Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Treats ... and more rejects ...

OK - here we go ... some actual projects ..

First up are the little Halloween Treats I made for the girls' class mates.  Ready?

These were fun to make.  I have to confess - I had to use non SU card stock for these.  I found our cs was too high quality!  The paper tended to crack when I cut them and then ran them through the spider web folder.  The cheaper paper is thinner and was easier to work with. I used the Petite Pockets die to hold the Pixie Stix.  After I cut them I folded on all the score lines and then ran then through the spider web folder.  THEN I attached the tags BEFORE TAPING THE ENVELOPES CLOSED.  It's much easier to pierce the hole for the small brads (retired from last years' holiday mini) before they are assembled.  For the tags I first punched out the scallop circles with the 2 3/8" punch and THEN stamped them.  I used the spider web from Wicked Cool in Sahara Sand.  I stamped the BOO and the spider from Spooky Bingo Bits in black classic ink (it doesn' smudge on the cheap paper).  For the white holder I also punched out a black circle with the 2 1/2" circle punch.  They are just attached with the brad so the tag can swing to the side .. on the back it says "From Rebecca" or "From Alicia".  To write on the black circle I used the new Silver Dazzle marker (from the mini) - it looked great!  I bought the Pixie Stix at Dollarama - you get 42 for $1 ... my kind of treat!  Just to keep them a little more secure I added a strip of snail on the package for the Stix to adhere to.  That way they didn't end up all over the bottom of the backpacks before the girls got to hand them out.  Oh!  To assemble the pouch I used two small strips of sticky strip at the top of the flap ... and two ticks of snail near the bottom.  The sticky strip just ensured that they wouldn't pop open due to the pressure of the treats inside.  Worked a treat (hee hee ... no pun intended!)

Next up I thought I'd post a swack of my Birthday Stamp-a-Stack rejects ... just for fun ... and to show you that, just like  every one else, my cards aren't always "keepers".  These ones hit the reject pile pretty quickly *lol*

You can see I was really struggling with my "guy" card *lol*.  Some of them have promise ... and I may revisit them some other time but for now they are in the recycle bin!

That's it for now.  My next post will be the cards I made for the birthday party I did last weekend.  Until then - have a stampy day!


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