Friday, May 31, 2013

The Best of Both Worlds!!


I'm close to hyperventilating today with excitement~!~  Not only does the new catalogue launch as of NOW but I also have my Catalogue Relase Open House today ... so I gotta be quick .. I'm supposed to be making snacks right now!!!

I have posted the new catalogue link on the right hand side ... hmm ... I probably should have checked that the link works before posting this .. oh well ... I'll find out soon enough if it doesn't work *lol*

What has me REALLY excited is that starting NOW you can order from BOTH catalogues!!!!  ... you only have this weekend to do so, though ... and the retiring items are ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST so I HIGHLY recommend you pop over to my on-line store and place your order NOW (

Another exciting perk is that there is 25% off sale on three of the most popular stamp sets! ... it won't let me post the flyer and I don't have time to money around with it ... so ...
  • Sassy Salutations
  • Sweet Essentials
  • Petite Pairs
... these three (wood AND clear) are on sale ... I own the first two and LOVE them ... and now that the 3rd one is down to $25.95 I suspect I'll be the proud owner of that one soon too :)

Right ... I'm sure there are other things I should mention but those snacks won't make themselves!!!

Enjoy the new catty!  I know I will!  Until next time ... have a stampy day!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Simply Sketched

Happy Wednesday!

Ok - no long, psychotic ramblings today ... I gotta get some stuff DONE!!  Right to it!

One of the stamp sets we were able to order on a pre-order for the new catalogue was a hostess set.  There is one that just "grabbed" me ... and I was surprised because it isn't my "usual" style ... There was just something clean, simple and a "have to have it"edness (.. it COULD be a word!!) about it ... it's called simply sketched.

I went down to play with it and had a specific layout in mind.  I planned to stamp the image in the middle and then use my glass blocks as stamps to add a little pop of color .. here was my first attempt:
Hmmm.  Totally not what I had in mind.  Very disappointing.  Didn't blow my hair back ... in fact, hardly rustled it at all.  Nope - this little birdie deserved better!  This layout / technique has promise ... and I'm sure I'll go back to it ... but I wanted quick, easy and little-thought for this mini crafting session so I started again ... and came up with this:
Yes!  THAT'S what I was in the mood for.  Rediculously clean and simple!  I used Very Vanilla and the new Baked Brown Sugar card stock ... stamped the image and sentiment in Staz-on (yes, both the image and the sentiment are in the same stamp set ... LOVE when that happens!!) and then grabbed my ink pads and blender pen to very, very subtly add some color.  I used the new Pistacchio (good Lord .. why am I so challenged in the spelling department???!!!  Have to look it up ... Pistachio ... I was close ... (squirrel?)  I colored the berries Crisp Cantaloupe ... but then decided it needed a little "something.  You probably can't see it but  I added small pearls over top of the colored berries ... and then colored the pearls with a cantaloupey colored Sharpie ... Love how it turned out ... but it wasn't my little birdie ... so one more crack ...
Woo Hoo!  Love it!  *insert happy wiggle*  This image just makes me smile!!!  Same colors as above ... but to color the bird I used Coastal Cabana, Cantaloupe and Pistachio ... and the pearl I colored with a light blue Sharpie.  This is my favorite.  I was GOING to make another card using the last image ... which I think is a poppy ... with the Happy Birthday sentiment but ... meh ... didn't feel the love for the poppy ... so I didn't!

I'm off to try to get some focus ... right after I do those 150 squats!!!  Pop in again soon ... until then ... have a stampy day :)


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Framelit Storage

Happy Tuesday!!

Surprised to see a new post again so soon?  Me too!  I must be procrastinating on something *lol*

It appears my "Squirrel" syndrome hasn't passed quite yet.  I went downstairs to take a picture of my FABULOUS new Framelit organizational brainstorm ... and got sidetracked .... umm hmm ... what else is new??  It's not my FAULT!  (have you realized yet that "it's" NEVER my fault ... whatEVER it is??   HOW is a gal expected to walk into a lovely, clean, organized craft room and not be swayed by all the yummy new stamping colors and sets just ASKING to be used???  I'm weak.  I know.  I hang my head in shame.  But I suppose on the bright side I have new cards to share with you!!  ... but I think I'll torture you and save them for tomorrow.  Ha!  Mean, aren't I???

BUT!  Fear NOT!  I DID manage to take that picture of my FABULOUS Framelit organizational system ... so I'll show you THAT today :))))  Love me again?  Good :)


Drum roll please ...

