Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Treats Bite Me Style

Helloooooooooooooooooo ... and Happy Tuesday!

I seriously can't believe it has taken until today for me to post these projects - where do the days GO???!!!  We're into the home stretch over here ... another two weeks of stupid crazy and I will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!  At the moment I'm just keeping my nose slightly above water and convincing myself I can make it to Sunday morning at 9:00 am.  That is my first major hurdle for the next two weeks.  My Birthday Stamp-a-Stack is on Sunday ... and in usual Tamara style I have nothing designed yet.  Ya, ya, I know ... it always manages to get donw SOME how ... but this time I'm really not sure HOW!  Normally 6 days would be LOTS of time to design and prep ... but this morning (around 4:23 am) I thought of a few other things I have to do before Sunday morning.  Let's see ... today we have sort 26 customer orders ... deliver a few of those which are *rush* ... then I'm out for dinner with my BFF ('cause it's been about 2 months since I've seen her!!!) ... tomorrow a.m. I take Rebecca to the doctor to have a planters wart removed (niiiiiice ....) in the afternoon I'm a helper for Alicia's field trip.  Wednesday night Rebecca and I have our Mommy/daughter night (bumped up one day since she so kindly volunteered to bake for her class party on Thursday).  Hmmm ... I need to finish Rebecca's friends' Halloween Treats (Alicia and I made hers already ... and because I had nothing better to do I made 30 for all the school staff too!).  Thursday is Halloween (need I say more?!).  Friday is Dad's 75th birthday ... perhaps I should buy him a present and make him a card before going to his party Friday night.  Saturday I would LIKE to go to a stampin function with 69 other stampin crazed women ... but something tells me that's not gunna happen as I'll be designing cards for Sunday's gig.  .... and there we have it.  My life for the next 6 days - can anyone RELATE to this crazy??? *lol*  So instead of DOING some of that I thought I'd post those Halloween treats I mentioned above (yes, I know, I'm my own worst enemy :) ... it's all part of my charm!)

Oh!  First up ... in my procastinating on doing what I was SUPPOSED to do LAST week I went out and bought a new storage unit (yes ... on the day that my youngest was home puking her guts out ... Mom came to watch her while I went on a popsicle and storage unit run *lol*).  I LOVE storage that works!  Check it out:
I picked this 12 bin unit at Canadian Tire on sale (only $39.99!!) and it works GREAT for my Big shot dies, retired punches, embossing powder containers and a few other bits and bobs.  Sale is on for another 2 days Canadian Gals ... run out and get one!!

OK - onto the projects.  The first one I made is for the staff at the girls' school.  I like sending treats in for all of them a few times a year.  What I loved best about them is that the treat is hot chocolate!  Very economical to make 30!!
These were so quick and easy to whip up (well ... I DID have some help from the lovely Rae Ann last Friday night - thanks Rae Ann!)  They are quite simply a piece of 5" x 3" Witches Brew Designer Series Paper scored at 1 1/4".  I stamped some creepy spiders from the Bite Me Photopolymer ($17.95) set using Basic Grey ink (it actually looks pretty close to black when stamped on whisper white, ya know!).  I used the Label Bracket Punch from the mini ($21.95) to punch out two black pieces, stamped the sentiment from Tags 4 You (with grey on Summer Starfruit) and punched it out as well.  I wasn't convinced I needed this punch originally ... but in true Tamara style I bought it anyway.  I'm glad I did!  I have already used this stamp set and punch more than I ever thouigh I would!!  Once the sentiment pieces were taped on I stapled the DSP to the hot chocolate package (you get 35 of the fancy hot chocolates at Costco for about ... $14?  Something like that.  The regular Cadbury's hot chocolate is 50 to a box for only $8.99.  That's what the kids' friends are getting!)  I then took I small snippet of the retired Halloween ribbon from last year, folded it and stapled that on.  Wa-low!  Done!
Here are the ones Alicia and I made last night.  It only took us 1 hour to make 30 and they turned out really great.  I love Mommy/daughter nights!

Alright - enough rambling ... I have enough time to make a quick delivery before picking up the kids so I better scoot.  Pop in again ... umm ... soon? ... Ya - soon - you KNOW I'm gunna procarastinate a little longer by posting before doing what I SHOULD be doing, right?!  Until then ... have a stampy day!!!


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