Sunday, March 31, 2013

Home Made Easter Gifts

Happy Easter ... again!

I just couldn't resist posting again today.  I just HAD to share the little gifts my almost-10-year-old made for me, her dad and her sister.

These SHOULD have been made weeks ago ... when I first suggest the kids make Easter cards.  Of course I got the standard "maybe later" response.  Alicia DID make Easter cards for everyone last week when Rebecca was having a sleep over at Grandma's ... soat least ONE girl was taken care of!

Last night ... while I'm on the phone ... Rebecca (my 9 year-old) is frantically trying to get my attention ... which of course I ignore and muttering my usual "Do you see this thing attached to my head?  It's a phone. I'll talk to you when I'm done".  She kept hopping around and looking distressed ... so I said goodbye to my Mom and asked her what was wrong.  Ina total panic ... "Mom!  Would you pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase drive me to the store so I can buy you guys Easter presents??!!??!!"

I looked at the clock.

It was 4:45 pm.

I just looked at her ... stunned.

Me:  "Uh - let me think about that for a second .... oh!  NO!"

I then tried to explain to her that Easter was NOT about presents, or chocolates or rabbits and that she did not have to give any of us anything.  While she knew all that she replied "I know ... but I WANT to ... PLEASE!". 

Me:  "Still no".

**insert flood of tears here**


Me:  "Right.  After dinner Dad and Alicia can watch Wreck it Ralph (no ... STILL haven't made the time to watch it!!) and I can help you make them something"

Rebecca:  "But what am I going to get YOU??"

Me:  "Honey - the best gift you can give me is to spend time with me crafting"

Rebecca:  "I know - but I still want to MAKE you something but you can't know what it IS"  *insert more tears here*

Sigh again.

Me:  "OK, OK - don't panic!  I'll show Daddy how to get onto Pinterest and show him my board of Hoiday craft ideas.  You guys can pick something and he can help you, if you need it".

Rebecca:  "ok.  thanks mom" **insert hanging head, slumping shoulders and shuffling off to find her sister**

So I showed Craig Pinterest and a few ideas and after dinner off they went.  Just look what she came up with:
Hee hee - isn't it adorable??  She did such a great job!  She even used dimensionals to pop up the little cheeks!  I ahev to go back and hot glue the little tail on ... and maybe secure the bow a little better ... but only because I want to keep it forever :)))

After I cleaned up the kitchen we went down and worked on presents for Alicia and Craig.  She agreed to a bookmark for Alicia.  (Thank-you again Pinterest for the last-minute ideas!!) Check it out!
Awww ... and look at those little faces from about 5 years ago!  I think Rebecca was 5 1/2 and Alicia was 3.  It was our first family vacation to San Diego.  This picture is one of my all-time favorites.  No it wasn't taken at Legoland, Sea World or theSan Diego Zoo ... it was taken in the parking lot of the Alamo car rental place *lol* Ahhh - those special memories *lol*!  Anyway!  Check out the bookmark!  We just used some of my retired Pretty in Pink Satin Ribbon .. andf some white taffeta - used two piece of the white - looped them into a cross and secured it with one of our retired brads (ice, I think).  Quick and easy!

Then came Craig's present.  Ugh.  This one resulted in a bit of a battle between us.  Rebecca wanted to make hime beaded key chain.  Great!  I can do that ... 6 or so beads in the shape of a cross.  No problem.  Problem.  She didn't WANT to make a cross - she wanted to make a rabbit.  Mmm hmm.  Let me think about that for a minute.  Oh ya!  NO!  About 15 minutes later I think she got the message that while she was quite welcome to make a rabbit beaded key chain I wasn't going to.  I didn't know how (the instructions were beyond bogus!) ... I didn't have time ... I didn't WANT to ... and most importantly "a lack of planning on your part does not make an emergency crafting situation on MY part!"  (at this point I was REALLY trying to hold it together - I was tired and cranky ... and still had a few hours of putting Easter Baskets together, putting out rabbit food, doing the scavenger hunt and filling and hiding about 150 eggs around the house ahead of me ... and of course I couldn't start any of THAT fun until they were both asleep ... which is usually not until about 10:30 pm when they are all excited about big days ahead!  Despite being on edge I kept my cool ... last Tuesday I made a 30 day challenge for myself not to yell .... NOT an easy task for this short-fused, underslept Mamma!)  ANYwaaaaaay .... she finally accepted that it was too hard to make so we jumped on pinterst again and found an adorable little pompom rabbit we could make.  We didn't have any large WHITE pompoms around (and pink, teal and orange just wouldn't do!) so we had to improvise a bit.  Here is what "she" made:
Hee hee - didn't "she" do a great job?  Yes - I guess she WAS the creator ... I was just the labourer ... since she couldn't cut the ears ... or the feet ... of the pipecleaners ... and couldn't use the glue gun ... but other than that it was all her *lol*.  Daddy loved it nonetheless ... and she went to bed happy that she had gifts for everyone.

This morning was fun - all the eggs were found and the Scavenger Hunt really made them think (they were stumped on one or two and needed more hints) ... and now they are on a sugar high!  I'm off to take a nap before the bird goes in and our parents come over for dinner.  Thanks for popping in.  I have 2 cards to share in the days ahead so pop back again soon.  Until then - have a stampy Easter!


Field Flowers - Take IV

Happy Easter!

By the time you read this we will be up to our ears in chocolate eggs so I'm typing this early and scheduling it to post.

I'm happy to report that I DID manage to get the kids' scavenger hunt done ... and printed!  Now I just have to crop the clues, hide them and put the baskets together ... and of course hide about 200 plastic eggs in every nook and cranny ... but the time consuming part is done - woo hoo!  Wanna see the scavenger hunt?  Hee hee - I'm always so proud of myself when I do these things - hopefully they are the "little things" that the girls remember when they grow up!  I found a template on Pinterest and just had to type in my clues.  See the end of this post for the hunt :)

Sooooo - onto crafting.  Now who was I kidding?  I just couldn't leave well enough alone with the Field Flowers set.  The more I looked at the card from yesterday's post the more I needed to make one more.  I spend 4 HOURS trying all sorts of techniques - I tried watercoloring, faux silk, marble something-or-other technique ... essentially I had every tool, reinker and paper out ... as well as every type of ribbon and embellishment!  In the end I cracked off a card in about 10 minutes that I settled on.  Here is the third card for the Stamp Set of the Month set:
Yay!  I like this one.  I kept TRYING to make one using Night of Navy and/or Pool Party.  It's such a striking combination!  I was inspired by 3 or 4 similar cards I found in Pinterest and Stampin' Connection so thank you for sharing everyone!  For this card I stamped the flowers and sentiment in Night of Navy.  I then used my glass blocks for the square background shapes.  I used Pool Party, Calypso Coral and So Saffron.  I used a Designer Prints brad to finish it off.  The mat is Pool Party.  Quick and easy!   ... I wish the clean up was quick and easy ... alas ... it took me 3 hours to get my craft room back in order!  Here is what my hand generally look like after I spend time cleaning all my dirty stamps:
Niiiiiiiice!  Don't you wish I was making YOUR Easter Dinner with these lovely fingers??  *lol*  Speaking of Easter Dinner, I guess I should go get things sorted out for that.  I truly hope you all have a blessed Easter, surrounded by family and/or friends you hold dear.  Until next time - have a stampy day :)


Here is my Scavenger Hunt .....

