Friday, December 9, 2011

Snowman Ornaments


Don't you just LOVE when you wake up, have NO idea what day it is and then as you "come to" a little more you realize it's FRIDAY??!!  That happened to me this morning - woo hoo!  (mind you, I LOVE Mondays so it wouldn't have mattered much if I was wrong but it was just great knowing that the weekend is upon us!)

I'm ckind of floundering today.  I don't have any major projects hanging over me ... well, ok, I STILL have this Christmas Cards but HEY!  it's ONLY Dec 9th .... I have a few days before it becomes top priority, right?

What I DID manage to work on was these little guys - AREN'T THEY JUST THE CUTEST THINGS EVER??!!!  Hee hee - they just make me giggle every time I look at them:

They are SO quick and easy to make!  In fact the girls made a bunch for family in about 10 minutes.  MY kind of craft!!  I got the idea when I visited a friend for coffee on Wednesday (hi Rox!).  She had ornaments like these on a decoarative tree she has in her foyer.  She bought them at Superstore.  Well! I fell in LOVE with them and knew in an instant I could make them at home ... AND use up the 6 boxes of glass ornaments I had in my craft closet from last year.  Just the day before I had pulled them all out and was trying to figure out what to make with them.  Here they are!  You fill the balls about half way with the Mica Flakes (or any other fake snow-type product), grab a pipecleaner, some pom poms and a glue gun and glue the pieces on.  I then took a small orange pom pom and trimmed it in a triangle for the nose (gotta be careful not to cut too deep of the pom pom falls apart).  Grab your black Sharpie, draw on the eyes and mouth and Wa-low!  The cutest, fastest, easiest way to use up those glass balls ever!!

Hmm ... now what.  Clean?  Shower?  Prep dinner?  Paper work?  Ahhh - the options are endless :)

Have a fun weekend - I'll post another project soon!


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