Sunday, December 29, 2013

Trixie ... our Elf on the Shelf

Happy Sunday!

OK!  I must be procrastinating on something because here I am blogging again!  Today is the day - I'm going to share our month with Trixie ... our very much loved Elf on the Shelf.  I always assume everyone knows what these magical little creatures are all about ... but this year I had questions from a few of my friends over in Europe asking what they were and how they worked ... so ... for those of you who don't know ...

Elf on the Shelf has been around for about 8 years now ... but has REALLY taken off in the last 2-3 years over here in MY world (butof course you all know that I often live under a rock and am completely out of touch with what is *in* lol).  I have really noticed an increase in it's popularity this year, as many of my friends have been posting daily pictures on FaceBook showing what their little elf has been up to.  How it works:  A family *magically* receives and Elf on the Shelf from Santa (or mom goes and buys one at the store!).  Once the family names their Elf they become part of the family and get their magic powers.  During the day the elf watches the children and then at night magically transports back to the North Pole to report to Santa as to whether they have been naughty or nice (yes ... just a *little* creepy ... and yes. Alicia - my 8 year old - DID have one or 2 nightmares about Trixie this year!).  Every morning the elf returns to the home but is in a different location.  The children run around the house trying to find him/her.  Last year our elf did a lot of hide-and-seek ... but THIS year she got into quite a bit more mischieft than last year.  Naturally I took pictures daily and have now created a scrapbook of her antics:

The album was so quick and easy to put together I decided to have a class for my friends' ... they will come and make a book of THEIR elf for a great keepsake.  I used the Season of Stripes 8" x 8" album, the divided page protectors and Season of Style Designer Journaling Tags for this project.  The total cost of it is only $27.50 (Canadian) - really exonomical!

So here are the pictures of Trixie's adventures this year ... in no particular order ...
She must have found the stash of Halloween Smarties!! 
 Luckily she used a dry erase marker on all our pictures and not a Sharpie!!

 We found her in the bathroom hanging around ... with a smiley face drawn on the mirror ... and the pen!!
 Hee hee :)
 Lounging in Barbie bathtub ... filled with mini marshmallows! ... She used one of  Rebecca's socks for a hair wrap *lol*
 She somehow managed to get Rebecca's Easy Bake Oven down and made a REAL mess!  ... on the bright side we had cupcakes for breakfast!

 Zip lining in the kitchen ?!?!?

 ... made her own breakfast (now if she could only teach the children how to do that!)
 Post it notes all over my bathroom!!

 Hiding with the stuffies ...
 She found Rebecca's makeup kit!
 Checkin' out Baby Jesus ....
 It took HOURS to find her this day!
 Drag racing with Barbie and a stuffie ,..

 Camping ... and toasting mini marshmallows ...
 Playing snakes and ladders with Koda's toys!
 Learning how to read ...
 Hiding ...
 Listening to Christmas tunes ...
 She found the Cheetos ... and seems to like them!
 Hiding in the tree!
 Watching movies
 She found my knitting!!!
 Jingle Bells on the piano!
On Dec 24th we figured it would be ok to touch her (if you touch/play with her she loses her magic for the night and can't make it back to the North Pole ... but since it was her last day with use we figured we could ... and we left a note for Santa to take her home with him when he dropped by ... which of course he did!)
 Craig thought her would catch Trixie helping Santa stuff the stockings ...

 ... and of course a few pics with our furry children ... Koda ...
 ... and Charlie ...
 Awww ...
And then Craig thought it would be hilarious to have a few out takes ...
 ... umm hmm ... VERY helpful Dear ... VERY helpful ...
 So there you have  it!  24 days of fun with our elf.  I'm not gunna lie ... while I hate to see her go I DO look forward to earlier bed times for me!  Great fun and great memories for the girls.  Every morning was like Christmas morning as they would come flying down the stairs to see where she was and what naughtiness she had been up to.  Yep - I'm a sucker for a fun tradition!

Pop in again soon ... I want to share the Thank You card I made for the girls to send out to family/friends for thier gifts ... and the Christmas card that Rebecca helped design for her family.  Until then ... have a stampy Sunday!



  1. wow, Trixie sure had a blast at your house! How in the world did she come up with all those exciting things to do! She's very creative!

    1. *lol* - Yes, Jen ... *she* did have fun. I can't take credit for ALL of the ideas ... Pinterest is my new best friend and current addiction! I'm really glad I took pictures every day to make an album ... so many of my friends DIDN'T ... I think looking back on it 20 years from now will be just as much fun as it is now! Thanks for checking it out :)