Friday, October 26, 2012

A few rejects

Happy Friday!!!

It wasn't planned ... but apparently today was a "down day".  Not a "sad" day, but a "down day" ... you know the kind I mean .... you wake up and decide to call the whole thing off due to lack of interest!  That's me today.  I know I SHOULD have gone down to design my projects for the birthday stamping party I'm doing on Sunday BUT .... I didn't wanna ... so I didn't.  Instead I had a "me" day.  Took the girls to school ... took the dog for his walk (it was a BEAUTIFUL morning and since I was dressed properly I could have gone for hours!) ... came home ... colored my hair (sorry Elaine ... didn't plan far enough ahead to come see you!!) ... took a shower ... primped and preened ... makeup and hair ... few e-mails, load of laundry, lunch, made some treats for Craft Night tonight, did dishes and generally putzed around doing little odds and ends to get the house back in order.  I've been ignoring the house for a while and I always feel guilty when Craig ends up doing it all on the weekend so today was the day.  I'm not worried about Sunday ... I have 3 projects in mind ... and tonight IS Craft Night so I might get them figured out tonight.  Ahhhh - who am I kidding ... I'll be working on my Halloween treats for the girls' classes ... I always tend to work backwards these days (for instance I'm almost done my Christmas shopping but haven't got Halloween costumes for the kids yet *lol*)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnyway ..........  (can you tell I'm procrastinating????)  I thought I'd post some of my re-jected cards from last weeks stamping frenzy.  I notice I didn't even TAKE PICTURES of a few of them ... they were that bad *lol*.  So ... for your viewing pleasure ... here are the cards that didn't make the cut (HAAAAAAAAAAA!  Get it?  ... get the cut???  I crack me up!)

This one ALMOST made it ... but I ended up with the Comfort Cafe card instead ... I liked it much better.  This one is still a good workshop card though so I won't throw it away :)

Ya ... it's ok ... doesn't blow my hair back though.  It would be good to have a few of these on hand for a kids birthday emergency ...

Yuck.  That's all I have to say about that one.

Hmmm - I thought I had a lot more ... I guess I didn't take picture of LOTS of them *lol*  Maybe another day ... but trust me - they were REALLY bad!!

Tune in again soon and I'll post some NICE cards made with my Stamp Set of the Month set ... Flowering Flourishes.  I made one that DOES blow my hair back!

Have a stampy weekend!


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