Saturday, March 2, 2013

Reinking your Markers and Ink Pads

Happy Saturday!

OK ... I lied ... I had a bit of time to kill before heading to Calgary for the Regionals so I thought I would post a few videos on how to re-ink your markers and new Firm Foam Ink Pads.  I never THOUGHT of reinking my markers until about 6 months ago - then I stumbled across this video and now I do it about once a week!

While I love the new firm foam ink pads (they give a cleaner, crisper stamped image) they HOLD less ink than the old pads and they RELEASE more ink when you use them.  Epso facto (ooo . don't I sound educated??  I wonder if that's how you spell it *lol*) you need to reink them more often.  Patty Bennett made a great video showing the best way to do that. 

So grab your coffee, get comfy and learn something new!  (and then call me to place your order for more reinkers *lol*)

 Have a stampy Saturday!


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