Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ice Cream Parlour ... Take 2 ... and 3

Happy Thursday!

Hope your day is off to a good start :)  Gotta admit - I did so much crafting yesterday I'm in agony today!  My back and shoulders are KILLING me!  I just couldn't stay out of my craft room yesterday.  I don't know what it is but every card I've made lately just falls short of WOW for me.  Of course once I step away from it and look at it again later it seems "better" but I'm just struggling to be 100% happy with my cards.  Soooo - after I finished my quick and easy workshop card yesterday morning I decided I hated it.  I couldn't possibly make this card .. so I had another crack at it ...
... hmmm - this one only took me about 2 hours ... and I must have stamped the flower image at LEAST 6 times in slightly different places on the paper before I settled on this one.  Better ... but .... nope .... hated it ... tried again ...
Hmmm.  Better .... ish .... went to bed vowing to never stamp again (and I wonder where Alicia gets her drama from ...).  Woke up this morning and decided it was nice.  What am I expecting from a quick and simple card??!!  It's simple, it's clean, it's cute, it's quick.  Has all the ingredients for a workshop card.  It stays.  No more for this one!  (plus I'm starting to run out of the buttons and won't have enough for the party if I don't stop!!)

Right - I have now decided on the 3 cards for the party this weekend ... and the one for next Saturday ... and the cards for the Stamp-a-stack ... and 2 of the 3 projects for my Friday technique class ... now I just need a technique ... masking?  black magic?  .... yep - another tough day being me ...

Have a good day!  Tune in soon to see which technique I settle on (and the 15 cards it will likely take for me to be happy with the end result!)

Tam (aka - the neurotic stamper!)

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