Sunday, January 20, 2019

Christmas Card Catch Up!

Happy Sunday Friends!

Wow!  It feels GOOD to be here and get back on track!

When I look at the rare few posts I have made in the last few months I realize just how burned out and weighed down I was from the end of November until now!

Ya know ... a lot of people seem to think I have my act together, am organized and can "do it all".  They're wrong!  I am JUST as much of a hot mess as everyone else - just trying to hold everything together, making it to the end of the day in one piece and remembering to feed the family along the way! *lol*.  It has taken me over a month to try to learn to step back a bit and get a little more balance in my life!  It's a work in progress but I am slowly getting there.

I am TRYING to work less ... alas, I LOVE what I do so I REALLY have to focus on stepping away and putting Craig, the girls and ME first more often.  When you have a home-based business and you are a one-woman-show there is ALWAYS something to do or plan or schedule.  Making the distinction between what truly HAS to be done today and what I WANT to be done today is hard but I AM getting better at it ... and I HAVE been "stepping away" ... hence fewer blog and FB posts.

Now that I'm crawling out from under the pile of "must do"s and "wanting to do"s, I'm feeling more energized, organized and ready to dip my toes back into it all. 

My plan is to consistently do a blog post every Sunday morning.  Anything else is a bonus.  I've said it before, I'll say it again - if you want more samples, tips, promotions and timely "Tamara" you need to follow me on Facebook.  That is the quickest, easiest platform for me to share my crazy on.  Search for "Tamara's Paper Trail", like, follow, and "get notifications". That will keep you in the loop.

Thanks for you patience and for popping into my blog every now and then, despite my inconsistency!  Your support and loyalty mean the world to me!

OK - enough rambling!  Let's get to some projects, shall we?  This one is another catch up! I wanted to share with you most of the Christmas cards I got from friends this year. I say most, because I came across a few more in my cave the other day and realize I didn't take pictures and share them!  When I stumble across them again I'll be sure to share!

Now, for the sake of time I won't be listing the creators of these beauties - I DID share those on my Facebook posts earlier this month when I posted them there.  As always, if you have any questions about how the cards were made, what colours or what stamp sets etc, leave a comment and I'll get you the details.  So here we go ... these were most of the beautiful cards I received this year ....

 Aren't they lovely??  Every year I get more and more hand-made cards.  I think you guess how much I love THAT!

Now this year was a first for me with respect to ME sending cards out.  When did they hit the mailbox?  I think it was January 2nd!  Yup.  For the first time EVER I gave myself permission to send cards out late.  I had PLANNED to make pretty little cards using new products and have them NOT be Christmas themed ... alas, when I counted out the 100+ cards I wanted to send I realized I just couldn't make them anytime before, say, June so I gave myself even MORE of a break and decided to use up cards I had in my stash from years-gone-by!  It was a bit of an eye opener when I had exactly the 110 already-made cards in my box!  Hoard much? *lol*.

Here are the ones I send out this year ...

That ALMOST covers all the Christmas cards received and given for 2018.

One MORE Christmas project I want to share with you is the Wish List booklets I made for the girls.  Those who follow me know that every year, for about 11 years now, I have made these booklets.  The girls write what they WANT for Christmas (and, when they were young would leave them on the coffee table for Santa to review) and then, Boxing Day, I write in the back what they GOT, and from whom. It's one of my favourite traditions.  This year I made the booklets 2 days AFTER Christmas nut I got it done.  I wasn't ready to drop THIS project!  Here they are ...
I have another tradition that I started when Rebecca was born.  I had always wanted a Christmas tree with all hand-made ornaments on it so every Christmas I have made a new ornament for the tree.  I make at least three of that years design. One for Rebecca, one for Alicia and one for me.  The idea was (aside from ME having a memory-filled tree) for the girls to have a box of treasures to take when they move out to decorated THEIR trees with, once they leave home.  This year I didn't make one.  Oh, I still MAY at some point during the year but I just had to let it go this year.  The weight of everything was just too much and, on top of that, I caught the flu on Christmas Eve, FORCING me to rest.

I have learned a lot about balance and what is important over the last year ... and I'm getting my act together, albeit slowly.