It's Easter once again Hurray!
That means we get to hunt today!
You'll find the baskets when you're done
But first track clues down, one by one.

The first clue can be found upstairs
Where Barbie keeps these things in pairs

You found the first one
That was fun
Now let’s try a harder one!

The next clue hides where things stay cold
These little squares are hard to hold
This clue is tough ... You have to think ...
You can put them in a drink!

Yay you found it! Now which way?
To the room where you can play!
What a mess! Where should you look?
Under a game? Inside a book?
This could take hours with all these toys
Your next clue hides in what makes noise!

The next one's easy
This I know
Don't move slowly, hurry, go!

Mama made this for you to keep
It's where Alicia's stuffies sleep

The next clue hides behind a door
Ones that's on the middle floor
Work together, take a look
Where we keep the things to cook

Now off you go
Up to a place
Where mom or dad can wash their face
Or brush their teeth
Or comb their hair
Or change their stinky underwear
You have to look towards the sky
Your clue is peeking way up high!

That was fun let’s do one more
Your next clue's on the lowest floor
This is easy, don't you think?
Where Dad goes to get a drink

Now which way?
You need a path?
What can help you with your math?

It's in a drawer
Beneath a thing
When someone calls this thing will ring

That one was hard you found it, though!
We still have 2 more clues to go!

The next one's under so something bright
You turn it on to make it light
It's on the middle floor I think
Behind where mom will sit to drink

That makes 9 clues that you have found
The last clue's hiding on the ground

Under something that is white
Rebecca goes there every night

One more thing you still must do
Look inside the Teddy's shoe!

That's the end -  the hunt is done
Who wants a basket?

Ok, your baskets wait for you
By all Mommy's pretty shoes!

Happy Easter

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Field Flower Circles

Happy Saturday!

Ok, ok ... I still don't have that Scavenger Hunt done ... or started for that matter ... I still have a few more hours *lol*

I started off this last card caseing one I found on Stampin' Connection made by Sara Hoogendoorn.  Here is her lovely card:
I love it!  It's just so different!  I believe she used a sketch from Mary Fish and/or Mojo Monday.  I thought it would be perfect for my third card using the Field Flower Set.  Once I got down to making it I realized I needed to dig out my Circle Cutter ... ugh ... that didn't interest me much ... I'm really not sure where I've hidden it ... so I started playing around with her concept, but using different sizes of circles.  Here is what I came up with:
Hee hee!  This one just makes me giggle!  It's SO not what I had in mind!  That's what I love about this craft ... you start off with one thing in mind but it so often takes off on a tangent of its own and you get a totally different result!  I used my Circles Big Shot Die (page 193 - $19.95) for the 2 inch whisper white circle and my 2 1/2" circle punch (page 185 - $22.95) for the Island Indigo circle.  The sentiment is stamped in Lucky Limeade ink.  The other circles are made with the 1 3/4" circle (Daffodil Delight) 1 1/4" circle (Lucky Limeade) and 1" circle (Calypso Coral) (page 184 - $21.95 - $22.95 ... you just can't go wrong investing in ALL the circle punches!!)  The arrowhead is from Oh, Hello! in the mini - page 4 - $22.95 clear; $31.95 wood).  I colored each pattern with the same colors above with my markers.  A few rhinestones and dimensionals and Wa-low!  A very cute, very different card using the Field Flowers set.

So that is it for my Field Flower projects.  I hope I have convinced you that it is a "must have" set.  It's a definate keeper!

Happy Easter to everyone.  I hope you get to spend the day with family and friends celebrating in whatever way is special to you.  I'm having family over and can't wait!  Until next time - have a stampy day :)


Friday, March 29, 2013

Field Flower Vintage

Happy Friday! 

Friday!  Does this mean Spring Break is officially over?  I think it does!  We are now officially into the Easter break - so Happy Good Friday!

Just a quick one today ... I should be working on my annual Scavenger Hunt for Sunday morning - I'm determined not to leave it until 9:00 pm Saturday night this year!!

So here is one of the cards that made the cut for one of my Stamp Set of the Month cards:
It's so simple - I love it!  It is just stamped on First Edition DSP (LOVE that stuff!!! - page 162 - $15.95 for 24 sheets of this gorgeous stuff!) inb Soft Suede Ink.  I distressed the edges with the Distressing Tool (page14 of the mini - $6.95 .. it's kind of hidden - you have to look for it!) and sponged the edges with Soft Suede and a finger dauber.  I also sponged some Suede on the paper and then used my Color Spritzer Tool (page 179 - $16.95) to add some more distressing.  I punched the DSP with the Decorative Label Punch (page 182 - $22.95) and stamped the sentiment in the hole (using my stamp-a-ma-jig (page 7 - $15.50) to get it centred.  I tied some Soft Suede Taffeta ribbon around the DSP and (you really have to look to see them) a bunch of pearls - one right beside the sentiment and then a bundle of the smallest ones in the centre of each of the flowers.  Quick, easy but lovely.

Tomorrow I have my last card using this set ... and it's completely different than what I set out to do ... but I like it!  Pop in and check it out!  Until then - have a stampy day :)


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Field Flowers Black & White

Happy Thursday!

Wow!  Where is the week going??  I can't believe it's already Thursday!  I really MUST get my butt in gear and start on those tax returns - I get later every year!  Maybe this afternoon ... after a little crafting ;)

Today I wanted to share with you a project I made ... and rejected.  I was playing around with a few techniques while making my Stamp Set of the Month cards using the Field Flowers set (page78 - $21.95 clear; $30.95 wood.  I played around with this one for quite a while ... and had my little "Opinionator" close at hand to help me.  While I like it I played around a little more and made two others I like better so this one, sadly, didn't make the cut.  Here it is:
What do you think?  I was going from something "completely different" with this one ... and I think I achieved THAT *lol*.  I stamped the images on black card stockusing white craft ink.  I then stamped the centre of the flowers using Raspberry Ripple Classic ink.  The mat is Raspberry Ripple too.  The sentiment is punched out with the Decorative Label punch (page 182 - $22.95), sponged with Raspberry and popped up on dimensionals.  The butterflies were made with the Beautiful Wings Embosslits (page 188 - $14.95) in whisper white.  I added a few rhinestones to the flowers and they remind me of little dew drops.  Yes ... I like it but I wasn't 100% convinced I loved it so I played on.  You'll have to come back tomorrow to see the two that made the cut *lol*

While I was playing with the above card my little helper, Alicia, was with me and making Easter cards for her grandparents.  She liked the black on white and when she saw me coloring the flowers with my watercolor pencils she wanted to do it too ... so I gave her a scrap piece of paper to play with and she decided to make a bookmark for Rebecca for her birthday next month.  She did a really nice job.  Here is her creation (ok ... yes, I did the stamping (at her request) but she did the coloring and writing!)
Ta Da!  Isn't it great?  I didn't tell her she did the "Black Magic" technique - but she did (which is just coloring the white image with the watercolor pencils).  It looks really pretty in person!

