Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Happy Wednesday :)

Phew - I don't know what hurts more - my shoulders from Boot Camp yesterday or my ass from the 5 mile bike ride today!!  Yes, the never-ending search for health continues!

Soooo - given that I spent time 2 days ago making cards with my Button Buddies set, as of last night I still had four birthday cards to get out this week.  Down to my craft room I went.  Well, imagine my surprise when a mere 5 minute later I had come up with a card for my BFF that I absolutely LOVE!  Of course I couldn't actually be HAPPY with it 5 minutes later ... I had to spend them next HOUR trying to improve on it before convincing myself it was perfect just the way it was ... once again I say "It's hard being me"   :)

When I saw this BFF set in the new catalogue I knew I had to have it to make a card for my BFF, Marianne.  I wasn't sure what I was going to DO with it, but I had to have it.  I got downstairs and just stared at the stamps.  At first I thought embossing was the way to go.  Then I figured a vintage look - maybe with Vanilla, Espresso and some lace ribbon.  Hmmm ... I quickly settled on Cherry Cobbler for the "BFF".  That color just screams "Marianne" to me.  She loves red and looks great wearing it.  I decided on Whisper White rather than Vanilla - it is much crisper and "fits" Marianne better than Vanilla.  I played around with the other neutrals - Crumb Cake, River Rock, Espresso ... I think I nailed it with Sahara Sand.  OK - I loved the color combo.  Now ... what to do with them.  Like I said, 5 minutes later I came up with this:
I just love it.  It is absolutely "Marianne".  Crisp, elegant, uncomplicated.  Perfect.  The rhinestones added the perfect bling to add just a little "more" without being overdone.

Now - as I said - I spent about an hour making sure this was the perfect combo.  I embossed the BFF using the new Cherry Cobbler embossing powder.  It looked great ... but not quite right.  I tried using Sahara Sand Craft Ink with Clear embossing powder along with the embossed Cherry Cobbler BFF.  Nope - too much.  I tired every other combination of embossing and non embossing ... I played with a tiny Cherry Cobbler punched heart in 19 different positions on the card.  Nope - wrong feel.  In the end I stopped trying so hard and settled on this one.

Marianne is truly my Best Friend Forever.  She is the most beautiful person I know.  She is my biggest cheerleader, my biggest inspiration, my "safe" place to turn.  She ALWAYS has my back, she never judges me, she gives me a hug when I need one and a kick in the head when I need that too.  She would get me the moon if I asked her to and truly knows me.  She understands me, my hangups, my fears and my insecurities.  She also knows my strengths, my dreams and my heart.  She is my voice of reason and my security blanket.  She is the person I would choose to be my sister if I could.  I can't, so I choose her to be my BFF - My Best Friend Forever.  I can't imagine going through this journey of life without her.  Together we are better than either of us could possibly be apart.  Do you think this card captures all that?  I hope so.  Happy Birthday My Friend.  I love you <3

Have a great day.  Why not send your BFF a card?  I'm going to :)


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