Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Colour Pennants

Is it over yet?  Is it Wednesday?  No?  1 more day?  1 more day.  Phew - almost there.  Today was a long one.  I helped out at "Games Day" at school.  Who knew 350 kids could wipe me out so badly!  ... then again, waking at 4:00 am and not going back to sleep probably didn't help either *lol*

Well - the end is in sight - tomorrow at this time school will officially be over.  2 months of staying in bed until 8:00 am, no lunches, spray parks, playdates and general frollicking (ok - so I don't know how to spell frollicking ... not sure I remember how to DO frollicking ... but I digress ... as usual ...)

Instead of napping like I wanted to I made cards (insert smile here).  I'll share one today and one tomorrow ... my bed calls ... yes I know it's only 8:05 pm but it calls nevertheless ...

... digressing again ...

Here's the card:
This is my "Thank You" for my club members this month.  Not a "normal" card - I just wanted to show them the new In Colour colours.  The new pennant punch made them quick and easy.  I cracked off 16 in an hour.  I also used the Swirls and Curls Verses hostess set from the mini.  A fun little card :)

Come back tomorrow for a peek at the sympathy card I made for Craig's family.  His cousin Todd passed away a few weeks ago but with the mail strike on the cards haven't been sent yet.  Tomorrow.

Have a fun night :)


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