That's it for today - pop in again tomorrow for another Field Flowers card.  Until then - have a stampy day!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Silhouette Sentiments

Happy Wednesday!

Today I have a FABULOUS project to share with you.  My friend, and a member of my downline Kerri Anne Byttynen sent me a picture of a card she made this week and I fell in LOVE with it!  And no, it's not just because she used one of my old cars for inspiration *lol*.  Here is my card that inspired her:
I made this card a few years back to demonstrate the masking technique.  I used (now retired) Stem Sulhouettes in Chocolate Chip over a So Saffron sponged masked square.  I really loved that stamp set.  In one of my "purge" moods I added it to my garage sale box and sold it.  Big mistake!  That was a real "keeper" set.  ... then again, there are other sets that DO work in its place ... so I'm sure I'll get over it ... eventually *lol* ... but ... as usual ... I digress!

Here is the card Kerri Anne made:
LOVE it!  She used the (also now retired) Silhouette Sentiments for hers - in Chocolate Chip and Certainly Celery.  She used the Elegant Butterfly and Bitty Buitterfly punches with rhinestones and some Celery Ribbon.  The Scalloped Edge Punch gives the nice feminine border.  The Sentiment is from Delightful Dozen (page 140 - $30.95 clear; $40.95 wood). AWESOME job Kerri Anne!  I might just have to CASE your CASE of my card *lol*

That it for today.  Until next time - have a stampy day :)


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This and That!

Happy Tuesday!!

It's movie time!!!

I am SO STINKIN' EXCITED about this new line of products Stampin' Up! has just come out with!!!!  It is a "Smashbook Journal" product line and oddly enough just about 2 weeks ago I was researching what the heck this whole "Smashbook Journal" gig I've been seeing is all about.  I happened to be at "that craft store" back in January and wandered past a display of smash journals.  They seemed interesting.  From what I could tell it was a quick and easy way to scrapbook / journal without all the pretty, precise stuff that has traditionally been done with "scrapbooking".  This very much interested me.  I am one of those people who has yet to start about 10 project because I can't get them perfect ... so they never get started ... or I'm overwhelmed by the mere THOUGHT of the undertaking ... so this Smashbook stuff seemed right up my alley.  You aren't SUPPOSED to make it neat and tidy - that's the beauty of it!  You just slap thing in - scribble a few notes - use some pretty washi (?) tape ... I know how to MAKE pretty washi tape just not sure how to SPELL washi tape!!) ... stay tuned for a quick tutorial on THAT one of these days :))) ..... but I digress ...

A few days after my craft store discovery Stampin' Up! had Smashbooks as one of their projects at Leadership in Florida.  I still didn't really "get" the whole concept 100%.

A few weeks after THAT  I stumbled across a Pinterest item that nicely explained it to me.  It really is just scrapbooking on the run - no rules - just fun.  A great way of keeping little momentos and snippets of fun on a more frequent basis.  How fun would it be to go on a holiday and come home with a completed book, just waiting for a few pictures to be added to it??!!  You jot down thought, memories and activites at the MOMENT ... thereby giving you a more complete and accurate experience - not a "two month after-the-fact blurry memory".

Well!  Fast forward to this week.  Stampin up has just launched a new line of products to help me in my quest to actually START some sort of scrapbook / journal.  I introduce you to "This and That"!
 Are you excited?!?!?  I AM (but then again ... when am I NOT when it comes to this company??!!) ... and Yes, I've already ordered mine and it is currently winging its way to my front door!  Here are the deets:

Epic Day This and That Journal
Epic Day This and That Designer Series Paper
Remember This and That Rotary Stamp
Epic Day This and That Designer Stickers
Epic Day This and That Designer Washi Tape
Epic Day This and That Bundle
Includes the five This and That products listed above. Only available in a bundle until April 30.
15% Off Retail Value

 To help spread the word about this new awesome line Stampin' Up is also having a contest where they are giving away a free trip to San Diego!  Enter on Facebook for your chance to win:
 If you quote my number ...   when you enter I get an additional entry into the draw ... so please quote it ... Momma needs a vacation!  *lol*

So that's it for today.  Pop in again soon - I hope to have more projects to share made using the Field Flowers stamp set.  Until than ... have a stampy day!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Simple Circles

Happy Monday!

If you are popping over from Pink Paper Bakery - WELCOME! 

I was thrilled - and am honoured - to have been asked to be a guest artist for their blog!  They have very talented artists contributing to their blog.  If you are one of MY followers and haven't checked them out before pop on over and grab some inspiration!

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend! I certainly did .... I managed to spend a little time in my craft room putting together all the extra templates that I had cut for my Spring Stamp-A-Stack last weekend. The card I'm sharing today was the 5th card I designed ... with only 15 hours to spare *lol*. While I HAD a 5th project in mind I wasn't happy with it. I wanted something bright, cheery, quick and easy. I have been on a real "neutrals" roll lately and was craving some spring brightness. Time was of the essence! No time to over-think anything ... and that's usually when I come up with my favorite cards ... when I just "go with the flow" and create what my heart desires. Here is what I came up with:
What could be easier than a pack of DSP and some punches? This cards is PERFECT for any age, either gender and most occasions ... my kind of card!

I started with the standard 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" Whisper White card base and added a layer of Whisper White measuring 5 1/4" x 4". I used the Polka Dot Parade DSP and punched out circles with my 1 1/4" circle punch. I then used my 3/4" circle punch to make the smaller Rich Razzleberry, Real Red, Pumpkin Pie and Daffodil Delight circles. I popped the Daffodil and Red circles up on dimensionals and added a heart (using the small heart punch) to the Real Red circle. 3 small rhinestones finish off the design and really work well with the polka dot pattern. I used the sentiment from Friendy Phrases in Pacific Point. Part of the fun of making this card was playing around with it and changing up the patterns of the double sided DSP. Here are the variations I made:

That's it! I cracked off 10 of these in about 45 minutes. I'm now ready for the plethera of birthday cards needed for the kids' friends that always come this time of year!

So the next time you need a card just grab a pack of DSP that calls to you, a few of your favorite punches and play away! Don't overthink it, just have fun!

