Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Journal Imperfection ...

Happy Tuesday!

You came back!  *lol* ... yesterday's epic post didn't scare ya off, huh?  Today's post will be much shorter ... but still along the same vein ... doing things I WANT to do and not worrying about it being perfect.  Remember how I said my *word* for the year is "Relax"?  Well I also have a *phrase* for the year ... "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good".  I have the scribbled on a piece of paper and stuck to my wall to remind me ... and notice that I said scribble ... it is NOT nicely printed in a fancy font on pretty paper and framed ... it is scribbled and tacked to the wall with post-it-notes.  Perfect!

Sunday I started a project that I have been thinking about for a few days.  It started when I saw a post on Face Book back on January 1st.  The idea was to take a large jar and then, throughout the year, you would jot down on scraps of paper all the fun / nice / memorable things that happen.  On New Year's Eve you open the jar and go through the year.  I thought that was a really nice thing to do ... but had to *Tam-ify* it ... make it my own!  Rather than a jar I grabbed my Epic Day This & That Journal ... that I have had for ... oh ... 7 months now?  Heaven forbid I should USE it! ... and/or not use it in a pretty, prefect manner!  Not this year Sista!  Rather than scraps of paper in a jar I am writing little tidbits as I go.  It's not perfect - it's not pretty - but it will be done!  Like I said on my Facebook post - an imperfect SOMETHING is much better than a perfect NOTHING!, right?!  This will also reduce some of my stress and pressure to always update the girls' diaries!  I started a diary for each of them before they were born.  It started out as a journal for myself so I wouldn't forget all that was happening to me, my life and my body ... but it eventually morphed into a diary about the girls and our family ... FOR the girls.  Needless to say 11 years later I'm a little sick of the whole thing ... but of course can't let go!  I haven't updated their diaries since the beginning of school back in September!  Oh yes, I PLAN to ... but this mini journal will take the pressure I put on myself that I HAVE to update every little thing and outing we have.  Here is a quick pic of my VERY imperfect journal:
I have to run to get the kids now ... but pop in again soon to see the WAAAAAAY *out there* card I made Sunday ... again ... trying to *do for fun* ... and fun it was!!!  Until then - have a stampy day!!


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