Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas Mailing Dates

Heidi Ho Stampers!  Hope you had a fun weekend and enjoyed that extra hour today.  I had an extra hour of organizing today!  I know, I'm not normal but I LOVE organizing so I had a great day!  The girls played (or should I say destroyed the house with every toy they have ever owned) and I "putzed".  We headed to the park for an hour - it was CRISP but sunny so I enjoyed it despite freezing my ears off!

OK - down to business!  No card to post today (although I did stamp today but just more of the same cards you have already seen) so I thought I'd save you the trouble of looking up your holiday mailing deadlines and post them for you.  Only 6 weeks until the big day so get those projects started and finished and pop 'em in the mail!!

Canada - Holiday Cards
Local Delivery - send by Dec 20
Within Province - send by Dec 17
Outside Province - send by Dec 16

Europe - for Letter Post - send by Nov 29 (Helen??  Are you paying attention?? - that's 3 weeks from now!!)
Asia, Australia, Central/South America, New Zealand, Middle East, Carribean - for Letter Post - send by Nov 29
Africa - for letter Post - send by Nov 22

Have a fun week!


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