Ta Da!
Eeeeee!!!  Love it!  As I was purging my craft room last weekend I kept MAKING more of a mess than I was cleaning!  My chair is pretty close to the back wall ...
... and ever time I would roll backwards I would knock stuff off my shelf behind me .. namely dimensionals, pearls and FRMAELITS.  After rolling over them and/or picking them up about 7 times I decided I simply couldn't live like that anymore.  Something had to change.  The framelits needed a new home.  And then it struck me.  They are metal.  Metal sticks to magnet.  I needed to put them on a magnet board.  Problem.  1)  I didn't HAVE any magnet boards handy.  2)  I was still in my "mom-wear" and didn't feel like going to GET magnet boards 3)  I wasn't sure I had room on my walls for a bunch of magnet boards and 4) I want what I want WHEN I want it ... and I wanted it NOW!  ... and then it struck me ... I had sheets of magnet rolls!  Yes ... a year or two ago when those blasted Build-a-Bear Big Shot dies came out I ran out and bought 3 packs of magnet rolls thouroughly (is that how you spell thouroughly? ...
 ... and of course never made one stupid bear + clothes magnet thingy ... so the magnet sheets sat there.  Out they came!  A little sticky strip and 15 minutes later and this is what I had:
I'm THRILLED with it!  It has stayed up for 4 days now so I know our fabulous sticky strip works ... and now I can quickly and easily grab the framlit I need withough knocking it over and/or them taking up valuable real estate on my shelves!  I DO have more framelits ... and of course there will be a *few* more purchase starting Friday .. but I'll deal with THOSE later!  The ones above are the ones I use the most so they get the *special* space (the others are seasonal and such so don't use them as often).

So that's it for now!  I guess I'm procrastinating on pricing my sale stuff ... maybe tonight ... maybe not ... we'll see if I can come up with something else to do ... not enough pressure yet *lol*

Pop in tomorrow for a sneak peek at a new hostess set I'm in love with.  Until then ... have a stampy day!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Brights Birthday

Happy Monday!!!

If you know me at all you'll KNOW that today is my favorite day of the week.  Ahhhh ... silence is golden!  ... well that and I'm a "good girl" during the week ... I eat properly, drink my water, excercise and get things done.  Weekends ... not so much.  I think this weekend I ate my weight in Goodies.  In my defence it WASN'T MY FAULT!!!  Craig BOUGHT them ... and then he made the fatal error of TELLING me they were in the house.  Well ... he only has himself to blame when he went to have some Sunday night and found only 17 of them left ... I TOLD him I can't be trusted with a bag of those within a 2 mile radius of the house!  Fresh, candy coated blobs of licorice (boy does THAT look like it's spelled wrong!!  Note to self ... read the label on the next bag of Goodies that enters the house to find out how to spell licorice ...) ... wait a minute ... we interrupt this rambling ... because ...Oh!  look ... the dog just walked into the room with my yoga pants in his mouth ... oh well ... better yoga pants than undies!  ... I think he's feeling ignored today ...

Yes, this is exactly how I've been ALL day:
On one track one minute and then SQUIRREL!! ... funny thing is I'm totally AWARE I'm doing it ... it's not like I'm sleepy or dozy or any of the usual excuses ... My brain just works too fast sometimes *lol*.  Case in point ... today's card (hmmm ... apostraphe or not ... it's a posessive - the card that belongs to today ... so yes ... apostrophe ... how the heck do you spell apostrephe??  Awww ...
Right ... for today's card I went downstairs to make a wedding card.  I have a class coming up in 2 weeks and thought I'd play with some of my new toys ... (I spent all weekend purging my craft room for my upcoming New Catalogue Release Open House and Garage Sale ... so I actually struck desk!!)  Squirrel!  Focus.  Card.  Right.  Wedding card.  Yes, the hostess of the party requested a wedding card ... so down I went.  Here is what I came up with:
Whaaaaaat????  Come on ... nothing says congratulations to the bride and groom like a card made with bright, happy colors and a Happy Birthday sentiment, does it?  *lol*  See?  I TOLD you I was like this all day:
I PLANNED to to make a wedding card but as I sat to look at my toys I spotted my new stamp set from the new catalogue ... and ... well ... I just couldn't resist!  I bought an alphabet set hoping to make a case of this card:
I found it on Pinterest a few weeks ago and fell in love with the happy, colorful layout.  I'm afraid I can't give credit for it, though ... I can't find the original source - the pinterest link fails :(  So ... whomever came up with it ... thank you!  Love it!  So let's look at my card again (because ... to be honest ... the picture of MY card is now too high up on my post for me to see and I'm too lazy to keep scrolling up to go through the details of it *lol*) ... are you FOLLOWING any of this post???  If you're keeping up with me I think maybe you should seek some counselling ... maybe we could get a discount if we go together ... right ...
... the card again ...
Let's see now.  Oh yes .. the stamp set.  There is a new one coming out on Friday called "ABC-123 Sketch Alphabet & Numbers" ... check out page 131 when the catty is released on Friday :)  The set is 35 pieces ... alphabet letters and numbers - one per block ...

