Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Framelit Storage

Happy Tuesday!!

Surprised to see a new post again so soon?  Me too!  I must be procrastinating on something *lol*

It appears my "Squirrel" syndrome hasn't passed quite yet.  I went downstairs to take a picture of my FABULOUS new Framelit organizational brainstorm ... and got sidetracked .... umm hmm ... what else is new??  It's not my FAULT!  (have you realized yet that "it's" NEVER my fault ... whatEVER it is??   HOW is a gal expected to walk into a lovely, clean, organized craft room and not be swayed by all the yummy new stamping colors and sets just ASKING to be used???  I'm weak.  I know.  I hang my head in shame.  But I suppose on the bright side I have new cards to share with you!!  ... but I think I'll torture you and save them for tomorrow.  Ha!  Mean, aren't I???

BUT!  Fear NOT!  I DID manage to take that picture of my FABULOUS Framelit organizational system ... so I'll show you THAT today :))))  Love me again?  Good :)


Drum roll please ...

Ta Da!
Eeeeee!!!  Love it!  As I was purging my craft room last weekend I kept MAKING more of a mess than I was cleaning!  My chair is pretty close to the back wall ...
... and ever time I would roll backwards I would knock stuff off my shelf behind me .. namely dimensionals, pearls and FRMAELITS.  After rolling over them and/or picking them up about 7 times I decided I simply couldn't live like that anymore.  Something had to change.  The framelits needed a new home.  And then it struck me.  They are metal.  Metal sticks to magnet.  I needed to put them on a magnet board.  Problem.  1)  I didn't HAVE any magnet boards handy.  2)  I was still in my "mom-wear" and didn't feel like going to GET magnet boards 3)  I wasn't sure I had room on my walls for a bunch of magnet boards and 4) I want what I want WHEN I want it ... and I wanted it NOW!  ... and then it struck me ... I had sheets of magnet rolls!  Yes ... a year or two ago when those blasted Build-a-Bear Big Shot dies came out I ran out and bought 3 packs of magnet rolls thouroughly (is that how you spell thouroughly? ...
 ... and of course never made one stupid bear + clothes magnet thingy ... so the magnet sheets sat there.  Out they came!  A little sticky strip and 15 minutes later and this is what I had:
I'm THRILLED with it!  It has stayed up for 4 days now so I know our fabulous sticky strip works ... and now I can quickly and easily grab the framlit I need withough knocking it over and/or them taking up valuable real estate on my shelves!  I DO have more framelits ... and of course there will be a *few* more purchase starting Friday .. but I'll deal with THOSE later!  The ones above are the ones I use the most so they get the *special* space (the others are seasonal and such so don't use them as often).

So that's it for now!  I guess I'm procrastinating on pricing my sale stuff ... maybe tonight ... maybe not ... we'll see if I can come up with something else to do ... not enough pressure yet *lol*

Pop in tomorrow for a sneak peek at a new hostess set I'm in love with.  Until then ... have a stampy day!


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