Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happenings Simply Created Card Kit by Stampin' Up!

Happy Tuesday!

Are you liking these videos?  I do! ... But, as you've probably guessed by now I love pretty much everything about Stampin' Up! *lol*.  I don't have a project of my own to share today (more about that in a sec) so thought I'd share this.  This is my favorite kit ... to date!  ... of course I haven't put my other kits together yet so I'm sure I'll have a new favorite once I do!  What I love the most about this kit ... aside from the cards are pretty, good for any occasion, either gender and are a smaller size than normal (which means less writing on the inside!!) ... Is the price!!  $18.95 to make 15 awesome cards!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!  That's CRAZY cheap!!  (oh ... inexpensive ... not cheap ... my Marketing Professor at Uni taught us not to say cheap ...) you can't beat that deal with a stick, as my dad would say!  Should I admit that I have one of these kits ... and just bought 2 more?  Love them that much!

So!  "Why don't you have a project to share with us, Tamara?" I hear you cry.  Well ... I haven't been crafting!  I have been deep into excercise, family and purging "stuff" over the last few weeks ... And I like it!  Oh don't worry …  I'm not giving up crafting by any means ... I just need to get my house in order ... quite literally!  I feel every room I walk into is bursting at the seams and I can't seem to get it under control.  I move things from one room to another but don't seem to make much headway!  Today was a little better ... I organized my pantry ... for the 3rd time in 2 weeks.  I finally got some Rubbermaid containers for my baking "stuff" ... the chocolate chips, marshmallows etc and I THINK I'm happy with that little corner of my world.  I also have my bedroom and bathroom a little better than it was.  Craig and I bought a little shelf thingy for over the toilet and a corner unit at IKEA last week.  Once it was all together and in place it looked stupid!  Sigh.  That just made more work for me.  I had to find a new home for the corner unit ... which ended up being in my bedroom.  THAT meant moving the picture that was I it's way ... and THEN I had to find knick-knacks to put ON the shelves.  Seriously??!  I actually went out and BOUGHT knick-knacks!!  Um .... Doesn't that defeat the purpose of purging crap when you end up having to then go out and buy new crap to out on the new organization-of-crap stand that you just bought??!!  See???  It's HARD being me!

I've been in my craft room purging too.  Who needs 165 file folders?  Really.  I ask you.  Then I realize that I have a duplicate of every single card I have ever made.  EVERY ONE!  Do you have any idea how many cards U've made in 8 years??!!  LOTS!   Is that really necessary to keep every one??  Or mentally HEALTHY to keep every one?  I caught Craig dialling the producers of "Hoarders" last night.  I stopped him just in time ... by promising to get a grip.  Yes, I will take PICTURES of my little works of art and then donate the cards ... but it all takes time, doesn't it ... so I haven't been crafting ... I've been getting a grip.

Now that you're up to date on a lot of nothing go out and enjoy this great weather!  I'm off to get the kids.  Until next time ... have a fabulously stampy day :)


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