My first crack at this card was a bust ... I tried to eyeball the lining up and spacing of the word "happy" ... but since you have to stamp each letter one at a time it was crooked.  Of course being as anal as I am I simply couldn't live with it like that so I had a do-over.  This time I drew a faint line with a ruler and pencil and then grabbed my trusty Stamp-a-ma-jig to get the letters lined up perfectly.  Seriously.  I love that tool.  Of course once the sentiment was in place I erased the pencil line.  The "birthday" sentiment is from Wacky Wishes ... no ... wait ... no it's not ... I lie ... it's from Sassy Salutations ($21.95 clear; $28.95 wood - yes, it's carried over to the new catalogue).  I inked the "birthday" with my black marker.  I used my 3/4" circle punch for the circles.  The colors:  Bermuda Bay (yummy!!!), Daffodil Delight, Melon Mambo, Tangerine Tango and Rich Razzleberry.  The Tangerine circle is popped up with a dimensional (the rest are flat) and it has a rhinestone on it.  The mat is Melon Mambo.  A little too time consuming to mass product this one but FUN for a kids card!  I wanted to try one more thing on this layout so I made another card ... lookie:
For this one I used the "Typeset Alphabet Bigz" dies.  Elaine W ... it's all YOUR fault that I had to order it!  I never really noticed it until you mentioned it one day ... of course that planted the seed that over the last month took root and started to sprout ... then I saw the card above and WHAM!  Full flowers! ... so I had to buy it (yes ... you can borrow it!)  These dies aren't cheap - $110.95 for the set ... (but if you host a qualifying party you can get it for 50% off ... which is what I did :) )but they are a great investment ... especially if you are a scrapbooker!  ...  These letters are a great size for titles - each one measureas 1 1/4" high.  Again, not a card I would mass produce but fun to play with for sure!  Now ... I'm not really sure what possessed me to have a black butterfly on this card but hey!  I can't deny my inner mojo ... it wanted to be black so black I made it!  Well, that and I found any other color was just TOO much color ... so I tied it in with the black "birthday".  A few rhinestones and Wa-low!  Another happy card :)

Now!  Tonight's plan was to go back down and work on that wedding card but I just got notice that my hostess had to cancel her class *sad face* ... so instead I'm going to go price those 4 BOXES of retiring products that are waiting to be snapped up by my lovely stampin' gals!  ... or maybe I'll go play with another new set I've been drooling over all week and see what I can come up with!  Pop in soon to check it out!  Until then ... have a
... oh ... you know the rest :)


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mosaic Madness Take II

Happy Thursday!!!!

Well ... I'm TRYING to maintain my "Happy Thursday" mentality ... but it's hard to do when I want to rip my nose right off my face!!!  Seriously!  Yes, I was sick to death of the snow we had for literally 6 months ... but I would gladly have snow back in place of raging allergies!!!  My nose is SO tickly ... my right eye feels like it is swelling shut and if I sneeze one more time I swear I'll have to put the dog in therapy as I've scared the living daylights out of him about 85 times already today ... poor thing *lol*

On the bright side I got to hide in the basement for an hour and "play"!  Ooooo I had fun!  I officially have a new favorite stamp set .. the new Mosaic Madness ... it's due to release May 31st!!  This is going to be one HOT stamp set!  The mosaic pattern is everywhere in home decor these days ... and I can't get enough of it!  Here is what I made today:
YAY!!!!  Love it!!  This was one of the fastest cards I've ever made!  I didn't fuss, fiddle or re-design .. well, ok ... I first tried using whisper white craft ink ... then crumb cake ink ... THEN the espresso ink but that only took about 2 minutes to settle on ... other than that I simply stamped the two large mosaic designs with Early Espresso ink on Crumb Cake cs and punched them out with the Mosaic Punch (also due to be released March 31st) - I stamped the smaller mosaic images and the sentiment directly on Confetti White Card stock (with the corners rounded) and mounted it on a Crumb Cake base (also with the corners rounded).  The sentiment is from another great new stamp set ... Really Great Greatings (this stamp is my favorite!!)  I added a few pearls to the mosaics and DONE!  Love it Love it Love it. 

