Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One More Christmas Craft


I hope you had a FABULOUS day, week ... and month!  I for one do NOT want December to end.  This has truly been the most relaxing Christmas Season I have ever had and I just don't want to get back to the usual reality and day-to-day grind.  I have had SO much fun crafting and playing.  I hope you have too! 

How relaxed was I on Christmas Eve?  Well, we were having 21 people over for an Open House aroun1:00 p.m.  Everything was prepped and ready to go by 11:30 sooooo ... what else is a gal to do but head down to the craft room and squeeze one more craft in!  *lol*  WAY back in AUGUST, when I saw the new Holiday Mini catalogue the only craft I had planned to do was to make little stockings with the Girls.  We were going to make tree decorations with them and place markers for the Christmas table.  So here it was Christmas Eve and the one craft I HADN'T made was the stockings.  *lol*  Half an hour later this is what I had:

I swear I could make 100 more of these - I just LOVE them!!  They come together so quickly (with the help of a hot glue gun)!  The only tricky part is getting the names spaced properly!  I used some glitter glue I bought last year but the new Cherry Cobbler Dazzling Details would look fabulous too!  I made these ones out of felt - they also work well with fun foam.  Next year I plan to make more for the tree.  TOO cute!

Soooo - that wraps up the Christmas Crafting season!  Thank Goodness!  I'm not gunna lie - I am now officially sick to deal of my Christmas stamp sets and colors.  Bring on Valentine's Day and Easter I say!  Heck ... how about a good old-fashioned Birthday Card??!!  Oh ya - I am ITCHING to ink up all my new stamp sets.  I had planned to get at them yesterday but instead I ended up reconfiguring my craft room.  OMG I thought my head was going to explode!  Michael's had the best Boxing Day special on their storage items.  50% off PLUS an additional 25% off.  WELL!  I had been thinking of getting their storage pieces for year now but it just never happend.  Coincidentally, last week Craig (the best husband on the planet "TBHOTP") had offered to make new legs for my crafting table.  You see I have a great craft table TOP but the legs were made of cardboard.  Very sturdy and strong but a waste of prime realestate.  Craig wanted to make legs with shelves, drawers etc to help me control the chaos in my room.  Whilst I greatly appreciated his offer when I saw the sale I said "thanks but no thanks" - buying the ready-to-assemble ones would be cheaper and faster and, as I think most of you know by now, I am NOT a patient gal.  So ... 7:30 a.m. off I trot to Michaels.  I scored 4 storage units and was out before the Boxing Day nightmare began all proud of myself and excited to get home a start organizing.  ... and then, about 3 blocks from home I realized that I didn't need 4 units - I needed 8!  I only bought enough for the FRONT two legs of my desk.  DOH!  Stupid Head!  I already had 2 other units at home from a few years ago so I technically only had to buy 2 more.  Good thing - although I loved getting them for $15 instead of $40 each another 4 would really jack up the cost of this little project.  Grrrr - yep, I had to go back.  It wasn't too bad going and getting parked - it was the getting OUT that took forever!  By the time I got home just after 11:00 am (a mere 4 hours after I started my little "pop out to the store") I was home and ready to roll.  Craig assembled the pieces for me while I shoveled out my room.  It was all set up and ready to organize an hour later.  We took a break to go skating.  It was +4 degrees outside - NOT the kind of weather to be inside on so off we went to St. Albert for a little fresh air and fun.
We had a great time ... well, until each of the girls had a good and proper fall ... then the fun was over, the tears started (and didn't stop for about an hour!) and the Christmas over-excitement, under-slept, over-sugared "fun" began.  Home we went.  Craig grabbed some McDonald's for dinner (yes, the healthy eating continues!) and all was well.  I was happy as a little pig in poop for the next 3 hours.  Craig just laughed at me each time I popped my head out of my room - I just had the biggest, dumbest grin on my face.  I was truly in my glory!  I still have to sort my 12 x 12 paper and properly go through all my forms, printed material and so on but the majority of it is done.  Now I can play!!!  I'll take some pics later and post them.  Right now I gotta go drink some coffee.  All this relaxation is making me tired!

Have a FUN day!!


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