Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This and That!

Happy Tuesday!!

It's movie time!!!

I am SO STINKIN' EXCITED about this new line of products Stampin' Up! has just come out with!!!!  It is a "Smashbook Journal" product line and oddly enough just about 2 weeks ago I was researching what the heck this whole "Smashbook Journal" gig I've been seeing is all about.  I happened to be at "that craft store" back in January and wandered past a display of smash journals.  They seemed interesting.  From what I could tell it was a quick and easy way to scrapbook / journal without all the pretty, precise stuff that has traditionally been done with "scrapbooking".  This very much interested me.  I am one of those people who has yet to start about 10 project because I can't get them perfect ... so they never get started ... or I'm overwhelmed by the mere THOUGHT of the undertaking ... so this Smashbook stuff seemed right up my alley.  You aren't SUPPOSED to make it neat and tidy - that's the beauty of it!  You just slap thing in - scribble a few notes - use some pretty washi (?) tape ... I know how to MAKE pretty washi tape just not sure how to SPELL washi tape!!) ... stay tuned for a quick tutorial on THAT one of these days :))) ..... but I digress ...

A few days after my craft store discovery Stampin' Up! had Smashbooks as one of their projects at Leadership in Florida.  I still didn't really "get" the whole concept 100%.

A few weeks after THAT  I stumbled across a Pinterest item that nicely explained it to me.  It really is just scrapbooking on the run - no rules - just fun.  A great way of keeping little momentos and snippets of fun on a more frequent basis.  How fun would it be to go on a holiday and come home with a completed book, just waiting for a few pictures to be added to it??!!  You jot down thought, memories and activites at the MOMENT ... thereby giving you a more complete and accurate experience - not a "two month after-the-fact blurry memory".

Well!  Fast forward to this week.  Stampin up has just launched a new line of products to help me in my quest to actually START some sort of scrapbook / journal.  I introduce you to "This and That"!
 Are you excited?!?!?  I AM (but then again ... when am I NOT when it comes to this company??!!) ... and Yes, I've already ordered mine and it is currently winging its way to my front door!  Here are the deets:

Epic Day This and That Journal
Epic Day This and That Designer Series Paper
Remember This and That Rotary Stamp
Epic Day This and That Designer Stickers
Epic Day This and That Designer Washi Tape
Epic Day This and That Bundle
Includes the five This and That products listed above. Only available in a bundle until April 30.
15% Off Retail Value

 To help spread the word about this new awesome line Stampin' Up is also having a contest where they are giving away a free trip to San Diego!  Enter on Facebook for your chance to win:
 If you quote my bit.ly number http://bit.ly/10wDP5d ...   when you enter I get an additional entry into the draw ... so please quote it ... Momma needs a vacation!  *lol*

So that's it for today.  Pop in again soon - I hope to have more projects to share made using the Field Flowers stamp set.  Until than ... have a stampy day!


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