Thank you to Deena and the Pink Paper Bakery Ladies for inviting me to share my project(s) with you. I hope you like them and draw some inspiration from them. 

Have a stampy day!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Field Flowers Take I

Happy Sunday!

Don't you just love how my posting is so hit-and-miss?  I TRIED to stick to a schedule of posting every Monday ... "everyone" says the key to a successful blog is being consistent ... but ... well .... this just adds a bit of surprise to your day, doesn't it?  I don't post for a week or two and then I post every day for a while ... then nothing ... then lots ... it's like checking the mail everyday waiting for that magazine you ordered ... you check and check and check and then WHAM!  It arrives! 

WHAM!  Here's a project:
Ta da!  Isn't it pretty??  I love how it turned out :)  This is SUCH a great set ... I guess that's why I picked it as a "must have" Stamp set of the Month Set.  It's on page 78 - $21.95 clear; $30.95 wood.  I used whisper white and More Mustard card stock.  I used the En Francais background stamp (page 129 - $21.95) stamped in So Saffron (but stamped off before stamping on the whisper white for a softer look).  I used Old olive for the stemps (again, stamped off before applying to the whisper white) then the flowers in So Saffron and More Mustard (again ... stamped off first).  The sentiments is in More Mostard and punched out with the extra large oval punch - page 184 - $22.95 and popped up on dimensionals.  Oh!  and I sponged the right hand side of the oval with Old Olive ink for just a hint of green to draw the pieces together.  I toyed with putting a little snippet if Old Olive ribbon in the top right hand corner but in the end decided less was more and left it alone (I KNOW!  SOOO unlike me!)  I love the simplicity of this card.  It just reminds me of a picture.  Love it!

Pop in tomorow for a SUPER quick and easy birthday card that works for any age and any gender - we all need 20 of these in our stash of cards to have on hand!  It is also the card that will be featured in the Pink Paper Bakery blog!  Until then - have a stampy Sunday :)


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Feeling Sentimental Case - Take II

Happy Saturday!

Just a quickie today :)

Remember this card I shared last week?:
It's a case from Heather Summers ( but Heather's card had more detail.  I had planned to use tha above card for my party and Stamp-a-Stack last weekend ... but of course I couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to go with a version that was virtually identical to Heather's.  Here is the ramped up version:
Wow ... look at the difference taking the picture at night vs during the day makes!  Anyway - the second one just has some added embellishments on it.  I used the Ticket Duo punch and sponged it with some Early Espresso ink, the Victorian Trim Lace and the Jewellery tag punch (in espresso) and attached the whole thing with a gold brad.  It really adds a lot of interest to the card with very little extra work or material.  Love it!  Thanks Heather :)

Pop in again to see my first card made for this month's Stamp-Set-of-the-Month Club cards using Field Flowers.  Until then have a stampy Saturday :)


Friday, March 22, 2013

Carrot Treats

Happy Friday!

... Friday night ... 8:12 pm and I'm posting ... there is something very wrong with that!  Tonight was originally supposed to be Craft Night however after a rather long and stressful week I decided we needed a family movie night to relax and reconnect.  The plan was to watch Wreck It Ralph ... but I forgot that we were getting another dog tonight ... and now everything has changed again - movie night out - puppy fun in!  We are dog-sitting my friend's dog, Jasper.  He is an 8 month old rescue pup and a bundle of energy!  He and Koda LOVE each other and have been wrestling for the 2 hours since Jasper arrived.  Koda stayed with Jasper's family while we were in Hawaii and now Jasper is staying with us while his family is in Ireland.  It's going to be 12 days of chaos around here *lol*.  My socks have been soaking wet for 2 hours as the dogs go out, frollick in the snow and then bring 5 pounds of it in (and proceed to melt all over my floors and carpets!)  They are going to have SO much fun!  Heck ... they are going to tire each other out all day every day .. I may not have to walk them for the entire time *lol*.  So as the dogs are running from room to room ... and the kids are chasing after them ... I thought I'd post a project to "get away from it all"!

Yesterday I managed to steal an hour in my craft room to make 30 quick and easy treats to take to the teaching staff at school.  We had a huge snow storm in Edmonton yesterday and so when I picked the kids up yesterday I informed the secretary that "the girls won't be at school tomorrow ... they won't be feeling well" *lol* ... and so I took the treats in yesterday.  After all - there was NO way I was getting out of my pajamas to driving chocolates to the school!  Here is what they looked like:
Hee hee :)  While I don't think they'll win any "Craft Project of the Year" awards they are pretty cute in person.  They are mini sour-cream containers filled with 3 little chocolate eggs.  For those of you who may not know how to make a sour-cream container ... here is a brief tutorial.

I started with a 4" x 4" piece of Sycamore Street DSP (the SAB DSP that will be gone forever in 4 hours ... unless you are me and have 5 packs squirrelled away!).  I used some cheap double sided tape I picked up at a dollar store a few years agao (again ... I stocked up on 5 rolls as it's hard to find the right size!).  Regulal snail isn't strong enough to stay closed and our Sticky Strip - while far superior in quality - is quite expensive and for this little project the cheap stuff worked just fine.  I applied the tape to three sides of the square of DSP:
Then you peel off the coating on the far right side and roll the paper so it looks like a toilet paper roll.  Peel off the coating from one of the ends and squeeze it shut:

Insert the chocolates, peel off the last coating then squeeze the container shut in the opposite direction from the other end:
For the carrot top I used the Modern Label Punch with some Gumball Green cs and taped it on using another strip of double sided tape:
And there you have it.  Cute little Easter carrot treats for all the staff at school :)

That's it for now.  Pop in tomorrow when I'll show you the ramped-up version of the Heather Summers case card I used for my Stamp-a-Stack last weekend.  It is virtually identical to Heather's original card and ever so pretty.  It was one of the favorites last weekend.  Until then - have a stampy Friday night!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bloomin' Marvelous Seed Pouch

Happy Wednesday!

