Saturday, February 15, 2014

SAB - All Wrapped Up Bundle

Happy Saturday!

I hope your Valentine's Day was as great as mine was!  Usually February 14 flies under my radar ... I'm not a flower-lovin' kinda gal (I don't "do" plants and flowers ... too much up-keep ... things that live in pots just come to my house to die ... yes, it's just a plant hospice, really ...) and I'm not into either of us running around looking for something to buy just to "prove" our love.  We try to do that on a regular basis.  Heck, want to show me you love me?  Bring me a cup of coffee in the morning (which he does ALL the time!) or I'll buy you a pack of socks (because I noticed your old ones are getting holes) ... Valentine's Day is nice for the girls but me?  ... meh .... I can take it or leave it.  But today really was awesome.  Love was definitely in the air around here!  The girls woke up to cards and a stuffie from us ... AND a surprise visit from Trixie, our beloved Elf!!  SO nice to see her again!!  The kids toddled off to school excited to share their Valentine treats while Craig and I got to  spend the day together.  Craig had the day off.  He gets every 4th Friday off but almost every time he does I have work or he has errands and we rarely get to spend the day together.  Not this time!  I cancelled technique class tonight so I could spend the day with my 3 favorite people.  It was fantastic!  Crag and I went to Ikea.  THAT's my idea of a fun date!  We bought a bookcase and shelves for my craft room ... And some other do-dads just for fun!  We went for lunch and had a really nice afternoon together.  After school Rebecca asked when we could go to the Lego Movie.  I said "how about now"?  We wanted to take them to the movies for a treat but figured it would be a nightmare at the theatres with it beingValentine's Day ... but I had checked the schedule and there was a 5:10 pm showing.  Perfect!  Off we went ... and we had a great time.  We let the girls stay up a little later than usual while Craig played on the x-box and I crafted.  Yep ... it was a perfect, relaxed, loving day.  I was sad to see it end.

So!  Want to see the Valentine cards I made for the girls?  (Yes ... I finished them at 8:30 pm  Valentine's Eve!). Sure you do!  But you'll have to come back later for that ... I haven't taken the pictures yet *lol*. In the meantime, I thought I'd share the Stampin Up! Video of the All Wrapped Ip Bundle I mentioned a few days ago in my bundle post.  When you buy this bundle you earn a free SAB item ?. and end up with lots of great product for quick and easy packaging.  The Clear mount bundle is  $71.90 - wood is $74.90.

That's it for now!  Until later ... Have a stampy day!


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