Thursday, August 25, 2011


HAAAAAAAAAA - I crack me up.  My husband calls me "quirky" ... I usually have to agree.  He marvels at how I will START to do one "thing" but 6 hours later I may or may NOT have even started that "thing".  What is certain, though, is that I will have started (but likely not completed) about 6 other "things".  You guys know what I'm talking about, don't you??  There is an e-mail that floats around from time to time along the same lines ... a woman says she's going to bed ... on the way up the stairs she picks up this, puts away that, and so on and so on and 45 minutes later she finally MAKES it to bed.  That's me.  Every day.  That's me.  Can't seem to do anything from start to finish in one sitting.

Case in point.  Today I had a mission.  Go down and make a "Happy First Day of School" card for the girls.  Seems simple enough, right?  You would think so.  As I tried to step over the pile of toys the children were playing with they spotted me and  hoodwinked me into helping them assemble their Marble Race thingy.  OK.  20 minutes later - oh - I should go start the dinner.  Right.  Done.  Back to the craft room.  I get comfortably seated ... I can't see the top of my desk thanks to the creative mess I made yesterday.  Right.  Half an hour later I strike desk top.  Ooooo - look .... my new Christmas stamp set that is begging to be assembled.  Check.  Ooooo - Christmas ... I love Christmas!!  Gasp!  Oh!  Look - my new Stocking Big Shot Die ... isn't it pretty?  It looks so sad sitting there still in it's packaging.  Gasp again!  Oh!  I wonder if this stocking would fit on a card??!!  Oh - no - too big ... right ... focus Tamara ... First Day of School Card ... Oh!  Look - there is my other new Holiday set - it's assembled ... but it looks so sad never having had ink touch it's lovely rubber.  Oh alright - I'll make a SUPER quick Halloween card with it for an upcoming 6-year old's birthday party.  (notice how I somehow switched from Christmas to Halloween??!)  Hmm ... well I like the color and paper layout but no ... the stamp set isn't quite right - oh ... I'll dig out all my OLD Halloween sets and forget this new one ...

It's hard being me ... actually I should probably change my catch phrase to "it's hard being a train of thought in me"

ANYWAY ... now that you are all probably looking up the phone number to some sort of mental health clinic that can help me .... here is what I came up with three ... yes THREE hours later ...
ROTFLMAO!!!  Ahhh - yes, I crack me up.  Am I the only one out there who sets out to make a First Day of School card and ends up with a Halloween card?  The part that really makes me laugh is I DON'T EVEN SEND HALLOWEEN CARDS!!!!!!!!  HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  It's just so damned ironic it's rediculous.  Seriously.  I think I need help - been sniffin' that Staz-On too much lately!!!

So - about this non-school-related work of art :)

I used my Batty for You stamp set - the sentiment is from a new set in the Holiday Mini called Perfectly Penned (LOVE it!!!)  I used Old Olive, Rich Razzleberry (the PERFECT Halloween purple!!) and Peach Parfait (go figure!).  I topped it off with 2 Black Glimmer brads for a little bling.

So ... that's it for today.   Happy stamping ... whether it's a back-to-school project or a Halloween project ... let's try to stay focused people!!

(oh - and tune in tomorrow'ish for a look at my Club Member Thank You gifts ... I couldn't really post it here before they get to see them!)

Have a fun night :)


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