Pop in again soon to see what else I can come up with whilst hiding from Mother Nature!  Until then ... have a stampy day *achoo*!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mosaic Sneek Peak

Happy Tuesday!

All of us Canadian Demonstrators has Monday off so Tuesday is the new Monday around here *lol*  It's been a while since I posted ... but that's not because I haven't been crafting ... I've simply been mass-producing what I HAVE crafted!  Over the last week or so I finished off 2o of my Vellum Swallowtail Butterfly cards for a fundraiser, I made 60 of the baby Thank You cards for Mamma Sara and wee Brock and now I'm working on 25 of today's card.  I FINALLY got to spend an hour with my new toys from the catalogue that is due to be released May 31st!  It took me a while to get my mojo in order but I managed it in the end.  One of my new favorite sets is called Mosaic Madness.  Have you noticed mosaic patterns EVERYwhere lately??  I have!  ... and I've also noticed the new colors that are all over the soft furnishings - they are soft colors and SO pretty ... so ... naturally I paired the two (the pattern and the colors) and came up with this:
Love it!  I can't get enough of this pattern!  Lucky for me Stampin' Up! is all over it and has provided all kinds of toys that coordinate beautifully!  For this card I used the new Mosaic Madness stamp set, punch and embossing folder.  I also used the (5) new In Color colors ... Baked Brown Sugar (yummy!), Coastal Cabana (I just bought Alicia a pair of SHOES in this color!!), Crisp Cantaloupe, Pistachio Pudding and Strawberry Slush ... seriously ... these colors are EVERYWHERE in! the stores!!  The sentiment is from Lacy & Lovely (thank goodness THIS one isn't retiring!!) stamped in Staz-on Black ink.  This is a very quick and easy card ... good thing, since I just cracked off 25 of them!

No time for crafting today ... I have to do my 100 squats (yes, my latest 30 day challenge ... I started last Monday with 50 ... every day you do 5 more ... by the end I will be doing 250!!!), walk the dog and then I'm off to get my hair cut and colored ... then it's swimming lessons and dinner.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to play a little more.  Until then ... have a stampy Tuesday :)


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Butterfly Gratitude

Happy Wednesday!

Woo Hoo!  Nothing on the calendar today!  Maybe I'll get some of my "to-do" list done!

This is the third card we made in class last week.  I have been playing with a lot of punches and negative spaces lately and came up with this little cutie:
I TRIED to come up with a DSP that was current but I couldn't find one that had patterns small enough for my liking.  If the pattern is too big then it doesn't look quite right when punched out with the small Postage Stamp punch that I used here.  I settled on my all-time favorite DSP - Mocha Morning (and yes, I think I'm hoarding 4 more packages for just such crafting emergencies *lol*).  I used Very Vanilla and Soft Suede with the DSP.  For the Postage Stamp pieces I actually used my Bitty Butterfly punch to punch the butterfly OUT of the square ... but you could also punch a Vanilla piece and tape it on TOP of the DSP piece ... it LOOKS like that in this picture, but the butterflies were punched out of the DSP ... and then used in the top right area of the card (I couldn't possibly WASTE them!!)  I used the Elegant Butterfly punch for the large butterfly (in vanilla) and attached it to the DSP with a glimmer brad.  The sentiment is from Pursuit of Happiness ... another favorite that is retiring :(.  It's is stamped in Soft Suede.  I added some pearls to the butterflies for bodies.  Another quick and cute card that can be used for most occasions!

I've been DYING to start playing with my box of new toys!  Hopefully I'll get a chance to do that this week so pop in again soon to see what is new and exciting May 31st!!!  Until then ... have a stampy day :)


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kindness Matters Mother's Day

Happy Tuesday!

Lots on the go today so I'll keep it quick!

Today I'm sharing another butterfly card we made in class last week.  Since class was the week before Mother's Day I used a Mother's Day sentiment but the card works well for most occasions ...
Quick and cute!  I used the Kindness Matters stamp set - another one that retired in 2 weeks :(  The lighting isn't great in this picture ... I used Elegant Eggplant and Whisper White for the color scheme.  It really is very regal in the proper lighting!  I rounded the corner of two corners both on the white front and the eggplant layer.  I stamped the image on a scrap piece of white and then used my Oval Framelits to punch it out.  I used my Scalloped Ovel punch to get the eggplant scallop that is behind the butterfly layer.  Thye picture doesn't show it well, but I used my paper piercing tool to punch a little hole in each of the scallops.  The butterfly layer is then popped up on dimensionals.  Again - the photo doesn't show it well but I also have a partial oval pierced to the left of the butterfly layer.  I used my Paper Piercing "Occasions" pack template to get the oval perfect, rather than freehanding it.  The sentiment is from "Wonderful Mother" - another retiring set - stamped in eggplant.  A string of (5) rhinestones adds a little touch of bling.  I love this card!  Clean and simple but packs a "Wow".  I hope you like it!
I have one more project to share from class last week.  Pop in again tomorrow to check that one out.  Until then ... have a stampy day :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Baby Prints Thank You