Bloomin' Marvelous?  More like "about bloomin' TIME, Tamara!  Where the heck have you been??".  While I hate the standard reply of "I've been really busy" .... I've been really busy *lol*  The middle of the month is always crazy busy business-wise.  That is when I place my two club orders and of course at the moment all of us demonstrators are scrambling around with the last few days of the Sale-a-brations promotion!  I have been up to my ears in Starter Kit's this week.  I'm THRILLED that so many of my friends and customers have taken advantage of the AWESOME promotion on until Friday (here in Canada the deal is $194 in product for a flat charge of $125).  You can't beat that with a stick!!!  Of course new recruits, club orders and SAB orders means a LOT of paperwork and loose ends to tie up.  Add to that a party last Friday (hi Mary!  Super fun night!  (DESPITE me forgetting a stamp set ... and a stamp pad ... and leaving without actually collecting money from people *lol* ... not my best "game night" but I obviously had a lot of fun!!)) and then a Stamp-a-Stack early Sunday morning and I was one big waste of makeup until this morning!  Heck ... Monday morning I drove the kids to school, came home and tried to hang my jacket up in the food pantry *lol* .... I quickly decided it wasn't the best day to work on my taxes *lol*

So that's what I've been up to!  Yes, I DID have an adorable card to show you (it was the 5th card I designed for the Stamp-a-stack Sunday .. the one I designed at 4:00 pm Saturday afternoon *lol*) ... and I was going to post it Monday ... but then I got an email from Deena Boos.  "Who is Deena Boos?" I hear you cry!  Deena is the designer of the fabulous card I CASEd a while back and used for my Calgary Regional Swap - this one:
ANYWAY!  Aside from being an awesome artist, Deena is ALSO runs a multi-demonstrator blog called Pink Paper Bakery ( and she asked if I would like to be their guest artist this Monday!  How exciting!  Of course I said "yes!" ... but now you have to wait to see my card until Monday :)

It's ok ... don't be too heartbroken ... I DO have a project to share with you today (insert cheers and applause here!).  SPOILER ALERT!  If you are on of my Clubbers look away now or you'll know what you are going to find in your order next week.  I don't like to post the treats before I give them out but I haven's posted in so long that I wanted to post SOMEthing *lol* ... so ... for those of you NOT in my club (and yes, you should hang your head in shame!) or for those of you in my club who just can't wait (yes, Casey - I'm lookin' at YOU *lol*) here is what I came up with:
Ta Da!  Isn't it cute?!  Huh?  Wat'd'ya mean "What is it?".  Well it's a Seed Puch, of course!
Love it!  It's a quick and easy project using mainly FREE SAB items ... the Sycamore Street DSP - the Sycamore Street Buttons, the SAB Bloomin' Marvelous and the flowers are from the Spring Mini Pop-Up Posies Designer Kit (page 18 - $15.95). 
The pouch is made with a 10 3/4" x 3 1/2" piece of ww cs - scored at 4 3/4" and 9 3/4".  That's it!  the DSP strip is 3/4" x 4 1/4".  The buttons are attached with mini glue dots.  I ran out of the pool party and Calypso Coral buttons so threw in the Rich Razzleberry ones - they look just as good!
Rather than spending a tonne of time taping the flap shut I decided it was ok to use a paperclips.  Using Sticky Strip would have doubled the time to make the project and I don't have a lot of THAT this week (I still want to make 80 Easter treats for the teachers and kids at school!!!) - so a paperclip it was!  After-the-fact I thought how cute it would be (if you weren't making 30 of these) to use the new Cute Clips from the mini instead of a standard paperclip.  Look how cute it would be:
These clips are so sweet (page 28) and are only $6.50 for 24.

So that's my offering today ... if I get a chance to make another project before Monday I will ... otherwise make sure you pop in Monday to see my posting for Deena's blog.  Until then - have stampy day!!



Friday, March 15, 2013

Emboss Resist Technique

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ready for the weekend?  I am ... well ... ok ... I'm not.  See, while most people work all week and have the weekends off I have the week off and work most weekends.  This weekend I have a Private Class on Saturday night and my Stamp-a-Stack on Sunday.  I really SHOULD design some cards for Sunday ... then again ... that's still 2 days away so what's the rush??  *lol* 

Yesterday I DID finalize my cards for the class on Saturday. My hostess has wanted to learn the Emboss Resist Technique ever since I sent her this card:
Okee Dokee ... I played with it a little and changed the color.  I've been on a real "neutrals" kick lately and I was craving something with a bit of color.  As I was playing around I mad a quick "keep it simple card".  In hindsight I see that it really does need some sort of embossing or soft image in the white space but at the time I was stuck BY the white space.  What do you think?
The front layer really isn't blue - it's stark white ... it's just the light shining through that makes it seem blue.  The 4 3/4" x 3 1/2" layer has the corners rounded and the edges finger daubed (??!!) with Island Indigo ink.  The sentiment is from "Trust God" - page 136 $17.95 clear; $24.95 wood (a must have set!), also stamped in Indigo .. punched out with the Decorative Label Punch (page 182 - $22.95) and popped up on dimensionals.  A rhinestone finishes it off.  The ribbon is the Indigo Ribbon from the SAB brochure.  The butterflies are stamped with Papillon Potpourri (page 115 - $17.95 clear; $22.95 wood) and punched out with theElegant Butterfly punch (page 184 - $21.95) and the Bitty Butterfly Punch (Spring Mini - page 13 - $21.95.  Rhinestones finish off their bodies.  Clean and Simple ... but they don't fulfill the Emboss Resist Technique request ... so I continued on and came up with this:
Pretty, yes?  The only addition to this card is that I originally used Crystal Clear embossing powder for the image from Flowering Flourishes (page 121 - $21.95 clear; $30.95 wood) and once it was heat set I used a spong to gently and slowly apply Island Indigo ink.  The best method for application is to start in the middle of your image and use swirls ourwards.  This ensures that the darkest part is in the middle and the color softens as you move out.  Oh ... and on this one I used two of the Bitty Butterflies instead of one of each ... this will cut down on me taking along yest another (heavy) punch to the class ... and the larger butterfly overpowered the flower image a bit, in my opinion.  Once you have sponged your piece then you take a dry baby wipe, tissue or paper towel and buff the embossed image.  Ta Da!  The white flower is revealed!

So there you have it - the Emboss Resist Technique.  We will also be making the Easter Blessings card that I posted 2 days ago and the Feeling Sentimental bike card that I CAS'd from Heather Summers 3 or 4 days ago ... although I did add a bit to that one.  If I get a chance I'll post a picture of that one tomorrow.  Until then ... have a stampy day :)


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ears to You Little Bunnies :)

Happy Thursday!

Another fun class last night!  Have I mentioned lately that I love what I do?  I do :)

Today, as promised, I'm sharing my favorite Easter Card ... I could just sit and stare at this one for hours :)  So ... without further adeau ...
Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Don't you just love it??!!  It just makes me giggle (and no, I haven't been sniffing the Staz-On again!)  It's so clean and simple ... but perky at the same time.  AND LOOK AT THE LITTLE BUNNY TAIL!!!!  SQUEAL~!~  Love love love love it hee hee :)  Alright - breath Tamara ... whhhhhhhh ...

