Friday, June 8, 2012

Betsy's Bloom

Happy Friday!  Woo Hoo!  We made it through another week ... 2 1/2 left until the kids are off school ... wait a minute ... that means I have them 24/7 .... for 8 weeks ... oh dear ... better come up with a game plan to keep us busy ... oh ... wait!  I already HAVE a game plan.  Yep.  Super Mom here.  Got it allllllllll figured out.  We're gunna have a "Phineas and Ferb Summer".  Now those of you who don't have children aged 4 - 10 may not know about Phineas and Ferb ... so I'll tell you.  They are characters created by Disney and they have a show.  These two step-brothers have 104 days of summer vacation and they don't want to waste a minute of it so each day they come up with some elaborate plan for the day - they invent a time travel machine, or build a roller coaster, or some such thing.  Of course MY plans won't involve that much brain power but I'm trying to get the girls into my way of thinking and not waste their summer (they would happily watch TV or game or use the computer all day every day!)  So ... I have been faithfully surfing through Pinterest and coming up with LOTS of crafts, games and projects to do.  Some will be more exciting than other - one day we are going to build a robot ... have no idea how or out of what but that's what we're gunna do.  Another day we're just going to make sidewalk paint and paint the driveway.  Another day we're going to make some sock puppets and a puppet theatre and put on a show ... and so on.  THEN - each afternoon when it's hot hot hot outside (and Mommy needs a nap!)  we'll head to the basement where we will all make a page for our scrapbooks.  Each of us picked out one of the 8x8 scrap albums that are/were in the Clearance Rack ... the girls have already created a cover pages ... and each day we will make a page by drawing a picture of what we did and journaling about it (I'll take photos for mine).  At the end of the summer we'll have a GREAT keepsake showing off what fun we had.  Cool eh?  The girls can't wait to get started (little do they know half the days will be things like "go to the park" ... "go for a bike ride" ... things we do ANYWAY!  ... hee hee - those will be on the days Mommy's too tired to be too crafty!)

Sooo ... tonight is my Technique Class.  In true Tamara form I started cutting the paper at lunch time ... and was still undecided on my 3rd project.  I was thinking of doing the Christmas card I posted the other day but I really didn't want to have two cards using Hostess sets (I'm also doing the "Happy Birthday with a Cherry on Top" card) ... so ... off to Stampin' Connection I went.  For you non-demonstrators who are reading this, Stampin' Up! has a website exclusive to demonstrators whereby demos can upload pictures of projects/cards they have made.  It's a FABULOUS resource ... and yet another great reason to be a demonstrator!  You have hundreds of THOUSANDS of samples that all use Stampin' Up products.  You can type in the name of a stamp set and Wa-low!  You have TONS of cards to get inspirations from.  That's what happened today.  I was looking for inspiration using the Betsy's Bloom stamp set.  I have wanted to like this set but so far hadn't stumbled across any cards that blew my hair back ... until today.  I fell in LOVE with this card made by Janet Hill:
So I had to copy it.  Here is my version:
I LOVE it!  I love Janet's colors and layout and I love the simplicity of my version.  It's clean and pops.  Yay!  That's my third card sorted.  Thank for sharing, Janet!

Right - guess I should go get the kiddles now ... have a fabulous weekend everyone ... and a stampy day :)


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