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day!  I had a nice relaxing day finishing off 20 of the Stained Glass butterfly cards.  I made them for a friend who is raising money for Cancer ... she'll use the cards as Thank Yous for sponsors of the 12 hour walk they are doing in June.  The only down side of the day was that my allergies hit me HARD around 11:00 am and I spent most of the day sneezing, rubbing my tickly nose and generally feeling miserable :(  The girls and my husband took care or the chores, breakfast and dinner and I got some lovely home made gifts for my mantle. 

I habe a number of projects left to finish off this week.  I'm providing a basket of 50 cards and a Private Stamping Class to another friend who is attending a different fundraiser and needs a silent auction item.  I'm also making a number of "Thank You" cards for me friend Sara, who just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last Sunday.  I hope her first Mother's Day was amazing!!  That is the project I'll share with you today:
These little cards are fairly quick and easy to make.  I used the Note Cards and Envelopes, as they are a little smaller than a standard card.  I LOVE these little cards and have just placed an order for 7 more packages as they are on the RETIRING list :(  They are only availale until the end of the month, or while supplies last (so if you want them order them QUICK!!).  I used Pool Party and Island Indigo ... two In Color colors that have been promoted to "standard" colors in the new catalogue - yay!  I love these two colors together!  The image is from Baby Prints ($26.95 clear; $33.95 wood).  I stamped them in Versamark and embossed them with Pool Party embossing powder ($5.95).  The sentiment is from Cuddles & Kisses ($22.95 clear; $31.95 wood) and punched out with the Modern Label punch ($22.95).  The sentiment is popped up on dimensionals ($5.50).  The ribbon is from the SAB ribbon bundle that I have left over.  The picture doesn't show it very well, but the card base was run through the Big Shot with the Chevron folder ($9.95).  Three rhinestones finish it off.  Cute and quick ... which is good ... the plan is to make 100 of them *lol*

That's it for today.  Pop in again when I'll share another butterfly card that we made in class last week.  Until then - have a stampy day!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stained Glass Technique - Swallowtail

Happy Thursday!

I'm moving a little slowly today.  I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with all I have to do in the run up to the new catalogue release!  I just got my 8 CASES of new catalogue which need to be labelled (that's the fun part!) and my BIG case of pre-ordered items and new toys ... while that's fun too in order to find SPACE for all my new toys I have to purge my old toys :(  Not so fun!  I spend about 2 hours last night pulling all the retiring papers, inks and stamp sets ... boy oh BOY do I have a lot of retiring product!  I've pulled it all ... now comes the heart-wrenching chore of deciding what I KEEP and what I SELL - NEVER an easy decision!  Occasionally I have sold off items that I later regretted.  In fact, just this week I was on e-bay buying the "Wonderful Words" stamp set.  It was a keeper, but in one of my "purge" moods I sold it.  E-Bay to the rescue!  It is now on it`s way back to me :)  If you are in the Edmonton area mark your calendars for March 31st.  That`s when I`m holding my Catalogue Release Open House - swing by anytime between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm to pick up your FABULOUS new catalogue, check out some of the new products up-close-and-personal and check out what I`ve decided to part with (but you only get to buy if you promise to give my babies a good home ... and use them from time to time *lol*)

