Monday, June 25, 2012

Teacher Thank You

Happy Monday!

ARH!  Can someone please press pause on the clock??!!  I need a few more days this week to get everything done that I want/need to get done!  Today I WANTED to make my club-girl gifts, make my Teacher Thank You cards, make a few special treats for some good friends, finish making my Stamp-a-stack left-over templates (and clean up the disaster area), send my ribbon-share e-mail out, sign up Koda for Doggie Day Care and a swack of other odds and ends.  What I ACTUALLY did today was take Koda to the vet, took a shower, went to the chiropractor, did a little impromptu shopping (shhhhh ...) and then entire house cleaning.  I did NOTHING that I actually needed to!  Yes, tomorrow is another day .. but it is also the last full day I have at home WITHOUT THE CHILDREN!!!  Yes, in theory I could do all those things tomorrow I wanted to do today but ... just to throw a wrench into the works, Craig is on holidays this week.  He scheduled his car to go in for an oil change/tune up so that means we are on the road bright and early.  The up side is we are heading to Ikea to buy a cabinet for our basement bathroom to house my linens (and free up some space upstairs) and then we are going for lunch for a day-time-date - the downside is WHEN am I going to get those teacher cards done??!!  Wednesday I'm at school all day volunteering for Games Day ... and then Thursday is the last day!  Ack!  Guess I should get off the computer and get on it!

So ... since I don't actually have a new project to show off I'm posting last year's Teacher Card.  Here it is:
Cute, yes?  It was a little time consuming to use the stamp-a-ma-jig to line up the numbers and letters but I love how it turned out.  I obviously used Whisper White, Real Red and Basic Black cs and ink.  I also used white craft ink for the letters and numbers .. let's see now ... what sets were they from ... I think it was "First Day" ... retired a few years ago.  The A+ and the paper image are from that set too.  The sentiment is from Word Play.  I punched out the a+ with the 1 1/4" circle and matted it with the 1 3/8" circle (those have GOT to be the most-used punches I own!!!). 

Hmmm - let's see ... I think I have another old Teacher Card somewhere.  I'll have to go down and see if I can find it.  Until then ... have a stampy night!


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