Friday, January 6, 2012

Framelit Dies

Happy Friday!!!  Everyone ready for the weekend??!!  I would say "yes" but to be brutally honest I'm counting down the minutes until Monday morning ... when the children go back to school.  Wow.  Days like today I totally understand why some animals eat their young. I'm thinking the animal kingdom has an equivalent to Christmas break!  I have accomplished NUTHIN this week - they are bored, I am grumpy.  Do I sound horrible ... or normal?  *lol*  Seriously - I have enjoyed not getting up at any given time, NOT making lunches or having a schedule but I am ITCHING to get back into a routine!  Just a quick post today as I have to put the little Angels to bed.

When I first got my hands on the new Occasions mini catalogue (back in November!!!) I was trying to figure out the new Framelit Dies on page 6.  I couldn't quite wrap my head around them or how they worked .. or why I needed them.  So of course I did what most stamping addicts do and ordered them!  Well ... they arrived - I unpacked them - looked at them ... scanned the instructions ... and put them back in the package.  I'm not a patient gal.  READ the instructions?!  Hell no!  Off to my computer to find a video on how to use them.  Lucky for you I'm impatient!  Here is a video tutorial from the experts at Stampin' Up!

FUN!  Now I just have to get downstairs to try it out!

Have a fun weekend - tune in again to see what I come up with ... once the kids are back in school!


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