can cancel or suspend at any time.  This is the sneak peek for the August kit ... they are bags with tags ... and you can also purchase an add-on kit for an additional $13 that will allow you to make CARDS out of the items in the kit.  I *may* have ordered 12 of both *lol*

Here's a video on it!

It really is a nice little treat to receive every month.  Heck, you can even got a 6 month subscription as part of your Starter Kit, if you want a REALLY great deal!  Remember THAT deal that I keep telling you about?  Pick out $205 in ANY product you want ($158 of it can be your 6 month paper pumpkin subscription), but you only pay $135 flat.  THAT is the best way to go, if you want to save a truck load of money! ... but that is a post for another day.  Koda wants is walk and I have some "quality used stuff" to box up and take to the charity shop.

Whatever YOU get up to today I do hope you have a stampy day!!  Thanks for popping in!


Sunday, July 28, 2019

What's She Up To NOW??

Happy Sunday!

Not gunna lie ... been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to figure out what to post.  I've got nuthin! ... as in no new projects to share!  Why?  What have I been up to?  WELL!  I'm thrilled to be able to say lots of stuff (like cleaning and purging) and lots of nothing (like reading and printing out photos)!  I think I'm finally ... after 6 weeks of very little "business" ... FINALLY starting to quieten my mind, relax and live at a much slower pace than usual.

When did life get so crazy?  When did it all get so fast-paced and stressful?  When did sleeping for more than 6 hours straight become a rarity, a treat and something to be celebrated and shared on Facebook?  When did guilt take over if I wasn't doing 3 things at a time?  When did enjoying doing nothing for an entire weekend die?

Ever since the kids were born the pace of life has gotten faster and faster.  Every year I take on more and more, I sleep less and less and I cause ridiculous amounts of stress for myself.  For what?

That I don't know.

What I DO know is that I am on some sort of spiritual journey.  It started about two and a half years ago - January 2017.  Things have really ramped up in that department over the last year.  I can't really explain it but I am trusting "the Universe" more.  I'm putting faith in my abilities and that "everything always works out" ... somehow.  I believe that I have at least one Guardian Angel and that he/she is watching over me and guiding me.

The Universe has been nudging me for the last two years ... but had been shoving me a little harder over the last 6 months.  It's telling me to slow down, get my priorities straight and pay attention to what truly matters.  What truly matters?  My health, my family and my friends ... THEN everything else .. and that includes my business.  I was determined to take most of the summer "off" working, at least working the way TAMARA does ... at full tilt ... all the time;  my mind always churning over what classes and promotions to hold, how my team is doing, what my numbers are and how close (or far) away I am from earning the next reward.  I am doing pretty well so far at taking my foot off the gas ... and it IS getting easier the more I practice it.  The world hasn't spun off its axis and my business hasn't come to a grinding halt.  Go figure!

Post-Greece I have been spending more time with the girls.  I have been systematically purging my entire house.  I have been visiting my parents a few times a week.  I have been visiting CRAIG's parents.  I have been meeting friends for coffees, lunches and dinners.  I read a book.

This morning I woke up at 3:33 am.  I often wake at 3:33 am.  I researched the meaning of that.  I DO believe in signs from above and all the articles I read do indicate that 3:33 is a sign.  A sign that my Angel is watching and guiding and that I am on the right path.

No, I don't have a new project to share with you today ... but that's ok.  I'm doing what I need to be doing.  I'll have one for you next week.  Until then have a stampy day doing what YOU need to be doing.  I'll be over here relaxing and being present with my family.

Thanks for popping in :)


Sunday, July 21, 2019

Stampin' Up! 2019 Incentive Trip ... Wow. Just Wow!

Well hello and Happy Sunday!

It feels like YEARS since I've posted!  I had every intention of scheduling a few posts for while I was away but ... well ... ya.  Didn't happen.  My "yay-list" was a mile long and, at the end of the day I just didn't *lol*.

