Friday, March 22, 2013

Carrot Treats

Happy Friday!

... Friday night ... 8:12 pm and I'm posting ... there is something very wrong with that!  Tonight was originally supposed to be Craft Night however after a rather long and stressful week I decided we needed a family movie night to relax and reconnect.  The plan was to watch Wreck It Ralph ... but I forgot that we were getting another dog tonight ... and now everything has changed again - movie night out - puppy fun in!  We are dog-sitting my friend's dog, Jasper.  He is an 8 month old rescue pup and a bundle of energy!  He and Koda LOVE each other and have been wrestling for the 2 hours since Jasper arrived.  Koda stayed with Jasper's family while we were in Hawaii and now Jasper is staying with us while his family is in Ireland.  It's going to be 12 days of chaos around here *lol*.  My socks have been soaking wet for 2 hours as the dogs go out, frollick in the snow and then bring 5 pounds of it in (and proceed to melt all over my floors and carpets!)  They are going to have SO much fun!  Heck ... they are going to tire each other out all day every day .. I may not have to walk them for the entire time *lol*.  So as the dogs are running from room to room ... and the kids are chasing after them ... I thought I'd post a project to "get away from it all"!

Yesterday I managed to steal an hour in my craft room to make 30 quick and easy treats to take to the teaching staff at school.  We had a huge snow storm in Edmonton yesterday and so when I picked the kids up yesterday I informed the secretary that "the girls won't be at school tomorrow ... they won't be feeling well" *lol* ... and so I took the treats in yesterday.  After all - there was NO way I was getting out of my pajamas to driving chocolates to the school!  Here is what they looked like:
Hee hee :)  While I don't think they'll win any "Craft Project of the Year" awards they are pretty cute in person.  They are mini sour-cream containers filled with 3 little chocolate eggs.  For those of you who may not know how to make a sour-cream container ... here is a brief tutorial.

I started with a 4" x 4" piece of Sycamore Street DSP (the SAB DSP that will be gone forever in 4 hours ... unless you are me and have 5 packs squirrelled away!).  I used some cheap double sided tape I picked up at a dollar store a few years agao (again ... I stocked up on 5 rolls as it's hard to find the right size!).  Regulal snail isn't strong enough to stay closed and our Sticky Strip - while far superior in quality - is quite expensive and for this little project the cheap stuff worked just fine.  I applied the tape to three sides of the square of DSP:
Then you peel off the coating on the far right side and roll the paper so it looks like a toilet paper roll.  Peel off the coating from one of the ends and squeeze it shut:

Insert the chocolates, peel off the last coating then squeeze the container shut in the opposite direction from the other end:
For the carrot top I used the Modern Label Punch with some Gumball Green cs and taped it on using another strip of double sided tape:
And there you have it.  Cute little Easter carrot treats for all the staff at school :)

That's it for now.  Pop in tomorrow when I'll show you the ramped-up version of the Heather Summers case card I used for my Stamp-a-Stack last weekend.  It is virtually identical to Heather's original card and ever so pretty.  It was one of the favorites last weekend.  Until then - have a stampy Friday night!


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