Monday, August 6, 2012

Ribbon of Hope

Happy Sunday!  What a beautiful day!!  Not too much to report today ... I've been relaxing pretty hard since Friday night.  Speaking of Friday ... What a great night it was!!  It was fun to show off all my new stamping toys and visit with my customer, downline and friends.  I even met some new ladies ... customers of my downline.  We made a card, ate some food, drank some wine ... It was a really nice night - thank you to everyone who came!  I will be posting pictures of my show-and-tell projects in the coming days ... But I can't promise a time line ... On Friday morning my main computer died and won't be resusitated for a few weeks.  Looks like we fried the mother-board! This is my first attempt to blog from my iPad ... Wish me luck!
So!  I have THREE cards to show you tonight.  As always, there is a story to go before the pictures (tell the truth ... You would be disappointed if there weren't!)
About 5 weeks ago I found out that my friend Casey's little 2 1/2 yer old granddaughter, Isabelle, had just been diagnosed with leukemia.  Can you imagine?  How absolutely devastating!  What made it even more sad was that Casey was on the west side of the country while her loved ones were on the east.   Of course Casey desperately wanted to go "home" but quite simply, Casey couldn't afford to go home.  Can you IMAGINE???  What horrible heartache Casey must have been going through ... She desperately wanted ... And NEEDED to go home to help her daughter and hug her little granddaughter.  The only thing stopping her was the all mighty dollar.  A mutual friend, Wanda, and I found that completely unacceptable and decided we needed to do something to help.  Facebook to the rescue!  Wanda, Casey, Tamye, Dorothy and I all helped out by posting a request for donations on FB.  To make a long story a little bit shorter (you should have seen the length of my original post!!)
we raised airfare and almost $1,000 to send Casey home.  She spent 3 weeks with her beautiful family and posted pictures and updates for us all to see.  Casey is now home.  Isabelle has had her ups and downs but is definitely holding her own.  She has started her new rounds of chemo and is doing
well.  Just look at this beautiful little angel:

Doesn't she just make your heart smile?

So!  That's my story for the projects today.  Naturally I needed to make Thank You cards for all the amazing people who donated money.  Some know Casey but many don't ... The donated anywhere from $10 to $250 ... Simply because we asked them to.  How amazing is that?

Here was my first attempt at a card:

Of course right after I made it I realized I made it I pink ... That would be great if this were for a breast cancer fundraiser!  The ribbon color for leukemia is orange.  While I like the technique on this card I wasn't thrilled with it so ... On to attempt number 2:

Again ... Ok but wasn't quite what I was looking for.  Third time is the charm ...
I'll give details on these cards in another post ... The kids are waiting for me to watch a movie so I have to run.  Once they are in bed I will be making 25 of these cards to send as a very heartfelt thank you to all the amazing friends who helped send Casey home.

Until next time ...have a stampy night!

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