Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snow Much Fun

Happy Tuesday!!

Well, here I am ... blogging ... not designing Christmas cards *lol*.  I tell ya, I NEVER get as much done as I do when I'm procrastinating on something.  I remember when I was in University ... the ONLY time I ever decided the apartment HAD to be cleaned top to bottom (including drawers and cupboards) was just before exam week.  Heaven forbid they go 7 more days in that state of chaos!  Today has been much the same.  I think in my mind I tell myself that crafting is my "treat" - and only to be enjoyed once I have finished my chores.  Of course, as all us gals KNOW, those chores NEVER get done!  Regardless I got a LOT done today .. and none of it was planned.  I'm sure you have all had these kind of days ... stay with me here ...

... I have a busy day tomorrow.  I have a million errands to run ... deliveries to make ... stamp sets to pick up ... items to return .. Christmas gifts to drop off ... the list goes on and on.  I need to be organized because I am going out for dinner with my High School Best Friend tonight.  She is a Kindergarten teacher and she has bought a Little People Castle off me (I'm trying to do the pre-Christmas purge!).  SO!  I started the day off with a bang.  I dropped the kids off at school then came home and decided to get organized for meeting Lisa and tomorrows acitivities.  First thing to do:  go to the basement and get the Pink Castle.  While there I should also get the Noah's Ark and the Pirate ship that I have to deliver to Helen tomorrow.  Castle.  Check.  Ark.  Check.  Ship.  Check.  So far so good.   Now.  I need to get all the pieces, people and accessories that go with each toy.  Right.  Back up 2 flights of stairs to the computer to Google pictures of the sets.  Check.  Back down 2 flights of stairs to the toys.  Find the 4 buckets of Little People toys ... spend 15 minutes getting them out from under the other 12 buckets of toys (because of COURSE they were onthe bottom).  Got the buckets.  Find the toys.  Found all but one piece to each toy.  Back up 1 flight of stairs to get Ziplock bags for the toys.  Back downstairs to put the toys in the bags.  Forgot the pictures upstairs.  Back upstairs for the pictures.  Back dowstairs to the toys.  Right.  Where is the cannon ball.  Only 5 minutes in the storage room and I found it in the Dora bucket.  Still missing the poop deck, the purple chair and the treasure map.  2 more minutes ... found the treasure map.  WHERE is the purple chair?  I've moved it about 15 times in the last 2 months.  Up 1 flight of stairs to the Playdoh boxes.  Nope not in there.  It must be in the playroom (insert spooky, doom and gloom music here!).  In I go.  Woo Hoo!  3 minutes in and I found the purple chair.  Score!  Hmm ,.... missing the bed to the castle.  Back to the basement - score!  In the right bucket ... just missed it the first time.  Right - take the castle and the completed bag of accessories to the truck.  Oh!  I have to drop off another item to Roxanne tomorrow - grab the item, take it to the truck so I don't forget it.  Oh!  I need to take Grandpa B the toys "he" bought my girls.  Find the toys.  Check.  Put them in a bag.  Check.  Now, where is the receipt so I know how much he owes me.  Grr.  Receipt is upstairs in the "bills-to-be-paid" box.  5 minutes later - not in the box.  Down the stairs to my purse.  Nope not in the purse.  MUST be in the box.  Back upstairs.  Yep - in the box.  Put receipt in my purse so I remember the amount tomorrow.  Take the presents to the truck.  Now ... tired of this game ... let's call some customers to try to book some stamping parties ... in MARCH!!  ('cause THAT'S of burning importance at the moment!)  2 phone calls and 1 party later ... back to finding the poop deck.  There is only 1 place it can be.  The playroom (insert music again).  In ! go.  3 hours later EVERY SINGLE doll, toy, stuffy, outfit, shoe and figurine is in their proper, labelled container.  Phew.  That's job has been hanging over me for 3 weeks.  Done.  Yay!  It wasn't even on my to-do list!  Oh!  That reminds me ... the whole reason for being IN there was to find the damned poop deck ... and I didn't find it!  Oh!  I know where it is!  On the shelf in front of me - in the Diego bucket!  Of course!  There it is.  Down the stairs, in the bag - bag to the truck.

Sooo - sound familiar?  By 1:30 I had accomplished quite a lot.  Had a bite to eat and then the lovely Wanda came over bearing coffee, a card and a gift - what a great way to top off a great morning!  Off to get the kids and then make dinner for the family so I can go out with Lisa.  I THINK I'm ready for tomorrow.  If not ... oh well, at least I have a clean playroom!

Right - enough rambling ... I will now show you the card I made for Lisa's birthday (as it appears there is now NO chance I will go design those Christmas cards *lol*).  Lisa loves snowmen so I thought I would break open my new Snow Much Fun set and make her birthday card with it. 
Isn't her cute?  I cased the card from Dawn Griffith (dawnsstampingthoughts.typepad.com).  I used Very Vanilla, Cherry Cobbler CS, Night of Navy DSP and Vellum cs.  I stamped the snowman in bakc staz-on then flipped him over and "colored" him using my stylus to get his body and head white.  Flipped him back and used my blender pen with the Night of Navey, Cherry cobbler and Pumpkin Pie inks for the rest of his body. I tape the velum using snail just on the snowman image so the tape doesn't show through the velum.  I sued 3 pearls and the Very Vanilla Satin ribbon.  The sentiment is punched out using the Modern label punch and popped up with dimensionals.  There you have it!  A winter birthday card for a dear, true friend.

That's it for today ... hope it was worth reading through my gong-show of a day to get to the project *lol*.  I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings :)

Have a fun day - thanks for popping by :)


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