Gosh - where do I even START???

Rome.  Greece.  2019 Incentive Trip.  Was it everything I dreamed it would be?  Oh yes.  Was it as amazing as everyone said it would be?  Definitely.  Did I enjoy every minute?  Absolutely ... well, I really could have done without the 30-36 degree sweat-fest and the never ending soggy clothes and damp face but I would do it again in a heartbeat, given half a chance.

It was worth the 18 months of planning, prepping and stamping.  My face hurt from all the smiling.  My heart was SO full with all the friendships that were made and/or strengthened.  It really was the trip of a lifetime and achieving my goal of earning this trip is in the top 3 life-time achievements for me.  Truly.  Words just can't adequately describe my emotions surrounding this.  It has been a 13 year journey of experimentation, dreaming, self discovery, growing ... it is so much more than "I worked hard to earn a trip".   Anyone who has earned one of these trips will understand.  It has changed me in ways I can't describe.

Well!  Enough about THAT, let's see some card projects, right??  (If you want to see pictures from my trip hop over to facebook and find me - my fave pics are there.

Wanna see what I was working on for so long BEFORE my trip??  ... the SWAPS I made?  I was involved in five batches of different swaps.  Each project needed to be different and had different "rules".  Although it was a LOT of work to product 98 projects (five different designs) but I really did enjoy doing it.  I actually LIKE mass producing.  Once I have my design I can sit in front of the telly and crack the off while chipping away at my dozens of recorded Coronation Streets!

The first two are swaps I made for the swap I did with my Canadian "sisters".  The rules for this one were "anything from the current catalogue", had to have at least one layer and one embellishment.

Being pressed for time I headed for my "go-to" layout and made this Christmas card I LOVE with the new stamp set "Rustic Retreat" -
I just couldn't resist the images in this one, although they are smaller than I like.  That is what I love about my "go-to" layout - it allows me to USE smaller images in a way that still put the focus ON the image.
This is a great set for masculine cards as well as Christmas.  Only $33 CDN (plus s/h/gst) - item code 150285.

You can see in this picture that I used the Woodgrain embossing folder to add texture to my banner.
I stamped the cabin and sentiment in Early Espresso ink, and colored the cabin with my blends ... Crumb Cake and Old Olive and added some of our self adhesive backed sequins and some white bakers twine for some added interest.  I love how it turned out.

My second swap uses the Butterfly Wishes stamp set ...
Item code 149346 for $31.00 CDN plus s/h/gst

I stamped the imaged in Blackberry Bliss ... and colored the flowers with my Purple Posy Blend markers.  I stamped the butterfly and fussy cut her twice - once for the entire body and once just the top wings.  I used my rectangle and stitched shapes dies for the layers and sentiment layer.

I would have loved to use my Purple Posy ink pad alas, the quality issues have not yet been resolved.  An ink pad would make life a little easier but I always still have the option of using my marker and/or blends.  Always more than one way to colour/stamp an image, right??

Next up is from the swap I did with Genevieve Ko and other amazing Canadian demonstrators.  This one needed at least TWO layers, an embellishment and couldn't be made with a stamp set that was available in the new catalogue PREORDER (ie anything BUT preorder products).  I chose the Very Versailles set - $31 CDN plus s/h/gst, item 149275.
You'll notice the layout is the same as the Butterfly Wishes card above ... and I once again used Purple Posy as my layer colour, and Smoky Slate as another layer.  The sentiments are stamped in Smoky Slate and Basic Gray ... and used some of the Purple Posy scalloped ribbon under the sentiment.

The last two were for the cruise.  For both, "anything goes", but products had to be current.
Recognize the layout?  Yup - my "go-to" . Free as a bird is STILL in my top fave sets this year, despite using it a LOT and seeing SO many projects with it.  It's just that great!!  Item code 149468 and $30 CDN.  The paper is the Bird Ballad DSP, $15.75, item code 149592

My last project was also for the cruise ... one of the 3-D swaps.  I LOVE this one!  It's a little notecards and envelope holder - it holds 4 notecards and envelopes ...