Wanna know how to make it?  Well ... I'm pretty sure you can figure it out but if you want to be JUST like mine then you should probably know the colors, at least!  I used my Lucky Limeade, Chocolate Chip and Pretty in Pink markers to color the bunnies ... and I used Lucky Limeade for the Happy Easter Sentiment (from Whacky Wishes hostess set) but I used Pink Pirouette and Certainly Celery card stock for the mats.  I tried making one with Lucky Limeade and Pretty In Pink mats ... but they just seemed too bright ... so I stuck with the Celery and Pirouette.  Dimensions:  The PInk Pirouette is 5" (plus 2 ticks) x 3 3/4" (plus 2 ticks).  The white layer is 5" x 3 3/4".  The rabbit layer is 3 1/2" x 1 3/4" and the Celery mat is 3 1/2" (plus 2 ticks) x 1 3/4" (plus 2 ticks).  Don't you just love my measurements?!  It's just easiere for me than to say 1 14/16" ... that's just silly ... 1 3/4" plus 2 ticks makes WAY more sense to me :)  ANYway!  The rabbit layer is popped up on dimensionals .. oh!  and the little Chocolate Chip pattern behind the bunnies!! ... that was made with the "Beyond Plaid" set from the mini - page 14 - $21.95 clear; $28.95 wood.  This is one of my favorite things about the card!  The pattern coordinates with the middle bunny!!!  As "discussed" in my post for my little easter baskets, I LOVE when images coordinate ... this one literally made me squeal out loud (and you KNOW I'm not lying *lol*!)  This Plaid set is one of the first ones I got from the mini ... but of course it had yet to be inked ... until now.  I love that I can make my own designer paper LOOK without the designer paper.  I don't know about you but I still find it tough to CUT my DSP ... I'm always afraid I'll end up wanting to use it for a class but then not having enough if I've cut it!  ... and then despite me having 99% of the DSP available I can never seem to find the perfect pattern or color for what I want ... this set solves my problem - woo hoo!  OK - enough about that ... I used a small piece of Pretty in Pink Taffeta ribbon for an accent ... and again ... that STINKIN' CUTE bunny tail from a jumbo pearl ... GAWD I love my job :)))

Ok Tam - stop it - focus ...

Right.  Now you KNOW I sat and stared at this little piece of fabulousness for more than a few minutes as I pondered whether or not I could put something in the left hand corner ... perhaps it was too bare.  After fiddling around for a while (and trying a few things out) I decided it didn't and to leave well enough alone.  I did try one more version during class ... just to convince myself it was OK to have blank space on the left.  I simply tried stamping the pattern lower ... here's how it looks:
Yep - I was right ... it was perfect the way it was :)

Thanks for popping in ... until next time ... have a stampy day!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Easter Blessings ... Take II ... and III!

Happy Wednesday!

I told you I had a few more projects to share with you.  Today I wanted to show you two other versions of my Easter Blessing card I posted a few days back.

Here is the original card:
After staring at it for about 10 minutes I wondered if maybe it needed a little more Chocolate Chip somewhere on the left hand side just to balance things out a bit ... so I played around for a while and came up with this version:
I'm not sure if you can see it ... but the top layer is actually smaller than in the first card.  It was cut at 3 3/4" x 3 3/4".  It is lightly sponged in Pink Pirouette like the one above but the flower on the left hand side is stamped on the card BASE rather than on the top layer.  I also sponged the butterfly with a little Chocolate Chip.  I like it ... but I couldn't decide which one I liked more ... and which one I would use for my upcoming Stamp-a-Stack ... so I called in "The Opinionator" ... my youngest, Alicia.  She always makes a quick decision ... and 99% of the time she is RIGHT! (and by right I mean that the majority of people like her pick best as well).  So ... I guess I'll be going with the top card for the SAS!

Never happy ... I thought I would have one more quick play around (you know ... because it was 2:30 pm ... and I had a class starting at 7:00 pm and I still hadn't decided on my third card *lol*).  This is what I came up with:
Same idea and techniques ... just a different layout ... and I used the Bitty Butterfly punch from the mini rather than the large one from the main catty.  I liked it ... but when I asked The Opinionator she poo-poo'd it.  Humph.  Fine.

So those were my three versions of the same card.  Pop in tomorrow when I will post my FAVORITE Easter Card to date ... LOOOOOVE IT (and it ended up being the third card for my class ... with about 3 hours to spare before it started *lol*)

Pop in tomorrow - until then - have a stampy day :)))


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm going digital ...

Happy Tuesday!

(Note:  This post is geared mainly towards my local (Edmontonian) friends ...)

Yes .. it's true ... after being a stamper for more than 7 years I've decided it's time to take the plunge into the digital world.

Yes ... I OWN the (Stampin' Up!) My Digital Studio software system ... and I've used it a few times ... and I OWN the new and improved MDS2+ software ... and I've almost figured out how to download it to my computer! I am now committing to making albums! (I want to make a book of Trixie - our Elf on the Shelf!!)

I'm looking for people to learn with!!  Here's what's gunna happen ...

I'm going to buy that laptop
  • I'm going to figure out the world of Macbook (eek!)
  • I'm going to figure out how to download the MDS2+ software to the Macbook
  • I'm going to open Craig's "man cave" to whomever wants to come over with their laptops once or twice a month and we'll figure this gig out together!
I will be able to link my computer to the TV - we can watch Stampin' Up! training videos and YouTube tips and tricks videos to help us along. We'll all be working on our own projects but we can help each other out with ideas, opinions and so on. It will be fun!! I DO know the basics of the program and it is quite user friendly so you don't need to be scared!

If the digital domain is something that has interested you but, like me, you didn't really know where to start this may be for you. There won't be a cost to come over and "play" - just come and DO IT! We're all busy and all talk about logging those pictures, recipes or other memories "one day" ... but we never seem to make the time to do it ... this is your chance!

If you DO think you'd like to give this a try call me and we can talk about it.

What I would highly recommend is that you purchase the $125 Starter Kit. With that kit you get to order $194 worth of ANY product you wish ... I'm suggesting you order the MDS2+ system ($99.95) as well as $94.05 in any other digital kits / downloads or scrapbook / page protector products you may want. That many downloads will seriously keep you digitally crafting for a LONG, LONG time! It can be a fairly overwhelming prospect, I know ... but I can help you through it. Give me a call - tell me what things you are wanting to work on (birthday invitations, Thank You cards, scrapbooking your summer holiday, birth announcements, recipe collection etc) and I will recommend which downloads you may want to consider.

Of course if you don't want to order the Starter Kit you can just order the MDS2+ system for $99.95 (I just figure for an extra $25 you will get an extra $119 in downloads ... that's just good math!!)

Honestly - this isn't a self-serving scheme to get you to buy the starter kit or the MDS2+ system - if you already have a system that's fine too ... you can still come play ... I just won't be able to help you navigate your system/software. The easiest thing for my brain at the moment is to think we will all have Macbooks and we will all have the MDS2+ system!

The Starter Kit promotion is only available until March 22nd ... which is less than 2 WEEKS AWAY so call me sooner rather than later if you want to discuss it further.

Clear as mud? I'll be sending out more information and possible get-together dates as I go ... first step for me is to buy the laptop. Give me a call or drop me a line if you think you may want to learn this with me. There are already 3 of us taking the plunge. I'm excited and hope you'll come over to the digital side with me!

