Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fold Up Scrap Albums

OK, Ok!  So it's not Monday!  I'm late, I know!  Great way to start my new resolution, isn't it?!?  I WANTED to post yesterday ... and I DO have 3 projects allllllll the way downstairs just waiting to be photographed and posted but ... well ... you know ... I got distracted.  Yes, my roommate for Convention, Joan, would understand this.  We have a new standing joke where every now and then ... in the middle of a sentence ... I will whip my head to the right and shout "SQUIRREL!"  Of course anyone who has seen the movie Up! will get that one!
This one's for you, Joan J!

Yep - that's me - easily distracted.  Last night was the perfect case-in-point.  I hit the craft room around 6:30 pm.  I have about 15 projects I want to crack off before my Appreciation Night / Open House this Friday.  Did I focus on the job at hand?  Did I heck!  No!  I spend 3 HOURS organizing my craft room because I couldn't find my Cookie Press set!  I want to make cookies for Friday but couldn't find the handle!!!  It was driving me NUTS ... and of course I COULDN'T just "move on" - nope - HAD TO find the darned thing.  What REALLY drove me nuts was I knew exactly where it WAS ... before I cleaned up last time!!  Don't you just HATE when that happens?  It sat on a shelf behind me for MONTHS and of course when I go to use it I can't find it.  Well ... I managed to get a pretty clean craft room out of the deal ... and then this morning I started looking again.  I looked in my cupboard ... the same cupboard I looked in THREE times last night ... but this time I stood on my tip-toes and spotted what I thought was a fourth Recipe Card Kit (you know the ones ... they are on the Clearance Rack ... yes - I have 3 of them) ... I thought for a minute "wait a second ... I don't have 4 of those!  4 would be crazy!  I only have 3 (*lol*) - sure enough the box was my handle.  Phew!  Once I found it I could move on with my day ... and my crafts.  I made a few little treats to show off Friday ... but ... as discussed, they are in the basement .... and I am not ... so you'll have to wait for those until I can get my act together.  Have no fear, though!  I promised a post of a project so I'll give you one (better late than never!)

Here are 2 more versions of my Fold-Up Scrap Albums.  I LOVE these things!!  They are really SO quick and easy to put together!  They make the perfect gift for Grandma, Uncle, ANYONE, really!  You could even make one for a teacher and put pictures of the whole class in it.  The options are endless!  So here they are:

I have these for sale (hence just partial shots of the whole albums).  I provided instructions on how to make them a few months ago - just drop me a line if you have any questions.  For the first album, I used the FLoral Distract DSP and for the Christmas album I used Be of Good Cheer DSP.  I LOVE the new Gumball Green ribbon I used to tie it closed!  If you come Friday night you can see them up close and personal.

That's it for now - I have 20 stampin' crazed women coming over Friday and very little to show them yet ... TO THE CRAFT ROOM!

Have a stampy night!


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