Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Scentsational Gingerbread Man

Happy Wednsday!

It's allllllll coming together ... slowly but surely ... Friday night WILL have some fabulous projects to see, touch and make (not to mention 7 bottles of wine to drink!!)  I only managed to get down to the craft room at 7:00 pm!  I spent all day doing paperwork, cleaning, taking the dog to the groomers, baking cookies, making dinner, photocopying, shopping for supplies and laundry.  It's all good, though as I'm chipping away at what I want to show off.  First, a little comic relief ...

Remember back in April when I took Koda to the groomers?  This is what he looked like when he came home:
Well this time I took him in because he had lots of matts ... that and he was carrying around a 30 pound fur coat - I thought he was going to keal over during our morning walks from heat exhaustion!  So off he went.  This is what he looks like now ...
HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  Wait ... it gets better ...
Look at his tail!  OMG - The poor beast.  He has been pouting ever since he got home.  I don't suppose it helps that I laugh every time I see him!  Hee hee ... I can't decide whether his tail looks more like a duster or a toilet brush!

OK - let's move on (but feel free to continue chuckling :)  )  Once I got him home I baked up a double batch of sugar cookies for my fabulous ladies who are coming over Friday.  They are a brand new cookie recipe ... made it myself ... by accident.  Let's refer back to yesterday's post, shall we?  Are we all in agreement that I have attention challenges?  SQUIRREL!  Right.  Then you may be able to appreaciate that I got mildly distracted whilst adding my dry ingredients to my bowls of dough.  I STARTED using the ingredients for the sugar cookies ... but I got distracted and my eyes ended up following a portion of the recipe ABOVE the one I was supposed to be using ... and I added ingredients from the Shortbread recipe.  Naturally I had decided (for about the 3rd time in my life) to make a double batch (cookies aren't my forte!)  I realized the error of my ways as I ahd already rolled out the first batch.  Oh well!  What'cha gunna do?  Wasn't gunna throw 'em out ... so I baked 'em!  They taste more like Shortbread than Sugar cookies ... but that's ok, right?  The kids didn't complain ... and I doubt my Ladies will either.  Check ;em out!

HA!  Love them!  I made them using the Stampin' Up Cookie Press thingy.  The "stamps" were new at Momento Mall during Convention.  I'm sure they will be available to other demonstrators as a supply item at some point in the near future.   I let the girls stamp them ... VERY unlike me because of my "control freak" issues ... perhaps I'm lightening up just a little *lol*

OK - are you ready for a FABULOUS project???  Are ya??  Are ya??  I love this card so much it makes me squirm (is that how you spell squirm ... looks weird ... but then again how often does one write the word squirm to know if it looks right or not ... hmm ... note to self to ask Dad how to spell squirm ....... SQUIRREL!)

K.  Here goes:
AHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Are you squirming??  Did you see what I did??  I made a CLEAN AND SIMPLE CARD!!!!!  All by myself!!!  OK - it took me over an hour to CREATE said clean and simple card but it was a long process!  You should have seen how it started!  It was green ... and red ... and had candy canes on it ... an hour later this is what happened *lol*  See?  It's hard being me.  I am the proverbial onion (all Shrek fans will get that one! .... and how is it that I know how to spell proverbial but not squirm ... these are the questions that plaque me ...)

Focus.  So.  Very Vanilla, Crumb Cake and Soft Suede CS.  Crumb Cake and Soft Suede ink.  Gingerbread stamped, then punched out with the FABULOUS Holiday Collection Framelits.  I then pressed it into my Versamark pad (since SU had the nerve to retire the Versamarker??!!!) and dipped it in the Vanilla Scented embosing powder.  Yes, I KNOW it would have been better with the new Sugar & Spice scented powder from the mini but that is one of about 10 items I kinda missed ordering.  Yes, I hang my head in shame.  Well vanilla is still nice!  The "Noel" is from the Greetings of the Season set (p. 8 of the new holiday catty) and the ribbon ... ooooooh the ribbon .... page 20 of the holiday catty - the new 7/8" cotton ribbon ... it's so pliable (sure, I can spell pliable!) AND you can stamp on it!!!  Shut up!  ... it's all just too much .... focus ...
Finally I ran the Crumb Cake layer through the stripes embossing folder and Wa-low!  an awesome card!!!  Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen!  We have our Make and Take project for Friday night!!  (insert applause here).

That's it!  That's my contribution to the blogging world for another day.  Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed typing it!  Until next time ... have a stampy night!


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