So!  On to my newest favorite card!  We made this in class Tuesday (and will again tomorrow night) using the Stained Glass Technique:
Love it!!!  I only just bought the "Swallowtail" stamp set a few weeks ago (Spring mini page 18 - $16.95 clear; $21.95 wood).  While I thought it was pretty, as well as inexpensive, I've never been a huge fan of these really large images ... they don't fit on a standard sized card ... and that bugs me!  ... but I have been seeing more and more lovely cards made with it and I figured with a little therapy I could perhaps get over my "it doesn't fit" issues.  I was right!  I'm so glad I have this stamp!  I decided to try out the "Stained Glass Technique" - a technique I have never tried ... despite this being my 8th YEAR as a stamper!!!  How do you do it?  Well!  You simply stamp your image on Vellum card stock.  For my card I stamped it in Versamark and embossed it with black embossing powder ... but you don't have to emboss the image - you can just stamp it in Staz On (you COULD use Classic Ink but you would have to let it dry completely ... and that takes a while given that the vellum doesn't accept standard ink well.  You CAN use your "low" setting on your heat tool to speed things up a bit but I would just use Staz-on or emboss it.  Once you have your image embossed you flip the vellum OVER and color directly on the BACK of it.  While it looks like I spend HOURS coloring this image it really only took about 1 minute!  You don't have to be precise at all ... I just scribbled as desired!  When you flip the vellum back over the colors ae a lot softer and take on a stained glass effect.  SO pretty!  For my card I used So Saffron, More Mustard, Cajun Craze and Island Indigo markers.  The sentiment is from Word Play (it's RETIRING so get it THIS MONTH!!!) and is stamped in Cajun Craze.  I cut out the image using my paper snips and popped it up with dimensionals.  I mounted it on an Island Indigo base.  Surprisingly quick easy and beautiful!  My parents were over on Sunday and saw the card on the table.  Now while they both support what I do they don't really "get it" and/or always appreciate the end result.  They were both blown away with this card.  They couldn't believe it was a stamp!  ... or that I colored it! ... or that I cut it out!  They thought it took hours - it truly only took about 7 minutes.  *lol* ... I think I have my mom's Mother's Day card sorted!

Here is another beautiful card made using the Stained Glass technique.  Thanks Kerri-Anne for sharing it with me and letting me share it on my blog!
Isn't it beautiful?  Kerri-Anne used the Secret Garden stamp set and framelits for her stained flowers.  SO pretty!  Notice the dahlia in the centre of the pink one?  Framelits were also used to punch out the frames.  GREAT job!!!

Right!  Guess I should go walk "Doods" (my pet name for my pet Golden Doodle).  It's a short day at school so I better get cracking!  Until next time .. have a stampy day!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Water Bottle Hangers

Happy Monday!

Yep ... my favorite day of the week is here again!  Just me, the cat and the dog to get things back in order after a relaxing, warm weekend.  It was great!  The perfect mix of cleaning, crafting, napping, socializing, exercising and eating.  A great, great weekend :)

I'm FINALLY getting around to posting the little treats I made for my club girls last month ... I've had them done and ready to share ... but I just didn't find the time to POST them! Well today's your lucky day - the project with full pictures to boot!

I'll start by saying the idea didn't come from me - I came across it from fellow demonstrator Sherri Gross - I tried to upload a picture of Sherri's project but it wouldn't work so you''ll have to pop over to her blog at - to see her original version - she has a great blog with some great project ideas!

So here is the project ... it is a Water Bottle Hanger ...
Aren't they fun??  I love these little guys!  I made them about 5 years ago and forgot how quick and easy they are ... and people LOVE getting them!  I was going to make 30 for my club girls and a few extras to have on hand "just because" ... but of course, you know me ... if 30 is good then 60 is better *lol* ... so I made 60 of them.  Tomorrow I plan to take a case of water in to the school and leave them for the teaching staff at the girls' school.  It's smokin' hot here this week and I figure the staff could use some water ... and sugar *lol*.  So here is a tutorial and dimensions on how to make these little cuties:

First off I made my own DSP ... yes, I KNOW SU sells DSP but I couldn't find what I wanted ... so I made my own.  I used 2" strips of whisper white and stamped it in Real Red ink using the Travel Journal builder wheel (page 108 - $5.95)
 Now ... I know I mentioned this before ... but I didn't have pictures for you ... now I do :)  I'm not a huge fan of wheeling ... well, I'm pretty good if it is one of the Jumbo wheels, but the standard and builder wheels not-so-much.  If I don't get just the fight pressure then I got blotches and edges that I don't want ... so I've started ripping the wheels apart and using the rubber portion like a stamp.  Here is how to do that:
Simply take your scissors or an exacto knife and slice along the seam in the rubber:
 ... then you just peel the rubber off the wheel!  It's only attached TO the wheel with a double sides sticky tape and it pulls right off!
 Once the rubber is off I usually cut it down to a manageable size, run a tiny strip of snail along it and stick it to a glass block to use.  Easy!
 For storage I just keep them all in on of the clear mount cases that you can buy: (page 7 of the main catty - $7.50 for 4)
 Once I had my DSP made I cut strips of black cs 8 1/4" x 2 1/4" and then scored them with my Simply Scored Scoring Tool at 2 1/4" and 6":
 Next I punched a hole in one of the 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" squares (I just acored) with the 1 3/8" circle punch.  Now!  You KNOW it would drive me insane if the hole wasn't perfectly centred in the square, right?  So in order to accomplish THAT quickly and easily I simply grabbed (2) of my post-it-notes and punched a circle in them (i.e. the post-it-notes are on top of each other so it is two sheets thick .... just to give it some sturdiness).  I made sure that when I punched I had a bit of the post-it stickiness on the circle so that the punched out circle would gently stick to my card stock.
 I then took the little punched out yellow circle, stuck it my cs and lined my punch up directly over the yellow post-its. Wa-low! A perfectly centered circle! Aren't I clever? *lol*
 I cut the 2" strips of DSP into 2" x 2" squares and rounded the top corners with my corner rounder punch (page 183 - $8.95).  I also rounded the (2) corners on my black cs ... the corners tht DON'T have the circle punched out:
 I then simply folded the hanger on the score lines, attached the DSP to the front and then used Silver Brads to hold the scored flap to the hanger.  It's important that you do this and don't just use tape.  Once you put your Crystal Light, Cool Aid or Hawaian punch in the holder grabity will take over and they will pop open on no time.  Poke a brad through the entire contraption and it will make a nice, tight, secure pouch.

