Sunday, March 31, 2013

Field Flowers - Take IV

Happy Easter!

By the time you read this we will be up to our ears in chocolate eggs so I'm typing this early and scheduling it to post.

I'm happy to report that I DID manage to get the kids' scavenger hunt done ... and printed!  Now I just have to crop the clues, hide them and put the baskets together ... and of course hide about 200 plastic eggs in every nook and cranny ... but the time consuming part is done - woo hoo!  Wanna see the scavenger hunt?  Hee hee - I'm always so proud of myself when I do these things - hopefully they are the "little things" that the girls remember when they grow up!  I found a template on Pinterest and just had to type in my clues.  See the end of this post for the hunt :)

Sooooo - onto crafting.  Now who was I kidding?  I just couldn't leave well enough alone with the Field Flowers set.  The more I looked at the card from yesterday's post the more I needed to make one more.  I spend 4 HOURS trying all sorts of techniques - I tried watercoloring, faux silk, marble something-or-other technique ... essentially I had every tool, reinker and paper out ... as well as every type of ribbon and embellishment!  In the end I cracked off a card in about 10 minutes that I settled on.  Here is the third card for the Stamp Set of the Month set:
Yay!  I like this one.  I kept TRYING to make one using Night of Navy and/or Pool Party.  It's such a striking combination!  I was inspired by 3 or 4 similar cards I found in Pinterest and Stampin' Connection so thank you for sharing everyone!  For this card I stamped the flowers and sentiment in Night of Navy.  I then used my glass blocks for the square background shapes.  I used Pool Party, Calypso Coral and So Saffron.  I used a Designer Prints brad to finish it off.  The mat is Pool Party.  Quick and easy!   ... I wish the clean up was quick and easy ... alas ... it took me 3 hours to get my craft room back in order!  Here is what my hand generally look like after I spend time cleaning all my dirty stamps:
Niiiiiiiice!  Don't you wish I was making YOUR Easter Dinner with these lovely fingers??  *lol*  Speaking of Easter Dinner, I guess I should go get things sorted out for that.  I truly hope you all have a blessed Easter, surrounded by family and/or friends you hold dear.  Until next time - have a stampy day :)


Here is my Scavenger Hunt .....

It's Easter once again Hurray!
That means we get to hunt today!
You'll find the baskets when you're done
But first track clues down, one by one.

The first clue can be found upstairs
Where Barbie keeps these things in pairs

You found the first one
That was fun
Now let’s try a harder one!

The next clue hides where things stay cold
These little squares are hard to hold
This clue is tough ... You have to think ...
You can put them in a drink!

Yay you found it! Now which way?
To the room where you can play!
What a mess! Where should you look?
Under a game? Inside a book?
This could take hours with all these toys
Your next clue hides in what makes noise!

The next one's easy
This I know
Don't move slowly, hurry, go!

Mama made this for you to keep
It's where Alicia's stuffies sleep

The next clue hides behind a door
Ones that's on the middle floor
Work together, take a look
Where we keep the things to cook

Now off you go
Up to a place
Where mom or dad can wash their face
Or brush their teeth
Or comb their hair
Or change their stinky underwear
You have to look towards the sky
Your clue is peeking way up high!

That was fun let’s do one more
Your next clue's on the lowest floor
This is easy, don't you think?
Where Dad goes to get a drink

Now which way?
You need a path?
What can help you with your math?

It's in a drawer
Beneath a thing
When someone calls this thing will ring

That one was hard you found it, though!
We still have 2 more clues to go!

The next one's under so something bright
You turn it on to make it light
It's on the middle floor I think
Behind where mom will sit to drink

That makes 9 clues that you have found
The last clue's hiding on the ground

Under something that is white
Rebecca goes there every night

One more thing you still must do
Look inside the Teddy's shoe!

That's the end -  the hunt is done
Who wants a basket?

Ok, your baskets wait for you
By all Mommy's pretty shoes!

Happy Easter

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