So there is my Christmas Catch Up post for now.  I have new projects to share, which I will do for NEXT Sunday.  If I get on a roll I may post before then ... but I'm not putting any pressure on myself to do so.  Back to basics and having FUN!

Whatever you get up to today I hope it makes you happy.  Have a stampy day!


Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 Occasions Catalogue & Sale-a-brations Brochure!

Happy Thursday!

Woot!  The 2019 Occasions Catalogue is now LIVE!

For EVEY $60 you spend you get to pick a FREE Sale-a-brations items from the SAB brochure!

Message me your order or shop my on line store to have your order shipped directly to your door!

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Click on the catalogue images over on the right hand side to see the catalogues.

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Have a stampy day!


Monday, December 24, 2018

Polar bear in a snow storm

Happy Monday!  Happy Christmas Eve!

Whaaaatttt?  I seriously can't even belIEVE it's Christmas Eve!!!  I'm still not sure what happened to the first 24 days of December!

Everyone ready for the Big Day?  I THINK I am but quite honestly I'm just taking things one hour at a time!  This week feels like I've been trudging through thick molasses!  I had a cold last week for 2 days (anyone who knows me knows I don't GET sick so that really just pissed me off!).  I was better ... but then Saturday apparently the cold decided it WASN'T done with me and opted to settle in my chest.  Argh!  You know what I'm talkin' about - feels like there is a vice on your lungs, you cough and try to clear your throat but it hasn't broken yet so you really just end up with a sore throat and annoying everyone around you by making disgusting grunting noises *lol*.  Today is no better but I DO have a bit more energy.  That's good because it's "go time" around here.  Christmas dinner for 20 at my SIL's and I'm on ham, veg, buns and condiments duty so I'm heading over shortly to help set up ... and of course stop at the grocery store AGAIN, then home to help the kids finish off their 9 gifts and cards for relatives, bake edible treats for uncle and grandpa, make dessert for Christmas dinner at mom's tomorrow and get the ham in the oven.  All mom's out there know EXACTLY how it goes.  NO time for being sick!  Gunna chug some drugs and get on with it!

I just HAD to pop in to post one card that I whipped up in a matter of minutes Saturday night.  As you can see from the above, I'm scrambling this year - Christmas cards haven't even been sent out!  For a gal who LOVES sending cards this is a bit of a big deal!  Oh sure, I have some cards left over from previous years but send out the same card two years in a row?  InconCEIVABLE!  I needed a super quick card STAT!  Now, any demonstrators who were at the Convention in Orlando in November will "get" this card.  Dale Hampshire had us all in stitches with his "Polar Bear in a Snow Storm" card .. which was simply a white card base folded in half.  It was noted that now we would all end up mailing out blank cards (NOT great for a business that sells ink and rubber stamps! *lol*).  I took his idea one small step further and came up with this little piece of brilliance!
Bahahahahahahahaha!  I love it!

I made this one out of our notecards and envelopes, which are 5" x 3 1/2".  I cut a layer of 4 3/4" x 3 1/4", stamped the face from "Foxy Friends" and popped it up on dimensionals.  I then just headed to my computer, printed off a sheet of sentiments, trimmed them, used my paper snips to flag-end them and popped those up on dimensionals too.  BAM!  CRAZY quick, easy key-UTE card that everyone will love.

I made a larger version to mail to Dale and Carrie at SU Calgary office.  Of course you can jazz this up by using the Softly Falling embossing folder and I saw fellow demonstrator Janice Thomson use the face from Cookie Cutter Christmas for the faces - there are LOTS of options you can use!  If I lived in Arizona or Nevada I'd use a Crumb cake piece and have it as a Camel in a Sandstorm *lol*

So there you have it!  If you need a few more cards for events this week try this one out - if you're anything like me you need the time you'll save for 1,000 other things you need to get done!

I'd like to wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas.  I hope you have family and friends to spend time with this week.  Enjoy!


Saturday, December 15, 2018

Mini Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder / Treat Holder

Happy Saturday!

How's THAT for a nice, long title?

I don't have time to chat for long ... I have my team Christmas Stampin' Social in less than an hour and should probably finish setting up! *lol* (no, I'll never change!)