I then used my 1 1/4" scallop circle punch (page 36 of the spring mini - $21.95) for the black scallop and my teeny little 7/8" scallop punch (page 17 of the spring mini - $15.95) to punch out the sentiment that is from the new "Round Array" stamp set that is in the upcoming catalogue.  You can buy it NOW for $17.95.  I stamped it in Real Red and popped it up on a dimensional.

All that was left to do might make some of you want to stick your pokey-tool in your eye but I had to do it (the punching, not the sticking in the eye *lol*).  I made a little scalloped edge to go around the hole.  Here is how you do it:
Punch a hole in your cs with the 1 3/8" circle punch:
 Then using your 1 3/4" scallop punch you punch again, over the hole you just made ... and it gives you a little borders.
I then used my tombow glue to glue the border to the hanger.  Yes, this last step added about 1 1/2 hours to the project completion time ... but I was crafting with my newest Mommy friend Sara and it was fun to just craft and glue.  CONGRATULATIONS Sara on your precious little Brock ... 1 1/2 days old!
Wa-low! Here again is the final product:
Pop in again soon ... I have an AWESOME card to share that we will be making in class tomorrow night (with the Stained Glass Technique) ... just gotta get it snapped and blogged!  Until then ... have a SUPER stampy day!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Two by Two Baby Card


Woo Hoo!  It's Friday and I am just over-the-top-annoyingly-perky today!!  It's amazing what some nice weather, an early morning bike ride, a long walk with the dog and a free stamp set can do for a girl *lol*.  Yes, my exercise and healthy-living is in full swing and it's getting easier now that the weather has improved (and will KEEP improving!!  A high of 27 degrees Monday!!!)  "So!  How IS the health kick going, Tamara?"  I hear you cry!  Well!  Thank you for asking ... it's going just great!  Yes, I've only lost about 7 pounds but I feel great and know that I have gained muscle ... and things are shifting.  My bra is no longer cutting off circulation to my brain (and in fact is feeling a little too loose ... much to Craig's disappointment *lol*), I DO have more energy (whihc is good because 90% of the time I believe I was a sloth in a previous life!) and I can fit more comfotably into my favorite jeans.  I also feel about 20 pounds lighter by not being bogged down with guilt and negitive self talk about over eating!  I have stuck to the Weight Watchers plan for 30 days ... and I excercised for 30 days (with 1 day off for my colonoscopy ... although I WAS going to do my pilates but Craig slapped me in the head and sent me to bed *lol*) and I'm committed to another 30 days.  I feel really awesome because I am CHOOSING to do these things.  NO one is making me ... I just want to be a better me!!  ... and the girls are loving it too!  This morning we actually BIKED to school.  OK ... my back is in spasms and I won't be able to sit down until next Tuesday but they LOVED it ... and it is  total of 52 minutes of excercise (hello!  Extra WW points!!!) that I ENJOY!  13 minutes there, 13 minutes back - twice ... THAT should shed a few layers of cellulite, no?!

So!  If a slothy, slightly overweight 45 year old mother of 2 can do it so can you!  Just commit to something ... ANYthing for 30 days ... and then do it!  You don't have to commit to working out for an hour everyday ... just commit to something fun ... a walk twice around the block ... drinking more water ... eating 1 less cookie ... whatever is manageable - and then do it.  Last year my mom was trying to lose weight.  After 3 weeks she was discouraged.  I told her "Mom.  6 months from now it's going to be 6 months from now and you'll wish that you stuck with it 6 months ago".  The 6 months will pass whether you make changed or not ... wouldn't you like to feel better 6 months from now?  I do.


