Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dashing All The Way ...

Happy Thursday!

OK - I'm officially in the Christmas spirit!  I have 99.5% of my shopping done (just a few stocking stuffers for Craig to hunt down) - I even have the gift for the bus driver bought!  Hee hee - and I thought I wouldn't be done by the end of November (which is what I always strive for!)  I should know me better than that!  Sometimes I really do think I need therapy - I can't STAND having things hanging over me - like Christmas and birthday presents.  I seem to have some mortal fear of HAVING to go out at the last minute to buy a present.  I guess I went through that a few times when I was younger ... you know what I mean ... wandering in and out of stores looking for something ... ANYthing to buy for someone.  Not exactly what Christmas is all about!  I like to find gifts I know people would like not something bought out of obligation ...

... but I digress!  On with stamping!  I finally broke down and bought the little Dasher stamp ... what I was waiting for I DON'T know.  It's not like the PRICE was holding me back!  Seriously!  $10.95 for this little guy and it can be used to make such quick and cute projects!  Case in point ... my little gift card holder.  This took me 5 minutes to cut and put together.  It is the 3rd project we will be making at my Technique Class tomorrow night (let me know if you can come ... I only have room for 2 more stampers).

Thanks to Trish Miles (Queen Of All Things) for pointing out that you could use a Sharpie on the rhinestones to add color to them - never occurred to me!

Have a great daya and great weekend!  Stay warm out there!

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