Thursday, January 12, 2012

Third Time's the Charm ...

Happy Thursday!  Ack!  Where did the week go??!!

Well!  Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE MAKING CARDS???!!!  I do!  I had a VERY, VERY, VERY bad morning yesterday.  Let's just say if I could have run away to hide I would have.  One of those days where you not only do you not WANT to be the mom but you totally sucked at being the mom.  I had what I call a "Bad Mommy Moment".  The morning was hell.  Fast forward 12 hours to 8:00 pm.  Craig knew that there was a very good chance I would go postal if I didn't get some alone time in my craft room so he took over the night time routine and kicked me downstairs.  I had the BEST 2 hours of crafting EVER!!!  I forgot all my troubles and got lost in paper, ink and toys.  Each card just kept getting better and better and better.  My last card is one of this "OMG I LOVE IT!" cards.  Having said that, you'll have to come back to see that one as I should technically be in the car picking up the children as I type ... but hey ... they won't leave without me ;)

Right - 3 quickies starting with my least favorite.  I was on a mission to use the new ribbon that you can pick for FREE with the upcoming Sale-a-brations promotion.  Here was my first attempt (oh ... and I was also on a mission to make a "simple" card ...)
I wanted to use the new "Mixed Bunch" set and the new Adorning Accents embossing folders.  Nope.  Doesn't do it for me.  I've tried tweaking it but I'm not lovin' it.

Here was my next attempt:
Hmm.  It's ok.  Doesn't blow my hair back.  I did like using the Cherry scented embossing powder though.

Ahhhh - third time IS the charm.  I LOVE this card for a variety of reasons.  1)  It's SIMPLE!!  (Tamye, Tamye - I made one!!)  2) I came up with it all by myself (i.e. I didn't copy someone elses layout!) and 3) it uses all THREE of the free sAB items you get when you have a party of $525 or more.  It's the PERFECT HOSTESS PARTY CARD!!!  Lookie:
Right - I think the "recipes" for these are fairly straight forward and I don't have time to type them out anyway (children are out in 4 minutes!!!) so if you have any questions drop me a line ...

Have an inspired day!!


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