That's my sermon for the day.

Now ... I only have 15 minutes before my aching butt has to jump back on that bike to get the girls so I better crack on!  At LONG last I have that baby card to show you.  I can take no credit what-so-ever ... except that I did actually MAKE the card.  It is cased from Kathy - I found her card on the "Stamping Still" blog here:

It is simply to fabulous not to save in your "fabulous cards to make" file.  Here is her version:

And here is mine:

Isn't it just the cutest darn thing you've ever SEEN???!!!  Ok ... no, it's not the FASTEST card to make (my original took about 3 hours) but it is SO worth it for that special Mom or Mom-to-be!  Can you see all the little details?  I have 10 minutes left so I'll throw out some deets:

Card Base - 5" x 5" - Chocolate Chip
Layer - 4 3/4" + 2 ticks - Marina Mist
Layer - 4 3/4" - Bashful Blue.  I used my Paper piercing tool and template to pierce holes and then my white gel pen todraw "faux stitching" from hole to hole
Layer - White Scallop Square using the Scalloped Square Big Shot Die
Layer - 4" x 4" Marina Mist
Layer - 4" LESS two ticks - Bashful Blue.  This layer was run through the Chevron Embossing folder and then I used my Craft White Ink pad and rubbed it over top the cs - this made the Chevrons "pop".  I then also paperpierced and faux stitched this layer.
Chocolate Chip Layer - made with the Window Frames Framelits (carried over from the holiday mini - see page 36 of the spring mini - $32.95)
The white Window Frame is one layer smaller and on that I stamped the Two By Two image.  This stamp is RETIRING at the end of the month so get it while you can!!
The banner is made with a 2 3/4" x 1/2" strip of ww card stock - stamped the sentiment from Two By Two on it and then made the dove tails.  I layere the ww woth a strip of 3 1/2" x 3/4" Marina Mist and dove tailed THAT.
The coloring took a long time.  I used my (now retired) watercolor pencils and my aqua painter to blend it a little.  Don't ask me which colors I used - I haven't a clue *lol*

I added various buttons from my stash and some Bakers Twine.  3 hours later Ta Da!  A fabulous baby card!!  Of course it was so nice I had to make 6 more ... and yes, that took me about 18 hours to do ... but it was worth it!!!

K.  Gotta go bike away!  Pop in again soon.  Until then ... have a stampy day!!!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Butterfly Thank You Cards

Happy Wednesday!!

As usual I have been WANTING to post all week but as usual family has taken priority.  We had Rebecca's birthday party at the swimming pool Saturday and a good time was had by all!  Needless to say I was pretty wiped by Saturday night and I had a "day off" on Sunday.  Monday was back-to-business and I spent most of the day making my deliveries ... and Thank You cards for Rebecca to hand out.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - sending Thank You cards for gifts received on birthday, Christmas ... and occasion, really are a MUST ... NON-negotiable!  Since the girls are very blessed (dare I say spoiled??) when it comes to gifts I usually mkae the cards ... it's enough for them to SIGN 15-20 of them, let alone have them MAKE them as well!

So today's project are the little 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" cards I made:
Isn't it adorable?  I just love this little guy!  I can't take credit for the idea - I CASEd it from fellow demonstrator Jill Franchett - she has a great blog you can check out here: .  Here is the card I fell in love with that she made:
Love it!  Mine is the same, just using different colors and sentiment.  For my card I used Whisper White - the base is 7" x 3 1/2".  The mat is Rich Razzleberry - 2 3/4" x 2 3/4"".  The top WW layer is 2 1/2" x 2 1/2".  I specifically made the top layer that size so you could simply put the paper into the Elegant Butterfly Punch (page 184 - $21.95) ALL THE WAY and THEN punch - there is no guess work as to how far in you should go ... you go until you can't go any further ... you just have to eye-ball from left to right where the butterfly is centered.  I used a piece of 2 3/4"-less-2-ticks piece of Bold Brights DSP behind the punched image.  I popped the top layer of WW up on dimensionals and added a rhinestone to the body.  The sentiment is from Teeny Tiny Wishes (page 133 - $32.95 clear; $45.95 wood - yes, a more expensive set but it really is one you want to have ... and keep ...) is in Rich Razzleberry as well.  That's it!  I cracked off 24 of these in about an hour.  Quick, easy and DONE!  Now I just have to nag Rebecca for 3 more days until she actually writes in them *lol*

That's it for today - pop in again soon - I DO have those adorable little Baby Cards to show you ... as well as my Club Girl gifts ... it's just a matter of DOING it!  Until then ... have a stampy day!