 These are the notecards inside.
I used the Magnolia Lane Suite of products for everything - the stamp set, paper, ribbon ... all coordinate together - love that!

I'll be doing a live video in the near future on how to make this little holder.  I CASEd the layout from Patty Bennett.  I am starting a new "Check It Out Tuesday" live FB event ... ever Tuesday night at 7:00 pm Mountain Time.  Search Facebook for "Tamara's Paper Trail VIPs" and I'll add you to the group so you can "Check It Out".  I'll be making this project either this Tuesday or next ... we'll see how my time goes!  Its a fun, QUICK project and I'm pretty sure once you make one you'll make LOTS - they're kind of addicting!
 Petal Pink Organdy Ribbon - item 149411 - $11 CDN
 Magnolia Land DSP - Item 149484 - $15.75 CDN
Good Morning Magnolia Bundle - item 151087 - $87.25

So those are my projects for today (only took me 2 hours to finish this post, due to "using a new laptop" technical difficulties - ugh I have a love/hate relationship with getting new technology!).  So I'll leave it there for now!

If you live in Canada and would like to purchase and of the items shown ... or any other current catalogue items I would LOVE to be your demonstrator of choice.  You can shop my store and place your order here.  Orders under $200 that use the hostess code JGYA6YYA before July 30th will receive a thank you in the mail from me.

I'll leave you with my favourite picture from my trip.  This was in Oia, Santorini.  I just adore it ...
Thanks for popping in, I hope you having a FAB summer so far and have yourself a super stampy day!


Friday, June 28, 2019

Going, Going ....

Happy Friday!

Yes, I know I missed my post Sunday.  Yes,  I know today is Friday ... life has taken over the last few weeks and I'm dancing as fast as I can *lol*.

If you follow me on Facebook (I've said it before, I'll say it again .. you SHOULD follow me on FB - that's my first line of communication on all things stamping!  Check me out at "Tamara's Paper Trail" and "Tamara's Paper Trail VIPs" to stay in the loop!

My latest newsletter will bring you up to date.  Check it out here.  All the links you need to check out the catalogue, place an order and/or buy the starter kit (starting July 1) are in the newsletter.  Click the link over on the Right Hand Side to be ON my newsletter - I'd love to have you!

I'm copying and pasting the Starter Kit deal passage from the newsletter here, as it is TOO GOOD TO PASS UP ON!

You know how I'm always banging on about how great the Starter Kit deal is?  How I'm always trying to save you money on buying great products you want, at a discount?


That deal just got a WHOLE lot better.  Not kidding.

Staring July 1, when you buy the Starter Kit you get AN ADDITIONAL $40 in product in the kit for the same $135 price!!!  You get to pick out $205 in product that YOU WANT but you only pay $135 FLAT!!!  That means you are getting $70 in product for FREE! ... plus there is no shipping or GST on that $135, saving you another $31.78.  WHAAAAATTTT?  

What's that?  You don't think that's good enough?

HOW ABOUT A $30 PAPER PUMPKIN KIT THROWN IN AS WELL?? .. with no shipping or gst?

Sorry? You want MORE???  FINE!


That's insane, right??  But that's the deal!  Seriously!!

If you were to order $205 worth of product, plus a Paper Pumpkin kit, through me it would cost you $271.43.
When you order $205 worth of product through the STARTER KIT you only pay $135.

This deal is TOO good to pass up! Get the kit in July, save money in August (... which just HAPPENS to be the month we can pre-order from the HOLIDAY catalogue!!)

If you have bought the kit before you KNOW what a great deal it is ... and you KNOW there are no strings attached! ... and yes, you can absolutely buy it again if you have since "dropped".