Have a stampy day - drop me a line if you have any questions!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Feeling Sentimental Case

Happy Monday!

I thought I'd throw out another project I made last week, just to make up for not posting in so long *lol*.

I can't take credit for this one - it is a case from Heather Summers.  She has a great blog and is our expert on the My Digital Studio system.  Heather has won many awards from Stampin' Up! for her work - both in card making AND in digital crafting.  She is also amazingingly talented when it comes to sewing and 3-D projects.  She is the first stamper I started stalking waaaaay back 7 years ago and I still check out her work on a regular basis.  Pop into her blog at if you ever need some inspiration!!!

Here is the card she made that inspired me:
And here is my card:
I will be using this for an upcoming Private Class.  It's quick, easy and gives you a punch of "wow" with the color contrast.  While I love the extra ribbon and tag on Heather's card I wanted to keep it quick and simple for the beginner stampers who may be at the class.  I used Early Espresso cs along with ... oh for Heaven's Sake ... serriously?  Apparently my never-been-used package of Confetti White card stock is retired.  Twice in 2 DAYS?  I was all giddy about using this paper ... it is not as white as whisper white nor is it as vanilla as Very Vanilla - it was the perfect shade.  Grrr ... glad I realized it before my class on Saturday!  I WOULD use the Naturals Ivory or Naturals White ... if I had any ... have you ever checked out these papers?  They are hidden on page 160 of the catty - and are $9.25 for 40 sheets.  Guess I better order some NON-retired packs *lol*  OK - back to the project ... I sponged the edges of the confetti paper with Espresso and a finger dauber.  I used a piece of First Edition DSP - cut a dovetail in each end and sponged it too.  the bike is from Feeling Sentimental SAB free set ... and the sentiment is from Vintage Verses free SAB set - both stamped in Espresso.

Well I guess I better go down and re-do this card ... with NON-retired card stock *lol*.  Until next time ... have a stampy day!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Easter Ideas

Happy Sunday!!!

Thanks for popping in!  Had you given me up for lost??  I can't BELIEVE it has been over a week since I posted!!  I have MEANT to ... but ... well ... I gotta admit I was in a total "funk" last week.  I don't know WHAT happened but I was just so SAD every single day!  I wrote positive things in my "I Choose" journal ... I tried to figure out what was bothering me but just couldn't pull myself out of it!  I think it was likely just a combination of a lot of things ... life in general.  One thing that was really weighing on me was my Dad.  He went in for some day surgery on Wednesday and it had me completely over-the-top stressed out!  Now anyone who knows me KNOWS I'm not a worrier (my Mom corners the market on that score!  I figure she's already worried about every possible scenario under the sun and has every possible solution to the problem figured out so I don't waste my time *lol*)  So by me being stressed out about my Dad made me evern MORE stressed out as I figured it was some sort of "sign" that something was going to go wrong!  I'm beyond happy to report that he is on the mend and I'm glad the whloe thing is almost behind us.  So ... for whatever reason I just wasn't into crafting or blogging.  I certainly didn't want to pass any negative vibes onto my readers!  I haven't done a LOT of crafting but I do have a few projects to share ... namely Easter.

A few weeks ago I got a new stamp set ... "Elements of Style" (page 113 - $24.95 clear; $33.95 wood).  This set has been around for a while now and I have considered it more than a few times ... so I took the plunge and ordered it.  I've seen a lot of lovely projects made with it and thought it would be great for an Easter card.  Hmmm ... since my Mojo wasn't what it should have been last week I'm going to need a few more kicks at it ... I don't LOVE this one but it certainly has potentional ...
Post Script:  I've had a few people ask how I cut half an oval in the centre of the card.  My original paper size is (was) 11" x 4 1/4". I scored at 2 3/4" and 5 1/2". To get the oval to punch just half way you place the framelit where you want it, secure it with a post-it note so it stays in place, and then only run it through the big shot to the fold line (I just place the top cutting pad to the point where I want it to cut).  Here's a picture to help explain:
Here is the inside of the card: 
I used the "Easter Blessing" sentiment (from the mini - page 24 - $10.95 wood only) and the sentiment from (insert GASP here ... it's RETIRED!!!) "God's Blessings" ... I HATE when that happens!  I LOVE this set and didn't realize it retired last year ... drats!  Sigh ... oh well ... these things happen :(  ANYway!!  I stamped the flowers in Black Staz-On and colored them with my Watercolor Crayons.  The sentiments is in Certainly Celery (THAT'S a color I haven't dusted off in a while!!)  I used my oval framelit to cut HALF an oval in the centre of the card.  On the inside I used one of the new Designer Builder Brads with a little pop of Pink Pirouette paper in the centre (I used the Owl Punch to get the right size).  Rather than punch a hole through the paper to attache the brad I took the prongs off the brad (they snap off quite easily or you can use your craft scissors to cut them) and attached it with a mini glue dot.  It's a pretty card (especially if you add Dazzling Diamonds to the flowers) and I may use it to for my card to friends / family but I was looking for something a little quicker and easier ... and more generic ... for my upcoming Stamp-a-Stack.  If people don't want to make an Easter card I want them to be able to switch it out for a Sympathy Card.  I tried again and came up with something much more to my liking:
Yes.  That's better - quick, less fiddly and multi-purpose.  I used white-on-white card stock (rounding the corners with the corner rounder punch and popping it up on dimensionals).  I stamped the Easter Blessings with Chocolate Chip (GASP!  I went really crazy here and stepped AWAY from the Early Espresso!!!!)  The flowers are from Love & Sympathy (a MUST HAVE set! - page 54 - $14.95 clear; $19.95 wood - seriously - SO inexpensive ... buy it!!!).  I colored the stems and leaves with my Certainly Celery Marker and the flowers with the Pink Pirouette Marker.  I stamped the flower in the middle "full on" then stamped again (without re-coloring) to the right for a softer look.  Re-markered the flower - stamped off on a scrap of paper then stamped the flower on the left - again, for a softer look.  I punched out the butterfly with the Elegant Butterfly punch ($21.95 from the main catty - lage 184) and sponged it with some Pink Pirouette.  2 Rhinestones added a little bling. 

So there you have it - a quick, soft Easter card ready in minutes.

I have a few other versions ... and a few other projects to share but I'm afraid you'll have to wait for those ... I need to go play with my girls.  Balance - it's all about balance :)

Have a stampy day ... and thanks for continuing to check in :)))


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Reinking your Markers and Ink Pads

Happy Saturday!

OK ... I lied ... I had a bit of time to kill before heading to Calgary for the Regionals so I thought I would post a few videos on how to re-ink your markers and new Firm Foam Ink Pads.  I never THOUGHT of reinking my markers until about 6 months ago - then I stumbled across this video and now I do it about once a week!

