Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm going digital ...

Happy Tuesday!

(Note:  This post is geared mainly towards my local (Edmontonian) friends ...)

Yes .. it's true ... after being a stamper for more than 7 years I've decided it's time to take the plunge into the digital world.

Yes ... I OWN the (Stampin' Up!) My Digital Studio software system ... and I've used it a few times ... and I OWN the new and improved MDS2+ software ... and I've almost figured out how to download it to my computer! I am now committing to making albums! (I want to make a book of Trixie - our Elf on the Shelf!!)

I'm looking for people to learn with!!  Here's what's gunna happen ...

I'm going to buy that laptop
  • I'm going to figure out the world of Macbook (eek!)
  • I'm going to figure out how to download the MDS2+ software to the Macbook
  • I'm going to open Craig's "man cave" to whomever wants to come over with their laptops once or twice a month and we'll figure this gig out together!
I will be able to link my computer to the TV - we can watch Stampin' Up! training videos and YouTube tips and tricks videos to help us along. We'll all be working on our own projects but we can help each other out with ideas, opinions and so on. It will be fun!! I DO know the basics of the program and it is quite user friendly so you don't need to be scared!

If the digital domain is something that has interested you but, like me, you didn't really know where to start this may be for you. There won't be a cost to come over and "play" - just come and DO IT! We're all busy and all talk about logging those pictures, recipes or other memories "one day" ... but we never seem to make the time to do it ... this is your chance!

If you DO think you'd like to give this a try call me and we can talk about it.

What I would highly recommend is that you purchase the $125 Starter Kit. With that kit you get to order $194 worth of ANY product you wish ... I'm suggesting you order the MDS2+ system ($99.95) as well as $94.05 in any other digital kits / downloads or scrapbook / page protector products you may want. That many downloads will seriously keep you digitally crafting for a LONG, LONG time! It can be a fairly overwhelming prospect, I know ... but I can help you through it. Give me a call - tell me what things you are wanting to work on (birthday invitations, Thank You cards, scrapbooking your summer holiday, birth announcements, recipe collection etc) and I will recommend which downloads you may want to consider.

Of course if you don't want to order the Starter Kit you can just order the MDS2+ system for $99.95 (I just figure for an extra $25 you will get an extra $119 in downloads ... that's just good math!!)

Honestly - this isn't a self-serving scheme to get you to buy the starter kit or the MDS2+ system - if you already have a system that's fine too ... you can still come play ... I just won't be able to help you navigate your system/software. The easiest thing for my brain at the moment is to think we will all have Macbooks and we will all have the MDS2+ system!

The Starter Kit promotion is only available until March 22nd ... which is less than 2 WEEKS AWAY so call me sooner rather than later if you want to discuss it further.

Clear as mud? I'll be sending out more information and possible get-together dates as I go ... first step for me is to buy the laptop. Give me a call or drop me a line if you think you may want to learn this with me. There are already 3 of us taking the plunge. I'm excited and hope you'll come over to the digital side with me!

Have a stampy day - drop me a line if you have any questions!


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