I wanted to post the video I made showing you how to make these ADORABLE little coffee cup gift card/treat holders (and the links to buy the cups and lids).

They are REALLY easy to make and pack a real "WOW" factor!

Here is the video (I had to laugh when I watched the replay as I mentioned you could fill the cups with cinnamon hearts ... for THANKSGIVING! lol .. ya, kinda meant Valentine's Day!)
Here are the links for the coffee cups and lids ...

Cups:  here
Lids:  here

Right!  I better fly.  That coffee isn't going to brew itself!

Have a FABULOUS, stampy day!


Saturday, December 8, 2018

Epic Project Catchup!

Happy Saturday!

Ahhhhhh Saturday ... and the first week of December gone.  You know what THAT means??  I get to start to relax a little!  Yes, while other moms around the world are getting busier than ever this is my "down time".  I have crossed the finish line!  Yes, I have a few small Christmas gifts tucked away for the family but no, I haven't given any SERIOUS thought to "the big gifts", or Christmas dinner, or baking, wrapping, parties ... and of the CHRISTMAS stuff.  My focus has been making it to Saturday, Dec 6th and I'm here and still upright!  Last night was my second last class of the year.  I have the same class again Monday morning but all I need to to do for that is tidy up from last night and make sure I have enough supplies cut for my Monday stampers.  The designing and prep for this year is DONE!  I have LOVED the last few months of crafting with some of the most amazing women I know but it is now time to breathe and get on with my favourite time of year.  Oh, you better believe I'll still be sending a few hours a day planning projects and classes for the new catalogue in the new year but I won't have the same time pressures as I do the rest of the year.  I have 3 weeks to do a LITTLE work and a LOT of fun and family.

So! I wanted to share a SWACK of project from Oct, Nov and Dec that I simply didn't have time to blog about!  If you follow me on Facebook (and you SHOULD!  Find me at "Tamara's Paper Trail") you will have seen all of these at some point.  Yes, I had PLANNED to give detailed instruction on all of them alas, blogging takes a LOT of time and THAT I just didn't have this fall.  If there are any projects you can't figure out and want help with recreating please don't hesitate to snd me a message and I'll help you out!  Oh!  On that note ... I don't know WHAT has happened on my blogger page but I can't ever reply to anyone who comments!  My reply goes into some sort of black hole, never to be sen again!  So know that I SEE your comments, I just can't REPLY to them.  ONE DAY I'll figure out what changed ... but not today *lol*.

So here we go ... my swack of projects for your viewing enjoyment ...

 LOVE this bow!!!

 CASEd from Mary Fish ...

 Yes, we can colour those sacks!

 My favourite card this year ...
 CASEd from another demo ... can't remember her name!  Sorry!
My 3" x 3" swap card for Convention ...
... pop 5 in a pizza box for a quick and easy gift!
 CASE'd from The Pampered Stamper ...
 CASE'd from Brian King ...
 Zipper Gift Card Holder (SO fun!)
Quick, easy notecard!
Winter Birthday Card!
 ... used home made shimmer spray ...

 Notecard size ...
 Mailable Desk Calendar (I did a video on this one ...)
Made this one last night - I DO plan to do a blog post on it this week ...

 So there you have it!  LOADS of inspiration in one post!

I'm sure you know by now the Year End Closeout Event is going on.  Holiday Catalogue items that are retiring are only while supplies last so don't wait to order them!  Many are discounted, too.  Check out my website here and Canadians can have items shipped directly to their door.  Be aware that delivery before Christmas is no longer guaranteed!  I find MY packages arrive within 7 business days but at this time of year it's a gamble for sure.  Get those orders in!  Anyone who uses the hostess code FKUEU7EF at the checkout will get at thank you in the mail from me.

Whatever you are up to today I truly hope you have a lovely, stampy day.  Me?  I'm take Daughter #1 skating with a friend ... and ya, I *may* be taking my Occasions Catalogue, pen, paper and calculator with me to plan a few classes while I wait ... 'cause I LOVE what I do and I do it whenever and wherever I can!

Happy Saturday Friends! xo