Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday Calendars

Heido Ho Stampers :)

Have I mentioned lately I LOVE STAMPING???  It was pretty hot in the house this evening - we had a quick and easy dinner - the girls headed off to play Barbies so I headed down to the cool basement to stamp.  YAY!  Usually I'm either too tired, don't have enough time to finish what I start or my creativity is in the toilet.  Tonight was FUN :)  I wanted to go down and play with some of my new toys to make a bunch of birthday cards ... I have four friends with birthday next week.  Alas my new Button Buddies set was screaming out to me so the birthday cards still aren't started BUT in 2 hours I cracked off 6 adorable little 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" All Occasions Cards.  I feel a class coming on :)  Now that I have your attention ... I'm not gunna show 'em to you yet - aren't I evil?  It's getting dark and my photography skills are average at the best of times (and with the best of lighting) so I'll take pictures of them tomorrow and post them soon (I'm off to Boot Camp in the morning and Jurasic Park with the family in the afternoon ...).

HOWEVER!  I DID take pictures of a project I've been working on for 1 1/2 years (yes ... years).  Last week I tried REALLY hard to finish them.  I had made a SU Birthday Calendar way back then but wasn't 100% happy with all 12 pages so I redid it.  I'm getting closer to being 100% happy ... I still have one page left to do.  April.  April is a hard one.  Should I go with "April Showers" theme ... or Easter ... but Easter isn't always in April ... these are the things that keep me up at night.  Yes ... I know ... I should seek therapy.  I think I have settled on just using my favorite swirls for the missing page.  Maybe I'll do that tonight - of course I have to decide on the swirls from Baroque Motifs or the swirls from Priceless or the Bliss flourish ... see?  It's hard being me.  What?  Shut up and get to the project?  OK.  Here it is :)

I love these calendars to keep track of whose birthday is when.  What I TRY to do is on the 1st of every month I check out who is having a birthday, anniversary or special day then make the necessary number of cards, sign them, address them and even put a stamp on them so they are ready to go in the mail on time.  Sometimes it works.  Sometimes not.  Regardless, these calendars are darned cute and make a great gift!

Right - I'm off to check on the girls ... it's a little too quiet for my comfort ...

Have a fun night :)


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  1. Okay - now you've motivated me (and inspirted me) to get this exact same project done which I've had in the makings for about as long as you!!! Go figure. :)
    Thanks Tam.