Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cute Candle!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Yes, I'm a little behind this week ... but I have a really good excuse .... Brownie Camp ... oh my!  There is a REASON why I don't have 19 children!!!  It was a lot of fun but it will likely be a few more days before I completely recover *lol*.  The mixture of a 6:00 am start to a 16 hour day along with 12 hours of fresh air, excercise and 19 happy little 7-years olds made Saturday exhausting!!  I fully expected to collapse in a heap into bed ... but I didn't realize I would be *sleeping* (and yes, I use the word VERY loosely!) on the equivalent of a concrete slab!  My back was NOT impressed!  I survived Sunday none-the-less ... although all of the kids ... and the adults were well and truly *done* by lunch time.  An action packed fun weekend was had by all ... but I still may to make an appointment with my chiropractor *lol*.  Here are a few shots of Alicia and I having fun ...

Walking on a wire ...
 ... THIS didn't do my back any favours *lol*
 ... earning her fire building badge (ironic that she's scared to touch a butter knife at home but I quite happy to whack a sharp knife with a piece of wood!!)
  "bouldering" ... aka inside rock-wall climbing ...
 ... earning her "cooking over a camp fire badge" .. she *cooked* bannick ... which is essentially bread on a stick ... I'm not sure why we used a stick and not a pan ... but what do I know ... I'm certainly no camper ....
... and this is what I think of eating goopy bread ... cooked on a manky old stick found in the forest ... over a smoky, stinky open flame .... 
 ... zip lining - woo hoo!
So yes, that was my camping experience for this decade ... I do SO much better in my warm, bug-free house with central heating ... and good coffe :)
Right!  Enough about my wilderness adventures!  On to a card!!!  I have quite the bizarre mix of cards this week.  I made three yesterday ... and I don't think they could be more different from each other!  I'll start with today's 2 minute card.  I'm really enjoying the simplicity of the stamp sets available this catalogue - you CAN make a card crazy over-the-top complicated and beautiful  ... but you don't HAVE to!  Some times you just need a card in a hurry ... this one fits the bill perfectly!  Approximately 2 minutes from start to finish!
I mean REALLY!  Does it get any easier???  What took me the longest was deciding whether or not to add a green Candy Dot to the banner ... I spent about 15 minutes on that ... and then my "opinionators" Alicia and Rebecca voted it off the island!  I sued Whisper White, Midnight Muse and Gumball Green for the colors.  I used the new stamp set on the FIRST PAGE of the catty - Cycle Celebration.  SOmething about this set just *grabbed* me ... and I realized that I really am running low on stamp sets that have IMAGES ... I've been buying so many SENTIMENT sets lately ... so this was one of the first sets on my pre-order.  It's the perfect set for quick and easy.  This card is case-in-point!  The candle just makes me happy - it's TOTALLY the candle that we all had on our cakes growing up (not the crazy ones you can get these days!).  I colored the flame with my Daffodil Delight marker - the candle is Gumball Green.  I stamped the sentiment (from the same set - woo hoo!) on a 3/4" wide strip (in Midnight Muse) and made a dovetail on the one end.  I bent the strip slightly in the middle to give it a *wave* and then taped down the two ends of the banner.  That's it!  That's all!  A very simple card that works for adults OR kids, male OR female!!!  My favorite kind of card!

That's it for now - Koda wants his walk!  Pop in toorrow when I'll show you a super fun little card that you just HAVE to play with!!!  Until then - have a stampy day!!


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