With all the GREAT new products in the 2019 catalogue ... and all the new STORAGE products ... and the new IN COLOUR ITEMS you will be spoiled for choice for what to GET in your kit! 

The deal starts July 1 ... but I will be heading on holidays so get in touch we me before then with any questions. On July 1 you can order your kit through my link below.

This is an amazing deal My Friends. I hope you take advantage of it.  There truly is no catch and no downside!

Now ... I just thought I'd mention that I won't have posts for the next few weeks HERE, as I'll be on my epic trip of a lifetime!  HOWEVER, I AM scheduling posts on my Facebook pages for while I'm away.  All new cards and videos to show off some of the AWESOME products in the new catalogue.

I won't be posting FROM my holiday - no email and no internet.  Just what the doctor ordered!  I will share ALL the fabulous details when I get back.  Until then, enjoy YOUR summer, Happy Canada Day long weekend and have a super, stampy day!


Sunday, June 16, 2019

SOOOO much shopping!

Happy Sunday ... and Happy Father's Day!

What a beautiful day!  Twenty two degrees today - PERFECT!

So today I have not stamping projects to share with you!  Oh, I've BEEN stamping, I just can't SHARE yet!  I'm working on a total of 98 (yes 98) swaps that have to be done by the end of the week.  I have finished 46 of them so I'm getting there slowly but surely!  I actually love mass producing so I'm happy as a clam ... although it IS doing a number on my back!  On the "plus" side I'm chipping away and my 56 recorded Coronation Street episodes! *lol*

So today I'll just do a quick update on some of the fun from last week.

First up - I help my 2019 Catalogue Launch Class / Open House.  FUN, as always.  Of course I didn't take any pictures of the PRODUCTS, but of my friends and true blue supporters.  My business wouldn't be what it is without my friends and these three are three of the best!  Wanda, Claudine and Carolyn.  Cheers girls!
Next up ... my first baby isn't a baby any more!  Nope - Rebecca finally got behind the wheel of a car for the first time.  Craig took her out to the church parking lot for a few laps.  Next up, driver training!
I must confess ... MOST of last week was spent spending money.  Lots and lots of money!  Yikes!  I'm going to have to sell a LOT more stamp sets next month to pay for all the pretty new things I bought!

When I say I bought a whole new wardrobe I'm not kidding!  EVERYTHING is new ... underwear, bras, shoes, dresses, sorts, tops, jumpsuits ... even glasses and contacts!  Next week it's hair, pedicure, EYELASHES!  Seriously out of control ... but you know what?  I NEVER spend money on myself and I have the BEST husband in the world who doesn't say a thing against it ... in fact he says "you SHOULD!  You deserve to feel beautiful".  I am SO blessed to be his chosen one!

Here are a few of the things I bought ...
 Freaking LOVE this jumpsuit!

 These are some of the items I bought for the refugees in Greece.  Stampin' Up! always does a service project on these incentive trips and they have asked us to bring leggings, shoes, socks, underwear, colouring books, pencil crayons and crayons for all ages.  I'm thrilled to help out the cause.
 Dollarama anyone??  THIS purchase will make be VERY popular on the tours we go on.  Paper fold up fans.  6 for $1.25.  I plan to bring extras on the tours and give them to any of my friends who are melting in lineups!
Lastly, I FINALLY got around to mailing out my June birthday cards, some sympathy cards, some congratulations cards and some Think of You cards.  I HATE when I'm late but better late than never, right?
So this week I'll keep chipping away at my swaps and be the taxi for the girls.  They start exams this week and that means I'm pretty much driving all day, back and forth to the two different schools.  It's ok, though - I planned on that and am happy to have a bit of a break from work.

Well, Doodles isn't going to walk himself and I have to go visit Pa in a bit so off I go.  Whatever you get up to today I hope you get to spend time with your Dad, if you are blessed to still have him with you and/or nearby.  Have a great, stampy day!