While I love the new firm foam ink pads (they give a cleaner, crisper stamped image) they HOLD less ink than the old pads and they RELEASE more ink when you use them.  Epso facto (ooo . don't I sound educated??  I wonder if that's how you spell it *lol*) you need to reink them more often.  Patty Bennett made a great video showing the best way to do that. 

So grab your coffee, get comfy and learn something new!  (and then call me to place your order for more reinkers *lol*)

 Have a stampy Saturday!


Friday, March 1, 2013

Ears To You Easter Baskets

Happy Friday!!

Wow ... Friday (and March) already!!  I'm not sure exactly what I did all week ... as I didn't get much crafting done!  Then again ... I guess what I DID work on took a few days from start to finish.  Check out these adorable little baskets I popped in with my Club Girls' orders this month:
Isn't it cute??  I stumbled across one I made about 3 years ago.  They were cute then and they're cute now!  I remember them being a little time consuming to make ... but that was before I had my new Stamping Trimmer.  OMG did that tool make these quick little treats!  ... well ... it would have been quick if I didn't decide to make 40 of them *lol*  You know me ... if 1 is good 40 is AWESOME!  And AWESOME they were when they were all lined up in a box!!  Here's a pic of all the pretty colors I used:

I used the polka dot pattern from my Soft Subtles Designed Paper Pack.  I have been hoarding these pads of 12 x 12 paper ... I figured I should crack them open before they retire!  The 12x12 sheets are PERFECT for this project ... there is virtually no waste!  What I love even more is that the little rabbit image (from the single stamp "Ears to You" ... item #132659 - $8.95 ... has a polka dot pattern on him ... and matches the DSP polka dots.  I LOVE when that happens!!!  Seriously - I was absolutely GIDDY over that little revelation (and then I worried about myself just a little over HOW giddy I was over that little revelation!  Sometimes I REALLY think I need to get out more *lol*) 

AAAAAAnywayyyyyy ... Perhaps you would like to know how to make these?  Well ... I'm gunna tell you whether you want me to or not because I took a whole swack of pictures to show you :)  So here goes.

You cut your 12x12 paper into 5 1/2" x 5 1/2".  (**  little note - not crucial but to use your paper in the most economical way ... you slice off 1 " from the first side of your sheet - then rotate it before cutting it at 5 1/2" and then again at 5 1/2".  This will give you one strip of DSP left over that is 1" x 12" and a second strip that is 1" x 11")


So you have (4) 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" squares from (1) sheet of 12" x 12" DSP (see picture above)
Take your FABULOUS Paper Trimmer and score (with the light gray scoring blade) on all (4) sides at 1 3/4":
Now you use your DARK grey cutting blade to slice up to the first intersection on the left hand side and the right hand side of your paper - first slice from the top down to the first intersection - then slice from the bottom UP to the first intersection.  Oh ... it's hard to explain - check the secon picture to see what the finished piece should look like - that will help explain what I'm trying to say:
(I tell ya - this trimmer is SO awesome for this project.  It only took me about half an hour to score and cut all 40 pieces.  SLICK!)
So!  Once they are scored and sliced you fold on all the score lines.  I then rounded the (4) corners with my paper rounder punch.  Ok.  I have a confession.  I used my RETIRED corner rounder punch ... not the current one.  The retired one just gives a more rounded corner and I like that ... but since it's retired you can't buy it ... you have to buy the non-retired one.  Mean, huh?  Sorry.  Creative license :)
Now ... I didn't do this next step next ... but if I were to do it again I WOULD do this next step next.  I would stamp the sentiment in the middle square!  (naturally I waited until all 40 were assembled before I did mine ... nothing like a challenge!)

Oh ... guess I should have rotated that.  Oh well - cock your head :)  I used the Happy Easter sentiment from Delightful Dozen (page 140 - $30.95 clear; $40.95 wood)
Next you want to start taping the sides of the basket together.  Apply tape to the inner squares like so:
Can you see it?  I did it at an angle from about the middle of the left hand side of the square down to the right and from the middle of the right hand side of the square down to the left.  Then you fold the sides up like so:
this is how it looks from the inside:
Get it?  Hope so - I'm getting confused *lol*.

Next you want to cut your handle pieces.  I used my leftover 1" strips of DSP and cut them at 5 1/2".  I also cut strips of a coordinating color 1 1/4" x 7" for an accent
I used: 
Pink Pirouette with Regal Rose
Pretty In Pink with Rose Red
Baja Breeze with Not Quite Nave
Bashful Blue with Marina Mist
Certainly Celery with Gumball Green
Marina Mist with Midnight Muse
Perfect Plum with Elegent Eggplant
Rose Red with Raspberry Ripple
So Saffron with Chocolate Chip

Now.  I would highly recommend you attach the 1 1/4" inch piece to the INSIDE of the basket like so:
I made ONE like this and then decided I would make the other 39 with the handle attached to the OUTSIDE of the basket.  Big mistake.  One day I will realize that the laws of physics don't change just because I want them to.  I WANT the snail adhesive to hold handles on ... but it doesn't ... and it never will ... and I wish I would accept that ... and stop trying to prove otherwise time and time and time again.  If you do what I did you will wake up the next morning to 39 baskets with handles popped off and you will then have to spend another 1 1/2 hours reattaching them with sticky strip.  SO!  You can use snail if you attach the handle to the inside of the basket.  Please.  Trust me on this one.  Snail - inside - sticky strip - outside.
Now!  Attach the 1" DSP strips to the handle like so:
You run snail along the strip of DSP and then attach it the solid cs as shown above.  DO NOT attach the DSP to the solid CS before the solid CS handle is attached to the basket.  Why?  Because I said so.  Trust me.  If you do it before attaching it the curve that is created bubbles the DSP strip and it looks yucky.  Again - hard to explain.  Just know that I've done it in the past and this is the way to go.

It's ok that the DSP strip is a little short - the rabbit pieces will cover it anyway.

Next you just punch out two scallop circles in the solid color you made the handle from - one for each side.
I then used my markers to color just the single rabbit from Ears to You two times and punched it out with the 1 3/8" circle punch and attached it
I had planned to add easter grass but I HATE that shiny, static plastic stuff that the cat likes to eat ... I was going to buy some ... but couldn't find nice paper grass ... and then I was going to make some with my paper crimper and my paper shredder ... but then I realized life was too short to do that for 40 baskets so I just put an egg in them without any grass *lol*.  The eggs are from Costco ... you get 40 of them ... I thing they were $9.99 ... and they are the PERFECT colors!!
You can also add a little bag of small eggs .. whatever you have on hand :)

Well!  THAT seems like a lot of work but to be honest it took longer to take the pictures and write this post than it did to make 40 of them!  They look fantastic when they are done with the matching egg inside.  Give one a try - fun!

I won't be posting for a few days ... I'm off to Calgary tomorrow for the Regionals - Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  I will have lots of swaps to share when I get back though so pop in again soon!

Have a stampy weekend :)