Thursday, February 20, 2014

SAB - Birthday Bash Bundle

Happy Thursday!!!  And a big WOO HOO to the Canada Ladies Hockey Team on bringing home the gold!!  How do you know when Tamara is highly emotional?  She cries at the outcome of a hockey game! *lol*  … yes, I admit, I shed a cheer of happiness for our team but also a tear of sadness for the US ladies.  Oh I know, there is supposed to be this rivalry and hatred going between Canada and the US but really!  I felt so bad for them losing like that!  They lead the game 2-0 until the last 3 minutes of the game- we manage to tie it up and then steal the medal in overtime!!!  How absolutely heartbreaking for the US :(  … and especially those US players who won't see another Olympics.

Right … no time to "chat" today … I have 5 children 5 and under destroying my house and there has been a request for popcorn.  OK!  I aim to please!  (and anything to lower the decibel level around here!)  I just thought I'd post another video on another one of the SAB Bundles you can order.  The cost of this bundle is $77.55 wood (item #135316); $69.55 clear (item #135317)  - which gets you your choice of a free SAB item.

The purging is coming along nicely … just not quickly!  I DO have some projects planned in my head … so hopefully those will come to reality soon!

Until next time, have a stampy Thursday!


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