Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's a Wrap!

OMG - you guys HAVE to buy these stamp sets!!!!  There are two - It's a Wrap, which is in the current Idea Book and Catalogue, and It's a Wrap Holiday, which isn't available until September 1st in the holidy mini catalogue.  These sets makes gift giving quick, easy and FUN!!!  Look what I whipped up in EXACTLY 30 minutes:
What are they?  They are 100 Swiss Delice chocolates (bought at Costco - only available at the 50th Street store at the moment) that are wrapped with one of the images from It's a Wrap.  I stamped the image on Avery Labels and stuck 'em to the candy.  It's as easy as that!!  The 30 minutes it took to make 100 OF THESE included the time to count out the candies, stamp the images and stick them to the chocolates.  30 MINUTES!!!  It was so much fun to actually start and FINISH a large project like this in 30 minutes.  I am now ready to take these to school for Day 1 and leave them in the Staff Room for the teachers and assistants to help them make it through the day :)  My plan is to make another 100 for Halloween ... and for Thanksgiving ... and Christmas ... and Valentines Day ... and I'll probably have done them all by Thursday - I LOVE this project!!!  Here is a close up:
Do you know of anyone getting married or having a baby any time soon?  These would be PERFECT to make for the showers, thank you's and/or tables!!!  Honestly - these sets are a MUST!!!

Have a fun day :)


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  1. FYI - Read the Legal Update on Candy Wrapping on the SU website - it doesn't say anything about these chocolates, but it does about the Hershey ones. There isn't a problem - cause they made the stamp for this purpose - but it has to do with the presence of peanut oil & such.
    Labels sure do make this a lickity split job!!!