Monday, December 5, 2011

Mailing Deadlines

OK ... so it's a boring post ... but it's an IMPORTANT post!  I thought I'd share with you all the Canadian mailing deadlines (TOLD you it was boring!)

Regular PArcel - Dec 12 (that's next Monday!!)
Xpresspost - Dec 21
Priority Next a.m. - Dec 22

Out of Province - Dec 15 (that's a week from Thursday!!!)
Within Province - Dec 16
Local Delivery - Dec 19

To the USA:
Xpresspost - Dec 16
Priority Worldwide - Dec 20
Cards - Dec 13 (a week from tomorrow!!)

Air Parcel - Nov 22 - 29 (oops - missed the deadline on that one!)
Xpresspost - Dec 1 -6
Priority Worldwide - Dec 15 - 17
Cards - Nov 22 - 29.  REALLY??!!  Oops again! 

I guess I should get with the program and DESIGN my Christmas cards ... and then MAKE them ... and the ADDRESS and SIGN them ... and then MAIL them.  Oh poop.  The rush is on.  Oh well - gives me a reason to get up tomorrow *lol*

Right.  I DO have a cute cards to show you .... but the camera is downstairs ... and I'm upstairs ... and I don't wanna go get it ... so you'll have to come back tomorrow.  Chances are pretty good I will post it while procrastinating on design the above mentioned Christmas cards!!  hee hee .... I SO know how I operate!

Speaking of operating ... thanks to those who were thinking of me Friday as I had my right boob sliced open.  I TRIED to put on my Big Girl Panties but MAN I was bricking it!!  Craig went with me but they wouldn't let him stay.  The nurse held my hand (literally!) as I flat out told her I was quite nervous about the whole thing.  I was THRILLED, though, to hear that Dr. Dabbs (the boob specialist) was the TOP SURGEON IN CANADA last year!  WOW!  That helped calm me down a bit - if you HAVE to have your boob sliced open it's nice to know you're in good hands .... then again, I DID wonder why she didn't win the award THIS year??!!  (yes, Marianne, I do think like that even when under stress!).

The procedure was a lot more involved than I thought it would be.  I picture a small incision, some sort of long tool being slid in, it snipping off part of my body and then coming out, 1 stitch and Wa-low!  Done.  No.  Not that simple.  At least I don't think it was ... I couldn't look.  The whole idea of being AWAKE while being cut open just doesn't sit well with me - let alone WATCHING them do it.  I do know that I could smell the burnt hair smell when they cut me open and it took about 20 minutes ... 4 or 5 stitches and a lot of blood ... well, a lot by my standards.  The freezing lasted quite a few hours.  She gave me Tylenol 3 for later ... that worried me .. I didn't think I would need it.  I had some of my friends over for Craft Night and overdid it a little punching out snowflakes from the glimmer paper (yes, they tried to stop me but I'm a stubborn donkey sometimes!)  I did take a Tylenol 3 about half an hour before class ended ... I was stoned shortly thereafter :)  I'm such a light weight!

Since then it hasn't been too bad - I get the odd stabbing pain here and there.  It's very isolated and short lived, though.  Not at all as bad as I feared it would be.  I'm to call in 10 days for the results.  THAT I'm not worried about - I'm quite certain it is just fibrous matter.

So there you have it - a lot about nothing today.  Come back tomorrow - I'll share my card with you!


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