Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday Invitations

Ha!  You thought I forgot, didn't you??!!  Nope - didn't foget .. it just took me until 4:52 pm to finish my project ... then I had to make dinner ... then clean up dinner ... then go to Brownies ... then home ... bed time routine and NOW (at 9:58) I get to do some work.  Woo Hoo!  Living the Dream over here!  (in case you missed it, insert sarcastic tone here ...)

It's been a CRAZY week around here!  I tell ya .... I'm a little long in the tooth to be this busy every night!  We have never BEEN so busy ... and that's the way I like it!  I have always said that I would NEVER have my kids in more than 2 activities at 1 time ... and I've stuck to that fairly well.  Actually, I've gotten off pretty lightly the last few years.  Last year Rebecca didn't WANT to take any extracurricular activities and Alicia was in only in Sparks.  They took 5 ski lessons in Nov/Dec but that was it. 

This year all hell has broken loose!  Alicia and I are in Brownies (I'm an unofficial helper) Mondays - that's our "Special Mommy/Daughter time".  Rebecca and I are in yoga Thursdays ... that's OUR Special time ... I have stamping meetings at least 2 out of 4 Wednesdays ... and stamping classes at least 2 out of 4 Fridays ... and at least 2 outside stamping classes per month.  That only leaves Sundays blank ... and those may have stamping ... or birthday parties ... or who knows WHAT else ... OH!  And we have skiing again come November ... OH!  and we start swimming lessons tomorrow.  Dear me.  I need a vacation.  Oh!  I have a vacation coming up ... in 2 days ... I'm off to South Carolina for my free Stampin' Up! Getaway Vacation ... too bad I still have to:
  • practice Alicia's spelling words with her
  • volunteer for Rebecca's field trip tomorrow
  • take the kids to swimming tomorrow
  • shop for food for while grandma, grandpa and Uncle are here watching the girls
  • place a stamping order
  • make 40 Halloween Treats
  • finish Alicia's birthday invitations
  • make 80% of the girls' lunches for Friday
  • what time the girls go to bed
  • Pack for the girls to sleep over at Grandma's on Wednesday
  • PACK!!!
Oh ... then I need to make a 9 page list for grandma on things like
  • where we keep the cat food
  • how much to feed the cat
  • where we keep the dog food
  • how much to feed the dog
  • what time school starts for the kids
  • what time to pick the kids up from school
  • where to go for the girls' school Mime production on Friday (and where to park)
  • what to pack the girls for lunch on Friday
  • how to dog-proof the house when they go out
  • how to set the alarm when they go out
  • how to turn the alarm off when they come home
  • how to work the 6 remote controls on the TV
  • hpw tp get ahold of us at the resort (although I think I'm going to accidentally/on purpose forget this one!!)
Well ... on the bright side now that I've typed all that out I'm one step closer to having it done *lol*  But seriously ... I don't think I have the time or ENERGY to take a vacation ... and who the heck remembers how to relax ANYWAY??!!

Right ... I seem to be working myself up into a tizzy just thinking about it so I better get to bed ... so I can take a nap ... then wake up at 3:00 am and think about it some more ... so ... on with my card! 

My goal was to have Alicia's birthday invitations done today.  I failed.  I made the invitation FRONT ... now I just need to type the details, print it off and tape it down .. then deliver them ... hopefully by Thursday!  I like to give mom's 3 weeks notice ... this will be a little less than that ... IF I get it done!  Here is the card:

Obviously we have a Waterfall Card :)  We are going with a "Pretty Sweet" party theme this year.  It's a home party (my favorite kind!) where the girls will all dress up "fancy" and will be bombarded with more sugar than they know what to do with!  Two of Alicia's favorite things are "dressing up fancy" and "candy" ... hence the theme ... Pretty Sweet (HA!  Sometimes I marvel at my fabulousness!)  We will have a chocolate fountain and cake/ice cream will have a candy buffet to sprinkle on top.  Of course there will be a "pee-yata" as Alicias calls Pinatas ... and loot bags filled with bling and sugar ... and then I get to send them all home!  Aren't I clever ... and evil at the same time!  Bwahahahahah!  I think I posted the instructions for a waterfall card last week .. oh ya - I did ... and then gave you a link to a great tutorial on Splitcoast Stampers *lol*  Check it out if you need instructions.  These really are fun to make.  For this one I used the "Dress Up" set and the "Your Invited" is from "Hugs and Kisses" - a retired set I'll never part with .. I use this particular stamp twice a year!

OK ... 10:21 .. well past my bed time ... and from the list above I think tomorrow is gunna be a busy day!

Oh ... and I doubt I'll post next Monday ... since I'm busy all week and gone all weekend (due back in the wee hours Monday morning) not much crafting will get done.  Hopefully Tuesday, though ... I do have some half done projects that need to be done for my Club Gals (hence my 40 Halloween Treats notes above!)

Have a stampy week! 


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